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can this prompt (otpprompts(.)tumblr(.)com/post/154067244034/imagine-your-otp-meeting-like-this-person-a-is) be the continuation of your aoki neighbor!au please??

It took me forever to find the original. LOL

I know this is… super late. But Happy Aoki Day?!? :D Here is the actual link to see the prompt lol. Sorta used it as a general guideline and changed it a bit.

Aokise is always for @limitlessmonster

Kise almost regrets leaving his phone on the end table beside the door.


He’d rather not have to call his sister and listen to her laugh in his ear when he tells her how he not only locked himself out of his house when he went to grab the newspaper, but also got caught in the door when it slammed itself on the belt of his robe. He doesn’t need a lecture about going outside half naked as well as one about his lack of observational skills.

He’d rather not have to call her… but he’d rather not be stuck outside, trapped by his own front door either.

When he gives another tug on the belt, another failure, he kicks at he door in frustration and regrets being pretentious enough to buy a robe where he belt doesn’t detach. He hopes that Kiyoko from across the street will be leaving for her morning run soon. She has a thing for Kise and hasn’t been discouraged by his endless rejections and apologies. She’d help him in a heartbeat.

In fact, Kise would be okay with any neighbor coming out their door to help. As long as it’s anyone but–

“What the hell do we have here?”

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Hello :) up to how many characters can I request? But anyways, headcanons on what GOM+Tanaka+Ogiwara would do in summer?

Hey! Thanks for the request, I truly enjoyed writing this! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ More under the cut! 🍑


  • As per his father’s suggestion, he works at his family’s company for the summer. His job consists of mostly paperwork.
  • Visits his mother’s grave more often. Truthfully, he’d visit everyday if he could. Leaves her with a bouquet of peonies every time.
  • Travels abroad (for leisure) at least once. While he does fly internationally to nearby countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong for business meetings, Akashi absolutely loves visiting Europe during the summer.
  • Visits historical monuments in Europe: Anne Frank’s house, the Leaning Tower, Vatican City, etc
  • INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY Quite a few foreign girls he spoke to (asking for directions mostly) found him cute, he’s just so much of a gentleman
  • He also keeps a travel log/diary for his musings. And yes, he goes on trips alone, unless one of his friends want to tag along. (Kuroko actually went on a short trip to Bangkok with him as they had the same flight so might as well hang out right?)
  • Buys souvenirs for his friends abroad
  • Sends Kuroko and Midorima postcards because he knows they’re probably the only ones who’ll treasure it lol
  • Buys Momoi the Ladurée macarons she’s been craving for from Paris
  • Contrary to what most people think, he travels more often with the Rakuzan team due to their summer training programs cross-country or overseas
  • During the beach trip with the rest of GOM, he mostly hung out under a huge parasol, playing shots with Midorima
  • Participates in a sandcastle building competition and wins first place
  • Hold a party in his private yacht

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“Aw, Ryouta-kun, look over here,”

“Look at the camera, Ryouta,”

“Awww he’s so cute~”

“What a cutiepie!”

“AH! Daiki!! what the–”

“Oh my god, Ryouta, are you all right?!”

“Daiki you bad, bad boy! look you made him cry!”

OiKise HCs (College AU)

So, I thought of a lot of headcanons while writing my OiKise fic and I wanted to make a list here so I wouldn’t forget! 

-Even though Oikawa and Kise are really similar and their personalities seem to clash, they get along really well since they can see through each others’ facades.

-Oikawa is a part-time runway model while Kise is a part-time photo shoot model.

-Oikawa plays volleyball at Waseda University while Kise plays basketball at Toudai University.

-Oikawa doesn’t want to become a photo shoot model since he thinks his still-shots are horrible. (Kise quickly makes Oikawa forget he ever thought that by repeatedly requesting to do photo-shoots with him.)

-After their first photo-shoot together, more than half of their fans start to believe that the two are dating. (Fake-dating AU anyone?) 

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KT: I can’t really define a single favourite. Being able to spend time with him is my most favourite of all.

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I saw your reblog Oikawa picture. He like Kise right? Like personality?

(I did reblog something with Oikawa. LOL Yeah, he is pretty similar to Kise in many ways. To be honest, I’ve always kinda wanted to write something with both of them in it. So why the hell not? This, as always, is for limitlessmonster, who inspires everything i write)

Oikawa doesn’t get jealous of the attention other people receive. 

Why should he when he has his own fan club hanging over the railing that runs around the gym, screaming his name, swooning over his boyish good looks, chattering about how talented he is. No, he’s never jealous.

But he can get irritated. 

Oikawa squeezes the volleyball in his grasp and glares across the court at some blond nobody that came from nowhere. Despite this fact, the stranger attracts attention like bears to honey. He even recognizes some of his own girls blowing the guy kisses from above. 

