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McDonald’s facts
  • The special sauce used in Big Macs still remains a secret even to this day. While dataminers have found a number of data involving the ingredients, the optimization algorithm remains unknown.
  • McNuggets were once thought to be procedurally generated via metaball physics but this has been disproven since. What we do know about McNuggets is that a normal texture is applied to the surface to give the illusion of bumps, when in fact the model is made up of very few polygons to reduce costs.
  • All items in the drive thru are not rendered until they are actually taken out of the bag. Physics do apply to them however, so watch out
  • The reason why hamburgers, etc look “better” in promotional content is because the low detail models and textures are used in the restaurant instead. If they did use their high detail models at all times, McDonald’s would have to start dedicating more costs to their worker processes.
  • “All day breakfast” was not possible for a long time due to a glitch where any breakfast data would get corrupted when served at an irregular time. This was fixed in an update that took advantage of faster GPU clock speeds. There have been a few successful attempts to get corrupted breakfasts since, with hash browns producing the most interesting results.
  • The McFlurry machine was intended to be released in an update years down the road, but it was rushed due to time constraints and now we have the infamous buggy and unoptimized mess.
  • I would like to give a fact on the new “Grand Mac” but even the bun’s data is encrypted so it’s currently impossible to even view any of it. 

Bioware has the worst fandom hands down lol

3 bisexual romances
2 gay romances
1 lesbian romance
2 hetero romances


yes ignore the 3 bisexual romances you’re not happy with and profile characters based on their looks who ‘should’ have been gay.

Also they can change their mind about the sexuality of their characters because its THEIR CHARACTER. You werent promised nothing.

ALSO can i get a mother fucking shout out to all the POCs in this game? Everyone is too wound up with their entitlement and 'lack of representation of sexuality’ that they forgot the POCs in the game. Like holy hell, the hyperion alone has more people of color in a single area than ive seen in the entirety of most games. Also yeah the character creation is weak but the diversity of the faces are stellar! Who cares if your character isnt a super model, the fact that you can make a believable asian or African american person is fantastic to me.

Bioware actually tries to be different but when its not enough: witch hunt.

Ya’ll are babies


stay classy, fangmeyer 

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've discussed this before, but what are your views on Scarlet Johanson being cast as the lead in GitS? I know lots of people believe this to be white washing, but there are divided opinions.

I’m of the firm opinion that Hollywood making a Ghost in the Shell adaptation is iffy in the first place when the original manga is so intrinsically tied to Japanese history. The manga itself was a reflection and reaction to post-war Japan’s economic dependence on technology, and a lot of its power comes from the emotional nuance that the author threaded into its story as someone who grew up in that time period. One of the primary themes of the manga is how technology blends with Eastern philosophy. The fact that Hollywood decided to grab at the monumental task of adapting this franchise without understanding the weight of it offends me as a storyteller. Even then, I might have watched it if the cyberpunk aesthetic was pretty enough.

However, in my view, proceeding to cast Scarlett Johansson as the main character is nothing short of a disgrace. In the end, that is the reason why I am choosing to not watch the film. Now, hang onto your hat, anon, this is going to be a long ride under the cut:

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Creators Misunderstanding Their Fan Base: Undertale

I love Undertale, so do many others. However, I love Undertale because of the fan base. I have met so many kind and determined individuals that I wouldn’t have met otherwise if not for Undertale. Many of these people are artists, and it’s nice to see the same characters drawn in so many different styles. Even better is when there is a story written about Undertale, a what if this happened instead of this? Great examples of this are Dreamtale, by @jokublog (currently not theirs more about that later), Glitchverse, by @camilaart, and Xtale/Underverse, by Jackei/@xtaleunderverse. There are many more alternate stories/universes I would love to share but I really want to focus on these two right now. As you may or may not know, both these creators make animations/comics based off their story lines, and they are incredible. The amount of effort that goes into each and every frame of animation is jaw dropping to say the least. The story is also pretty great compared to most, especially Glitchtale’s constant subversion of every expectation and Underverse’s imaginative plot and character portrayal are no small feat either. It’s immediately clear that a lot of effort goes into their work to make it as great as possible and create their animations fairly quickly. However, I’m not here to simply sing their praises because the title isn’t “Amazing Undertale Universes You Have To See To Believe” no, this is “Creators Misunderstanding Their Fan Base: Undertale” 

