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here’s a cobbled-together more or less correct overwatch hero height reference now that u/FlameWarrior260 reminded me that the cast is generally tall as fucking shit

  • orisa: 7′4″~
  • reinhardt: 7′4″
  • bastion: 7′3″
  • roadhog: 7′3″
  • winston: 7′3″
  • doomfist: 6′6″~
  • junkrat: 6′5″
  • zarya: 6′5″
  • moira: 6′5″~
  • mccree: 6′1″
  • reaper: 6′1″
  • soldier: 76: 6′1″
  • ana: 6′0″~
  • pharah: 5′11″
  • widowmaker: 5′9″
  • hanzo: 5′8″
  • zenyatta: 5′8″
  • genji: 5′7″~
  • mercy: 5′7″
  • symmetra: 5′7″
  • 5′5″~
  • sombra: 5′4″~
  • tracer: 5′4″
  • lucio: 5′3″
  • mei: 5′3″~
  • torbjorn: 4′7″

Being a tall girl myself, i think this is great.  I always say to myself “i want a guy that’s taller than me”, with being 6ft 1 or 2" that may be quite difficult, so I need to accept that its highly likely that any future boyfriend will be shorter than me…
This picture should be reblogged, so that fellow tall girls, like myself, can learn that alot of shorter men actually like having tall girls on their arms and to brag about.
Don’t forget to embrace your height my long-legged friends! 
I have no hate for shorter women with tall men, so there should be no hate on this…

MLMiraculous Shipping Tropes/Inspo


  • Bromance->Romance
  • Probably the only person allowed unsupervised in Adrien’s room; make of that what you will
  • Adrien taking Nino with him on vacations to exotic locals 


  • Art class modelling 
  • Superhero nerds
  • Chat checking up on Nathanael after Evilustrator 
  • Adrien attempting to wingman for Nathanael/fails miserably by making out with him


  • Workout buddies
  • Post-game showers
  • Kim: “Holy shit, this guys is half my size and bench more than me, wtf??”
  • Kim asking Adrien for Chloe advice->Kim realizing pretty blondes are his type 

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BTS reaction: You being as tall as them

Anon requested:  BTS reaction to you being insecure about being almost as tall as them and non asian? You don’t really fit into the Korean beauty standard and people on the street look at you because of that. What would they say? Thanks~~


“You are tall and slim and I’m tall and slim. Together we’re a pair of chopsticks and chopsticks don’t belong into the korean beauty standard but into a bowl of rice. Stop saying you don’t fit in when you don’t even belong there in the first place.”

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“Ask them how the weather’s down there. Or threaten them to spit on their heads if they continue to bully you. There are million ways to make the dwarf shut up.”

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“Who said that being tall is a problem ? Let them stare. The more the better. Let them be envious of how outstanding and gorgeous you are.”

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“I love you the way you are. Even more because you’re different from the average. You’re special. Don’t feel insecure about it, baby.”

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“We can share cloths. You’d look good wearing my style of cloths. Espacially my t-shirts”

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“Y/N, let’s become models. The average won’t be able to become models with their tiny heights. I bet Gucci will hire us.”

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“Well, I don’t have to crouch down when I want to look you in the eyes, kiss you or squeeze your butt. That’s a plus.”

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anonymous asked:

How would the chocobros be with a really short S/O? Like 5ft or shorter?

I too am vertically challenged, so I assume they’d treated them very similar to how i’m treated by my tall friends.



“Need some help with that?” Noctis would asked playfully, only to get a sassy little pout in return.

“I’m already up here!” You would replied, already standing on the countertops to get whatever you needed, knowing that the Prince put it up there so he could make fun of you. Despite you only being 5 foot, your Prince Charming stood at a beautiful 5 foot 9.

Making him perfect model height, and the Prince of high reach places. Snagging your chips, you turned back towards your boyfriend already knowing where he was standing, directly underneath you, as you dropped them on his face before starting your journey of climbing down the countertops.