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GOM+Kagami’s favorite part of their Chunky S/O

Anonymous asked:  Like the one from free, Can you do Gom + kagami’s favorite part of their chubby/chunky s/o or one when there chubby s/o hugs them.

Coming right up dear Anon!~ I hope I do these basketball dorks justice with this! Enjoy! 

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Daiki Aomine:

This boy adored your ass and practically worships it on a daily basis. His favorite pass time is touching, caressing, nibbling, just any contact with your overly soft globes of flesh. Being the pervert he is, he’d always buy you those cheekster panties. “Come on babe, you walk around with no pants anyway, why not show that nice ass off?” Even in public he gets a feel and no matter how many times you hit him and scold him, he just can’t take his hands off you. “What am I supposed to do (y/n), it’s jiggling so deliciously, it’s practically an invitation.” “Jeez Daiki! Can’t you go a day without touching my butt?” He’d just smirk and shake his head, “Naw, besides, I think you like it babe.”*SLAP* “OW! What was that for?” “Pervert…”

Atsushi Murasakibara: This giant loves your big, squishy tummy and he tells you every single day, multiple times. He likes to rub it when you get tummy aches from eating too much candy with him and just using it as a soft pillow whenever he gets tired. “(y/n)-chin has such a cute tummy, so soft that I can nibble on it.” In public, he likes to drape himself over you, his long arms going straight to your tummy where he’ll rub, pinch and kneed it gently. “Mu-kun, we’re in public!” “I want to love on (y/n)-chin though…” He’d always try to get your to buy crop tops and tighter shirts just so he could see more of your belly since you like to cover up with baggy shirts. “My (y/n)-chin looks cute with these shirts.” He’d hold up the crop top and insist you try it on. “See, (y/n)-chin looks good and scrumptious…” “Mu-kun! Don’t say things like that!” “Why not? It’s true and I think I’ll eat you up when we get home.”

Shintarō Midorima: This megane boy loves your chubby hands that are always so soft. Every time he gives you your lucky item for that day, even just the slight brush against the plush skin of your hand can drive him wild. “H-Here’s your lucky item (y/n)-san, that’s a lovely color of polish you have…” He doesn’t like PDA that much, but sometimes he’ll just grab your soft hand and won’t let go unless you tell him too and even sometimes he acts like he didn’t hear you and continue to hold it. He’ll stroke his thumb over your knuckles which were still so soft and even run a finger down each of your digits lengths softly. “Shin-kun, I need both hands to eat this ice cream.” “Nonsense, I’ll feed you (y/n)-san, no reason to let go of your hand now is there?” He’d give your hand a squeeze and lift the spoon full of ice cream up. “I-I guess, you’re lucky I like holding your hand shin-kun.” 

Ryōta Kise: Model boy here loves your big, wide hips and he likes how soft they are compared to the bony hips he has to hold in photo shoots. When he gets to hold you, he feels like he’s in heaven and you’re his angel. “(y/n)-chan’s so soft, especially here.” He’ll latch his hands onto your hips and won’t let go for anything really. Whenever you stay the night at his place, he wants you without pants so he can see your hips sway when you walk and he’ll break out those puppy dog eyes if he needs to. “Please (y/n)-chan, you’ll be more comfy anyway and it’ll feel better when we cuddle!” “O-Okay Kise, just try not to grab my hips so much…” “I can’t help it! They’re so plump and they’re mine, they’re a wonderful part of my cute (y/n)-chan!” “Kise! I’m losing my balance!” Toppling to the bed, he’ll latch on and refuse to let go. “Just let me love you (y/n)-chan!”

Seijūrō Akashi: This absolute boy here worships your thighs like they were royalty on the daily. After a day of stressful meetings and dealing with everyone on the team, he loves laying his head on them. “(y/n), my princess, let me rest on these exquisite pillows for a moment, then I’m all yours.” Whenever you two are intimate, he loves to see you in nothing but thigh high socks. He loves the way they cling to your succulent thighs and he can’t wait to have a taste for himself. “Are you sure about these Sei?” You’d shuffle out shyly. He’d smirk and eye you hungrily, “Of course my queen, you look absolutely ravishing right now and all I want to do is take you over and over.” He buys you a lot of tight skirts and thigh highs and you’ll sometimes wear them out when you two go on casual dates, but even he can’t keep his hands to himself around you. “Sei! Stop coping a feel, we’re in public!” “I see nobody around love, let’s see if you can hold it in…” He’d move his hands up and under your skirt gripping your thighs. “Sei!!”