 Recently a story came out about Joku threatening to use her fan base against another person who was just giving feedback on a shirt that they made. This led to them deleting their blog and now it’s being held by a nice individual so that Joku can have the name back if she wants. Joku makes sure people know that she is getting lots of hate over this misbehavior of hers. She’s making it seem like her fan base is full of haters that demand comics every week and don’t care about the person behind the project at all. Her “fans” led her to deleting her blog that she had used for a while now, over one small incident. That’s. Not. True. Joku’s fans are passionate, without a doubt, but they have huge amounts of respect for the amount of work that goes into this complex narrative that Joku is almost always working on. Joku, you’re fans are there, making fan art, liking your posts, and sending positive words your way, but you don’t care about that, do you? You just want to show everyone that you can overcome the haters by yourself, but you can’t, nobody can on their own. You say you ignore the haters, but dealing with what I’ve heard people say about you in silence, isn’t a great idea. If you open up more to your audience, show your real fans that you still care about them, I have no doubt that there will be a shift in the types of people who view your content. I along with many others didn’t hate you for what you did, was it a bit uncalled for? Yea, a little bit, but that one incident with someone WHO’S ALREADY FORGIVEN AND APOLOGIZED FOR MAKING IT PUBLIC, shouldn’t have led to you deleting your blog. The blog is being held for you, your choices are to reset back to zero and build your blog all over again, or quit and leave everyone.

 Jackei, the creator of Xtale and Underverse, is passionate about her work. Her amazing narrative and intense animations make it a joy to experience through and through, but she has her flaws as well. One day you’ll get a hilarious shitpost from Jackei about how she got braces, the next a comic about how she is having to stand against her fans barrage of negativity. I’m saying it right now that there is a difference in HATING and CRITICIZING and it’s easy to tell which is which. Hate usually is opinionated, relying on the same feeling from others to help boost their opinion into more of a fact. Fans that criticize a work however often point out actual problems with the product they were presented with. Maybe the animation was a bit low quality in some places, or maybe the dialog didn’t add anything to the situation, but whatever it is its a real problem that they just shed light on for you. Those fans care, unlike the haters you insist are your fans. Many people really love your intense devotion to your work, making comics often along with incredible animations that have breathtaking moments a plenty, but it sucks when someone you hugely respect talks down to you. You make it clear that whenever you get hate you try to deal with it in silence, and for the most part if you are a strong enough person that works out really well for you. Not only does it improve your image as a creator but it makes fans think much much more of you as a person. However, you show us that side of you way too much, and its clear you want to be that person you portray yourself as. You’ve gotten much better about showing us that you can withstand the hate sent your way, and your shitposts/memes are always a joy to behold, but why not show off the better side of your fan base, the people who really care about you and your work. It’d make a difference in how you view your fans. Just remember Jackei, haters shout loud because they want others to hear them, but when a fan comments, they don’t even expect an answer from anyone.

 Camila is an incredible artist as well, creating a 20 minute animation in less than 4 months is unreal. On top of that the animations feature a standard of quality not usually seen in animations made in the same amount of time. However, Camila is known to harp on people for asking when the latest episode is going to come out. Her response is usually a meme or her telling them to chill and just wait. Camila has the opposite issue that Jackei does, she will show all the asks about when the episode is coming out, making it seem like that’s all her fan base cares about. That and her talking down to her fans often, sometimes calling them stupid for not understanding a small detail in the animation. She’s who Jackei strives to be, impervious to all hate sent her way. To be honest, it’s not the best way to act towards your fans, sometimes people honestly just want to know because they are hyped for the next episode. Especially with the amount of information Camila will spoil about the episode, when in reality it’s mostly misdirection to make hers fans come to one conclusion before the episode even starts, just so she can subvert everyone’s expectations in the end. It’s incredible how many times I knew what would happen just because I followed Camila’s tumblr, @camilaart. Camila, I desperately wanted to donate $50 to you on patreon after you lost part of your house because I desired to talk to the biggest inspiration in my life at the time. To be honest I still want to, but I’m only 15 and I have no income for which to donate to either of you, sorry /;-;/. Camila, your awe inspiring, I just wish you would act more mature and be more loyal to people. After what happened to Jackei you threw her under the bus, reblogging what she said just to garner it more exposure. It’s shocking how many people you turn on after someone comes out with something bad about that person, like Jackei and Ultima almighty. You’re getting much better though about pointing out positive things, like animators and artists who have almost no exposure on youtube, is pretty amazing. It’d be amazing though, if you could use the positives to detract haters instead of memes. You’re a role model for some people whether you want to believe it or not, and sometimes people take anything that role models say as undeniable fact. Your on the right path, please don’t reset again. 

(Everything I said are just my thoughts on these two amazing animators, I just really want to get these out their so that maybe they will both see this post and reflect on themselves as creators. I plan to do more of these but I don’t what topics/people to do yet. And guys, don’t hate these artists just for me pointing out a few things wrong with them, that’s the complete opposite of what I’m trying to say. If you don’t like them, then just ignore them, it’s as simple as that. Thanks for reading this, it truly means a lot to me.) 


models’ ages and birthdays

There might be some mistakes and wrong dates. Some of them are missing but I’m doing my best to find them. These dates/years are mainly from google/instagram/ twitter (I’m a stalker) but please be kind and message me if you know more (dates, years, middle names) or want to correct something. 