“Aww, I love my tiny sweetie.” Noctis would mockingly coo, as he held your chips above his head, out of your reach, resulting in you bouncing and clinging to him to get them back.

“Noctis give them!”

“Gotta pay the Noct tax.”

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                                  The Zenith Of Elegance (Dovima)

“Born in Queens, New York, to a Polish-American policeman and an Irish-born mother, she was the first model to use a single name. The name Dovima is composed of the first two letters of her three given names.[1]Dovima was discovered on a sidewalk in New York by an editor at Vogue, and had a photo shoot with Irving Penn the following day. She worked closely with Richard Avedon, whose photograph of her in a floor-length black evening gown with circus elephants—Dovima with the Elephants[2]—taken at the Cirque d'hiver, Paris, in August 1955, has become an icon and sold for $1,151,976 in 2010.[3] The gown was the first evening dress designed for Christian Dior by his new assistant, Yves Saint-Laurent.[4] Dovima was reputed to be the highest-paid model of her time; she commanded $60 per hour when most of the top models were receiving anything up to $25 per hour. She became known as the Dollar-a-Minute Girl.[5][6]She had a minor role as an aristocratic-looking, but empty-headed, fashion model with a Jackson Heights whine: Marion in Funny Face (Paramount, 1957).Dovima gave birth to a daughter named Allison on July 14, 1958, in Manhattan. Allison’s father was Dovima’s second husband, Allan Murray.When the marriage to Murray ended in divorce, causing her to become penniless, Dovima first tried acting then attempted working as an agent during the 1960s. Eventually, by the 1970s, she found herself moving in with her parents who had relocated to Florida, and was working as a hostess in The Two Guys Pizza Parlor in Ft Lauderdale, Florida by the 1980s.[7]She died of liver cancer on May 3, 1990 at the age of 62.”

The Trash Man’s Mystery Height (Aka: The Height Ref) ((AKA Aka: Too Much Time On My Hands))

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SO, this question has always bugged me? Is Ardyn tall or short? Or a nice inbetween? Now in actuality it’s never been a doubt in my mind that Ardyn is at least six feet, but that still begs the question, how many inches do I need to shave off or add? Welp, let’s take a look, shall we?


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I meant to post this on my art blog but brain went on autopilot and logged in here, so might as well I guess?

GOT7 Reaction to you being 5′10′ (177.8 cm)-

(for anon)


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Mark being just slightly smaller than you didn’t mind ONE bit. He thought it was hot having a taller girlfriend. “You’re like so Amazonian babe. I just wanna hang off of you.” “Mark i’m one inch taller than you.”


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Jaebum sometimes wished you were just a tiny bit smaller but he loved you none the less. “No heels exceeding half a centimeter babe.”


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Jackson LOVED your modelsque height. In private. In public, he always tried to wear shoes with lift so he could appear at least a little taller than his bae. “Shrink down babe! I’m small enough!”


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You and Jinyoung being the same height made no difference to him. He fell in love with who you are and not your height. You could be 7′2′ or 3′4′ and he’d love you the same.


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Youngjae loved having a girlfriend that was the same height as him. One of the reasons he was able to fall in love so easily with you is the fact he could legit look into your eyes at exact eye level.


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 When BamBam and you are with eachother, you both look like actual real life models due to your height and body types. He fell in love with that comparison. “We’re too good looking to be apart, babe.”


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Yugyeom being the giant he is, like having a girlfriend so close to his height. He considered it sexy and cute.  

Okay y’all stans, traditionally animation is hard! i get that! It looks hard but like…making it consistent??? it seems to be whether you CARE about the animation

I mean

And if you wanna talk about going off model?

Darla’s face goes through like 90 different expressions in one scene and none of them are her originals bc shes so expressive.

I get that there’s budget restraints and everyone has their own style but look try at least try to stay on height models blease this is all i beg of you