Tetsuya Kuroko: This quiet boy just adores your chubby cheeks. They’re just so squishy and plump just like you, how could he not love them? He enjoys not only making you laugh, but watching you laugh and the way your plumped cheeks would glow and jet out, it just brought a smile to his face. “You’re too cute (y/n)-chan.” You’d blush at his words which would make him want you more. “T-thanks Kuro-kun!” He likes to cook for you and even watch you eat just to see you cheeks fill up with the food like a little chipmunk which he calls you sometimes to your embarrassment. “Would my little chipmunk like more?” “I-I told you not to call me that Kuro-kun!” He’d put more on your plate and smile at you, “Why not, it’s true, you’re my little chipmunk.”

Kagami Taiga: This dork loves your ample chest and even though he tries his hardest not to stare, sometimes he just can’t help it as his eyes just gravitate towards the area. They suit you and your body and tells you every day, “(y/n)-chan, that shirt looks amazing on you.” “Taiga, my eyes are up here.” He likes to use them as pillows when you two are cuddling or watching movies, they make him less stressed. “I take it you’re comfy there?” He’d nuzzle his face into them and let out a soft sigh, “Very comfy. You’re so wonderful (y/n)-chan…” He buys you a lot of corsets to wear in the bedroom, ones with the lace and leather. Whenever he sees you wear them, he honestly loses his mind. “(y/n)-chan, you look so sexy…come here and let me show you how much I love you…” “I-It’s not too tight is it Taiga?” He’d lick his lips and shake his head, “It’s perfect, it’ll be on the floor in a minute anyway…”

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hello! can I ask you to whip up some arranged marriage angst with Akashi, Aomine, Kise, Hanamiya, and Mayuzumi? it would be great if it has a good ending. thanks

~Admin Ru


He didn’t ask for this. But he knew this was going to happen someday, He never made his own decisions, and he was never allowed to. So when his father found him a bride, he had no choice but to say yes. It had been a year with the two of you living together. You hardly spoke to each other, and that drove you insane. You had lost everything when you were forced into this. Your ex-boyfriend, your friends who were in another country since you were forced to move out with Akashi, and your family as well. You had no one to talk to, and you were pretty sure that Akashi didn’t want to have anything to do with you, so you ignored him. You just did what was necessary. It really hurt sometimes. When you thought about how lonely you were. Akashi still had people. But you? 

One afternoon, he came back from work. You were preparing lunch and once you were done you set in in front of him, hoping for him to say something. But he only rubbed his tired eyes and started to eat. Suddenly he looked up at you and you froze.

“This could use more salt next time”, he said blankly.

You sighed and looked to the floor, “Okay. I’ll keep that in mind”

Akashi finished his food and took his plate to the sink, washing it. You were about to go after him and take over the job but a thought just crossed your mind. You realised just how miserable the two of you were.

“Akashi-kun”, you called out.

“It’s okay, I’ll take care of the dishes”

“No, Akashi-kun, I can’t do this anymore”

Akashi paused his movements and turned around to face you with a frown.

“I can’t live like this. I…I have nothing to hope for in life. I have nothing to do. No one to talk to. I’m just so…sad”, you said looking down.

Akashi’s eyebrows furrowed. He never felt sad. He was actually just starting to warm up to you. He walked over and took your hand in his boldly. You looked at him in shock and little tears formed in the corner of your eyes.

“I know”, he sighed, “I’ve noticed, [L/N]. And I’m sorry. I just wasn’t in favour of this at the start, so I consumed myself in my work. But then I realised, I looked, I saw. I’m starting to fall for you, [L/N]. I know I’ve been a bad husband but if you give me another chance, I’ll prove to you, just how much I can make this work”, he said.

You hadn’t expected this at all, but you knew he was serious. That was the first day you fell for him. It was also the day of your first, real kiss.


He didn’t want to get married to someone he didn’t love. That was stupid. He didn’t want to commit himself to someone he could care less about. 6 months with Aomine wasn’t the best time of your life. You knew from the start that this wasn’t going to work. You thought that Aomine hated you, he found you disgusting. He always acted like it. And you felt terrible. He always ignored you, snapped at you, it was painful. It was the same routine everyday. You’d get his things ready for work, and then he’d leave without a word. The same thing happened that day and you went to your room and cried as always. You always thought that you’d have a bright future, but it turns out you were completely wrong. You didn’t get why he didn’t like you at all. The least he could do was talk. The only time you ever used your voice was when you talked to yourself.

You sniffled and let out a sigh, staring at the ceiling above you. Aomine opened the front door and walked in, rushing up the stairs as he had forgotten his wallet. When he walked past your room, he heard your sobs and his heart in his chest tightened. He knew how he was making you feel, and he felt bad. He was just really mad about this whole thing, and he always took his anger out on you. He knew you obviously didn’t want this as well, and that fact hurt him a little. As you spent your days with Aomine, he managed to capture little things about you and honestly, he fell for it. He decided that it was time to man up and apologise. He knocked on your door and he heard your sobs come to a halt. You padded against the floor and opened the door, wiping your tears.

