model lifestyle


The 14 year old boy who is in one of the best horror films (IT), who is in one of the greatest Netflix shows of all time (Stranger Things), who is in music videos, who directs his own videos with his best friends, who is incredibly funny, who is an unproblematic, woke kid, who is willing to openly talk and address important issues in the world, who uses his platform to spread love and positivity, who loves his fans, friends and family, who knows right from wrong, who accepts everyone who isn’t an asshole. Finn Wolfhard. I love you so much.

Little/pet with anxiety

I want to serve him and make him happy but..

I worry he is going to hate it if I regress too deeply.

If I let my head space take complete control I’m afraid he will be too weirded out.

But maybe that’s just the anxiety talking.