“Y-You’re back?”, you asked confused and your voice hoarse.

Aomine sighed and stepped in the room, now standing close to you.

“[F/N], you…you don’t have to cry…”, he said rubbing the back of his neck.

He was complete shit at this and he knew it. But he had to say something.

“I’m sorry, okay? I know I’ve been a huge dick to you, and it’s not because I hate you, I have nothing against you. It’s just, I’m still pissed that my parents did this without asking me for my opinion. You have every right to be mad too but you aren’t and you just…you should be mad”, he said.

He cursed to himself. That wasn’t the point he wanted to make.

He took a deep breath, “I…want you to give me another chance. I promise I’ll make this a whole lot better for you. You’re beautiful, you really are and I don’t want to see someone like you so miserable, moreover because of me”

You stared at him silently for a few seconds before a small smile broke out onto your face. Aomine’s heart melted at the sight. You nodded shyly and Aomine smirked in response. Maybe this arranged marriage thing wasn’t so bad after all. 


For someone so kind and energetic, you expected much better. But it was just plain awkward between the two of you. You had never thought that you’d be the one to marry a model as famous as Kise. There were the pros and the cons, but the ‘expected’ pros just wasn’t working right now. Kise always avoided you, and you, him. Honestly you wouldn’t mind talking to him but he never seemed interested. This struck pain to your heart. You could have been happier with someone else. Someone who would truly care for you. Instead, you were stuck with this guy.

Kise was rarely at home. He was always working, doing shoots and interviews. The only place you’d ever see him was on TV. When he comes back home late, you always get up, groggy from the lack of sleep and force yourself to make him something. He’d never say hello or thank you. Simple words like that were never conversed. You were starting to feel insecure. Kise was always around perfect girls, and now that he was married to you, you felt like a burden to him. You decided to leave once and for all. You were packing you bags when all of a sudden Kise walked in and spoke for once.

“[L/N]-cchi…..what is all this?”, he asked.

You didn’t meet his gaze and continued packing.

“Shouldn’t you be happy that I’m leaving?”

Kise started to panic. He had spent weeks on trying to come up with something for you, as an apology for acting rudely at the start. But it looks like that he was a tad bit too late.

“O-Of course not. [L/N]-cchi, you’re my wife”, he said taking a hold of your shoulder.

A single tear ran down your cheek as you finally looked at him. “It doesn’t seem like it”, you whispered.

“Oh, [L/N]-cchi”, Kise said and hugged you tightly.

He let you cry into his chest while he comforted you. He kissed the top of your head which took you by surprise and then tilted your chin up so that he could look at you.

“I’m sorry for everything, [L/N]-cchi. But I swear, everything will be fine from now on. I’ll make sure that you’re happy, with me”, he said smiling.

And you were.


He hadn’t expected this one bit. He didn’t even expect that he was going to get married. He cared too much about his fiction that he never focused on his own life. He wasn’t in favour of this marriage, and that plus his already ignorant behaviour put you into misery and you didn’t know why your parents had to choose this man out of everyone else. It was probably the quietest relationship ever. Mayuzumi hardly spoke up and neither did you. You were too scared of what he was going to say to you. You didn’t even know what to expect because you had no idea what he was like before this whole thing was planned. 

Maybe he was really happy and then got depressed once he was married? You felt bad for it, having to make him feel like this, restrict him. You blamed it on yourself, and Mayuzumi didn’t spend enough time with you to realise that. The two of you were invited to attend a dinner party and you both simultaneously decided not to go but then your parents encouraged, and by encouraged I mean forced you to go.

You sighed and fiddled with the bracelet on your hand for the millionth time. You were sat at one of the tables along with other people who you didn’t really know while Mayuzumi was dragged into a conversation by various men in suits. You were staring off into the distance until you heard someone calling your name. Mayuzumi gestured for you to come over and you stood up, almost tripping over your heels. This was one of the rare times he ever said your name, and that tugged up the corner of your lips slightly.

Walking over to him, Mayuzumi slipped an arm around your waist and introduced you to everyone. You flashed them a fake smile and conversed with them. You knew Mayuzumi was only doing this for the sake of it, and not because he loves you. These fake gestures and smiles disgusted you, and you thought it was time to have a talk with him. Even if this had to be the venue. You nudged him slightly and he looked down at you, reading your uncomfortable expression. Your eyes darted to the exit and Mayuzumi caught on quickly, nodding in the process.

Once outside, he looked at you, annoyed that you had brought him out here.

“What is it?”, he asked.

You sighed, “Can we just…call this thing off? We both know this isn’t working, and it’s not”

Mayuzumi was a little taken back, since he never knew you felt so much hatred towards him. He got a little ticked off by it.

“Why, because I’m not good enough for you?”, he snapped.

You looked at him in disbelief and he knew then and there that you had a valid reason for your actions.

“You don’t love me”, you stated. “And I can’t force you to. I managed to warm up to you but your refused to accept me. I have no idea why but I do know that we both aren’t in favour of this so let’s just call it off-“

“No”, he cut you off. 

You looked at him in confusion. “No? What do you mean, ‘no’? Shouldn’t you be happy about this?”

Mayuzumi sighed, “I was never really attracted to anyone. And it wasn’t love at first sight when I met you either but as you spent more time around me, I…”

“You?”, you pestered.

Mayuzumi rolled his eyes and looked away, “I realised that my life revolves around you. You’re always doing things for me, even though I never appreciate it, and I’ve just been really mean to you. I’m sorry”

These were the words you longed to hear.

“[F/N]”, he called, “When we met, we didn’t know each other. That’s why I was uncomfortable around you. But now that I’ve opened up, I’m willing to give this another go, for you, for me. Because….”

He paused for a minute and stared blankly at your face, as if he was pondering about something. But that was when he said it:

I just might be in love with you”  


You wanted to kill yourself. How the heck did you end up with this guy? He was rude, arrogant, stuck-up, annoying, and he absolutely loved bullying you. You hated this marriage, absolutely despised it. Hanamiya didn’t feel so bad. He actually thought you were pretty cool but he couldn’t show you that. Instead, he let out all his frustration on you. He’d trip you, shove you, yell at you, cuss at you, order you around, and he even pushed you off the bed once because he wanted more space. You would have loved to sleep on the couch but then you realised that he had just dumped all his dirty laundry on it and there was no way you were sleeping on that thing. He smoked. And you didn’t really mind, but he purposely did it in front of your face, that was what made you pissed. You hid his pack once and when he found out, you got it good.

You didn’t know what to think of this man. Did you love him or not? Sometimes he’s just the biggest dick to you, but sometimes he’s a bit considerate. And by that I mean he lets you have one bit of the blanket. Hanamiya was really rude to you in general, because he didn’t like this idea at all. He had lost his freedom once he was out with you but then he realised that the two of you weren’t really a thing, so he started heading out and doing…you know what. When you found out that he was sleeping with other people, it hurt you even more. But in all honesty, Hanamiya didn’t want to sleep with you just yet because you were too innocent and he believed that he wasn’t the right guy for you, though a little part of him wished that he was.

One day, Hanamiya pulled an all-nighter in the living room. He came back drunk that night, but sober enough to know what he was doing. He didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable by lying next to you while he reeked of alcohol, and god knows what moves he’d try to pull off. You were in bed, unable to sleep because the volume on the TV was extremely high, and he wouldn’t turn it down. You sighed and got out of bed, groggily sliding your feet against the floor as you walked over to him. You stood next to him silently and Hanamiya noticed you, but didn’t pay attention. You frowned and nudged him with your knee, making him pause the show and look at you.

“What?”, he asked, his speech a bit slurred.

“Turn down the volume, I can’t sleep”, you said in a hoarse voice.

He scoffed, “Go sleep somewhere else”

You gritted your teeth, “No, you go watch your stupid TV somewhere else”

“Aw, is princess getting mad? What are you going to do? Banish me?”, he teased.

“Get out”, you snapped.

Hanamiya cocked an eyebrow, “You’re kicking me out? Shouldn’t I be doing the same to you?”

“No. My family contributed to this home, not yours. So leave”

“Don’t tell me what to do”

His eyes became dark as you found yourself cornered against the wall and Hanamiya smirked devilishly.

“I’m a part of your family now, aren’t I?”, he asked.

You shivered, “N-No. You aren’t. My family loves me and they’d do anything for me. Unlike you, you treat me like a piece of garbage”

“Do they? If they did, they wouldn’t have gotten you, stuck with me”, he said.

Your eyes widened and you looked down sadly. Hanamiya smirked and then cupped your cheek, taking you by surprise.

“I know you hate me, but trust me, everything I do to you is not because I hate you, it’s just that I generally find happiness in the sufferings of others. Trust me, you get it a lot less than what other people do”

“Why?”, you asked.

Hanamiya shrugged, “It’s just the way I am”

“No I meant, why go easy on me?”, you asked.

Hanamiya scowled and looked away, “Because I can, alright? Now shut up”

You chuckled slightly. You knew it. This boy did have a heart.

“Maybe it’s because you feel something for me?”, you asked.

He looked at you in disgust, “No”, but you could see how fake it was.

“I’m touched”, you replied sarcastically.

“Oi [F/N], if you’d stop being a coward, maybe we could just do this whole thing all over again. What do you say?”

Even though he could be a pain sometimes, you agreed, because you know you’d never find anyone else like him.


I had fun writing this :) Thank you so much for requesting anon-san <3

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Scenario with Yandere Hanamiya and Kise finding out their crush likes someone else

Thank you for the request. 

It was my first time writing a yandere oneshot. I can only hope that it is not THAT bad.

I also wanted to thank my dear kouhai for her help and great ideas.

Check out her tumblr (link) and wattpad (link)

She is writtes really good yandere oneshots and she is amazing!

Anyway, enjoy~!


Makoto was everyone’s biggest fear. People in the school were scared of him and tried to avoid him the best they could. Some of them were lucky, but some of them were not. When he was in bad mood, he was doing really disgusting things. He beat kids who looked him in the eye, he injured his rivals, he played with girls’ hearts.
He wasn’t a perfect material for best friend, but you knew him for years. he was your childhood friend. 

 Hanamiya always had soft spot for you, you were his weakness. He was taking care of you, helped you, scared away your bullies. You couldn’t imagine better comrade for you. 

 The only thing that was annoying to you, was his controlling mania. When you guys fought, he always insisted that you should just do as he wants. And you, being a good friend, usually did as he told you. 

 But not this time. 

MAKOTO CALM YOURSELF, IT IS JUST ONE DATE!’ You shouted at him, getting more nervours as minutes passed by. You weren’t use to fighting him, but this topic was very important to you.


‘Y-yes, I do actually. He is nice, sweet and caring. AND he isn’t controlling prick like you!’ It was the first that you said something like that to him, you weren’t sure about the way he will react though.
He stayed silent, but suddenly his palm made its way to your cheek.

He slapped you.

You cried out and fell on your butt, looking at him with wide eyes, tears were silently falling on your red cheeks, hands shaking violently.

‘Okay s/o, I didn’t want to do that, but you probably are too stupid to unterstand what is good to you. Don’t worry, I know how to take care of you.’ He said calmly, making his way to the door. You blinked upon hearing a clicking sound.  

Oh God, he closed the door.

M-Makoto! Please, open the door! I-I wil l-listen to you! I promise!’ You said, hoping that he will buy it and let you leave his house. You didn’t have your phone with you, your parents were away on a trip. You were completely alone in your former bestfriend’s house, who was undeniably insane. Great. Just great.

S/o, listen to me carefully. I will be back in a few. Don’t scream or something bad might happend, okay? I love you. Wait for me.’ He said and left.
You were tremblind and crying, this situation was too much for you to handle. ‘What will he do? Where is he going? Where is my Makoto?’ You thought and sit on the couch, waiting for you torturer to come back.


 He came after one hour, his clothes were stained with blood, he smelled like cigarettes and alkohol.

Mako? Is this your blood? Wha-what is wrong?’ You couldn’t think straight anymore, your vision was blur, your voice was breaking down, your cheek was bruised, your heart stopped beating.

‘Shh s/o, I called my teammates and we took care of that asshole. He won’t bother you anymore, no one will. You are mine.’ He smirked and you, with craziness in his eyes. ‘Forever mine.’ He added and stroked your cheek, making you winced in pain.

‘You undestand your situation, right?’ He asked laughing. You only nodded in the resposne.

You did, you really did understand.

There was no escape for you. Once the prey is trapped in the spider’s web, it will never run away.


 Everyone knew Kise. Kise was a star. He was incredibly handsome, skilled in the basketball and he was a model. Everyone knew Kise

 Girls loved him, his flawless face, his cuteness, popularity…he could have anyone, but he wanted you. He watched your every move, he knew where you live, what you eat, your favourite things, where you sit in the class. He knew everything about you, everything. 

 His obsession was growing day by day, he was falling more and more in love with you, he couldn’t take his eyes away from you beautiful features. He waited patiently for the occasion to ask you out. He was sure that you will say yes, because why wouldn’t you in the first place.

 He knew that he would make you happy, that your future is bright, that you will be together forever. He would make it happend. 

 The perfect moment came earlier that he thought. Your class has a big project and teacher paired you with him. He couldn’t help but grin all day, imaging every thing he will do to you after his confession. 

‘Today s/occhi, you will be finally mine.’ He thought, running to you. 

S/occhi! We will be working on this project together, I hope you will take care of me!’ He screamed, hugging your body to his. You flinched, making him confused as he looked at you with dumbfounded expression. 

Ym, yeah, right. So what is your…ee name?’ You asked nervously, swallowing and pushing him away from you. 

‘You….don’t know me?’ He asked shocked with small tears in the corner of his eyes. It couldn’t be the truth. 


‘No-not really, I’m sorry.’ You apologised, looking uncomfortable. Then you smiled brightly, but it wasn’t mean for him. You were looking at your classmate who pecked your lips, said something about a date on Sunday and quickly left the classroom. 

 He was sad, no, he was devasted. Why didn’t you know him? WHY DIDN”T YOU LOVE HIM?! WASN”T HE ENOUGH?! HUH?! 

 His mind screamed in absolutly pain and unhappines, but his face didn’t show anything. He already had plan B. If you don’t want to be his on your free will, he will make you. You will have your happy ending, no matter what. 


‘So Kise…thank you for inviting me! I’m really happy we can work on our project now, because I’m busy at the weekeend.’ You smiled and went to his room. He smiled back, asking what you want to drink as he went to the kitchen.  

You opened the door and look at his room, it was spacious, quite messy but really modern. You being a curious person, of course, looked in every corner, every place, every shelf, when you saw a colorful box with small heart on it under the bed. You carefully took it and opened. 

 What you saw made your body freeze and your mind went blanc. The box was full of your photos, some of them were really private. There also were a strand of your hair, your used blouse, your strawberry lipstick…

Oh God.. You stand up, ready to run away from Kise and his madness, when you spotted him right in front of you. 

K-Kise..’ You managed to say before his lips touched yours.

This kiss was sloppy, disgusting and it made you shiver from head to toe. His tongue touched every place in your mouth, waiting for your to participate in this sinful act. But you didn’t move, you didn’t even blink. 

When he stopped abusing your lips, he looked at your face twisted in fear. His smirk grew wide as he whispered in your ear: 

‘Now when you know who I am, I hope we will get to know each otherr more…physically.’ 

  • Kuroko: Did you know Kise-kun's music once saved my life?
  • Kagami: Really?
  • Kuroko: Yeah, I got a concussion during a match one day and had possibilities of going to coma when he started singing.
  • Kuroko: It was so bad I woke up and told Akashi-kun to make him shut the hell up.


Team Bandersnatch:
#1: Akashi Seijuurou: Setter (and Captain, of course)
#2: Midorima Shintarou: Pinch Server/Middle Blocker
#3: Murasakibara Atsushi: Middle Blocker
#4: Kise Ryouta: Libero
#5: Aomine Daiki: Wing Spiker
#6: Kagami Taiga: Middle Blocker
#7: Kuroko Tetsuya: Wing Spiker/Backup Setter

Okay, so this has been a long time in the making, so all of the headcanons and explanations will be under the cut. WARNING: THIS IS A REALLY, REALLY LONG POST.

Feel free to send me messages if you want to talk about this!

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Kise Ryouta (KnB) & Iwashimizu Sumiaki (All Out!!)

I haven’t read ALL OUT!! yet because I wanna watch the anime that’s coming out this fall first so I can’t really say much about Iwashimizu. But I gotta agree. He does look like Kise a lot.

Plus he’s tall and fucking ripped.

But despite having a godly build any fangirl would die for, he’s timid and shy.

Are you seeing this face?

What got you looking so sad and dejected Iwa-chan? #ProtectThisCinnamonRollAtAllCost

He really is the exact opposite of the carefree and flamboyant Kise.

I totally dig the headcanon that these two are twins. And if I might add:

  • I imagine Kise to be very overprotective of Iwa-chan. Rather than a brother, he cares for him like an overly doting mother. He checks up on him about every little thing- from making sure he eats his breakfast to planning his weekly wardrobe to be sure that he is in style with the latest fashion trends. Kise is unexpectedly very sensitive of Iwa-chan’s needs. Even without him saying it, Kise would always know if he wants something or if something is wrong with him. 
  • Kise literally brags about him to all of his friends and fans and would always write a blog entry about his brother every week. 
  • The main reason why Kise overacts and does things dramatically is because he hopes that in doing so, he could cheer Iwa-chan up and maybe help him smile more and be confident of himself.
  • Despite his timid nature, Iwa-chan is also working as a model alongside Kise. Although he isn’t as popular as Kise, he tries his best to fulfill the expectations of his agency. Due to the pressure that comes with modelling work, he nearly quit before but got persuaded to stay by his brother. Kise tells him that being a model would greatly help him boost his self-esteem.
  • Even if Kise adores his brother so much, it doesn’t change the fact that he is very very jealous of how ripped Iwa-chan is. 
  • Iwa-chan looks up to Kise and fervently wishes that he could be like him.
  • Kise wouldn’t, for the life of him, ever borrow Iwa-chan’s clothes because seriously he’d look like a freaking scarecrow considering how big Iwa-chan’s clothes are.
  • Kise keeps an album filled with photos of Iwa-chan. His most-prized photos are those of him smiling. 
  • They support each other so much in their respective sports. Since they were little, they also had this unwritten rule that kinda goes like “Don’t try to convince me to do basketball and I won’t convince you to do rugby”.
  • They each have a room of their own but Kise would oftentimes sneak into Iwa-chan’s room in the middle of the night to sleep with him. 
  • In their own ways. they’re both drama queens.

And yes, from this day forth, I shall refer to Iwashimizu as Iwa-chan (unless someone can suggest a better nickname for him). Also, just a reminder that I haven’t read ALL OUT!! yet in case some of the headcanons sound a little off. 

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if this'll get in whether the requests are closed or not but can I have GoM, Hanamiya and Kagami's reaction to their s/o telling them that their mother is pressuring them to lose weight and exceed well in school? (My mummy is pressuring me to do Chem and I'm scared)

Aomine Daiki: Aomine usually hates it when you bring up the topic of studying, or anything that requires him to reveal emotion in general - but he’s more than willing to listen after seeing how stressed you are as a result of your mother’s pressuring. Knowing that comfort isn’t his forte, he sighs and jabs a pinky in his ear as he considers what to do, knowing that he had to do something to cheer you up.

“I don’t really get it,” He mutters after a while. “If you don’t wanna do it, just don’t do it. Don’t force yourself. You don’t need to anyway, ‘cause I’m gonna look after you after we graduate anyway.”
“Daiki,” You can’t help but smirk. “Did you just say you’ll look after me? With your grades?”
“…Oi, teme, I’m trying to be nice here.”

Kise Ryouta: Being well established in the modelling agency, Kise is more or less familiar with the stress that comes from the pressure of trying to maintain a perfect body image. Not wishing that kind of stress on anyone - especially you - he would try to comfort you by reassuring that you didn’t need to make any changes to your lifestyle if you didn’t want to. If that was the case, he’d suggest that you speak with your mother (he’d probably be willing to speak to her for you if you didn’t want to) and ask her to stop unnecessarily pressuring you. 

Midorima Shintarou: As the top student in his class, Midorima sometimes teases you about your grades as well, however without any ill intent. The fact that someone else other than him is doing the same thing, and even causing you stress as a result, doesn’t quite sit well with him - even if it is your parent. 

Irritated, but at the same time not wanting to say anything that may seem like an insult to your mother, he opts for comforting you with actions rather than words. Reaching out and wrapping his arms around you tenderly, he simply holds you there for however long you need to feel at ease again. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara doesn’t like having to deal with something as troublesome as comforting, but he dislikes seeing you upset even more. After patiently listening to you talk for a good half an hour about how your mother was starting to make you feel uncomfortable at home due to her constant pushing, he stands up from his chair abruptly. 

“Wait here, ____-chin…I’ll bring you back something that’ll make you feel better ~” 
You can’t help but crack a smile as you spot him returning five minutes later with a bag full of your favourite sweets. 

Kuroko Tetsuya: “I’m sorry that your mother is pressuring you so much, ____-san.” Kuroko would say immediately, upset that you were having to deal with this all alone at home. He’d tell you that he’d be there to support whatever decision you make, and that you didn’t have to feel scared because he’d always be by your side.
“I know it’s hard, ____-san, but please try not to stress too much. It will be okay; we can take things one small step at a time.”

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi frowns immediately, obviously displeased with the fact that you’re being pressured like this at home - when he’s not around to protect you. He wants to ask you more about your family, and your mother’s seemingly insensitive nature, but he decides to wait until you’re feeling less stressed before questioning. Akashi is willing to sit with you for however long it takes for you to talk about your troubles, not even caring when it’s time to go to a lesson, shooting dark glares at anyone who looked like they were about to come over and interrupt. You feel a little silly discussing this with Akashi - knowing that he probably has it at least ten times worse with his father - but he takes you seriously, taking your hand in comfort whilst you talk out your stress. 

Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya isn’t the sentimental type at all, but even he can tell that something, or someone has been making you feel down lately. His usual arrogant smirk is wiped off his face when you mutter under your breath about how you shouldn’t eat that cupcake at lunch because you need to lose weight, and he demands to know what’s going on - or more importantly, who told you to do that

“Tch.” He pulls an annoyed face when he finds out that your mother is the reason for your glum mood, because it means that he can’t resort to his usual ways of dealing with people who irritate him. “I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully, okay? You don’t need to do any of that crap if you don’t want to, because I think you’re fine the way you are.” 

Kagami Taiga: “Daijoubu! Don’t sweat it, ____!” Kagami exclaims enthusiastically, give his chest a good thump before shaking his fist at you in reassurance. “You’re doing a lot better than me - I haven’t gotten a single double digit score on any test since I joined High School!”