A. Abbey Lee Kershaw, June 12, 1987
Amanda Hendrick, February 10, 1990
Anja Konstantinova, July 24, 1990
Anais Pouliot, May 7, 1991
Ashley Smith, November 26, 1990
Adriana Francesca Lima, June 12, 1981
Alexa Chung, November 5, 1983
Anais Mokngar Mali, January 22, 1991
Aline Cleusa Weber, March 22, 1989
Allison Elizabeth Harvard, January 8, 1988
Arizona Grace Muse, September 18, 1988
Alice Olivia Dellal, July 29, 1987
Amber Rose Tamara Le Bon, August 25, 1989
Alejandra Alonso, October 7, 1992
Alessandra Corine Ambrosio, April 11, 1981
Anu Maarit Koski, October 31, 1989
Anna ‘Anja’ Rubik, June 12, 1983
Amanda Norgaard, February 18, 1992
Andreea Diaconu, March 28, 1991
Anna Selezneva, July 29, 1990
Alana Natasia Zimmer, June 9, 1987
Aygul Galimullina, August 9, 1994
Antonina ‘Tonya’ Vasylchenko, October 26, 1995
Alexandra ‘Ali’ Nicole Michael, May 15, 1990
Anabela Belikova, December 7, 1990
Anna Maria Jagodzinska, September 12, 1987
Ava Smith, November 4, 1988
Antonina Petkovic, August 16, 1996
Auguste Tomasuite Abeliunaite, August 3, 1994
Anna Christine Speckhart, November 14, 1991
Atlanta Noo de Cadenet Taylor, March 31, 1992
Amanda Brandao Wellsh, May 25, 1986
Andie Arthur, December 7, 1994
Agyness Deyn aka Laura Michelle Hollins, February 16, 1983
Ana Beatriz Barros, May 29, 1982
Anna Luisa Ewers, March 14, 1993
Alina Baikova, September 5, 1989
Aymeline Valade, October 17, 1984
Anne Sergeyevna Vyalitsyna aka Anne V, March 16, 1986
Alyssa Elaine Miller, July 4, 1989
Amanda Jean Murphy, November 17, 1988
Anna ‘Anya’ Lyagoshina, March 1, 1995
Anastasia Lagune, May 8, 1995
Alisa Ahmann, April 30, 1994
Aya Jones, September 5, 1994
Alicja Tubilewicz, March 12, 1997
Aneta Pajak, September 22, 1993
Arabella Ballantyne, October 25, 1993
Avery Blanchard, January 14, 1999
Anna Mila Guyenz, December 16, 1995
Anastasia ‘April’ Popelysheva, April 3, 1995
Anja Cihoric, April 25, 1995
Ana Maria Cajner, December 27, 1990
Annika Krijt, August 27, 1997
Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov, September 2, 1998
Anna J. Nevala, ? , 1990
Amanda Rae Googe, March 27, 1993
Alexandra Maria Micu, ? , 1998
Amra Cerkezovic, ?

B. Barbara Palvin, October 8, 1993
Stephanie ‘Bambi’ Northwood-Blyth, June 5, 1991
Behati Prinsloo, May 16, 1989
Bette Franke, December 3, 1989
Brynja Jonbjarnardottir, April 15, 1994
Barbara Fialho, December 21, 1987
Bridged Isabella Nan Malcolm, November 3, 1991
Bregje Heinen, March 5, 1993
Bianca Balti, March 19, 1984
Blanca Padilla, January 6, 1995
Leona ‘Binx’ Anastasia Walton, April 24, 1996
Barbora Podzimkova, September 8, 1999
Barbara di Creddo, April 1, ?
Birgit Kos, April 13, ?

C. Cara Jocelyn Delevingne, August 12, 1992
Charlotte Kemp Muhl, August 17, 1987
Charlotte Free, June 27, 1993
Candice Susan Swanepoel, October 20, 1988
Mikhaila ‘Coco’ Rocha, September 10, 1988
Cory Kennedy-Levin, February 21, 1990
Cora Keegan, December 16, 1992
Cristina Piccone Takano, April 7, 1991
Chloe Melissa Norgaard, June 25, 1990
Clara Alonso, September 21, 1987
Caroline Brasch Nielsen, June 21, 1993
Caroline Corinth Zirpel, July 20, 1994
Catherine ‘Cat’ McNeil, May 30, 1989
Cora Emmanuel, October 1, 1992
Chantal Stafford-Abbott, April 4, 1992
Charlotte Lucy Wiggins, April 27, 1993
Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse, January 7, 1990
Crista Cober, February 5, 1985
Clarice Silva Vitkauskas, February 22, 1996
Cameron Russell, June 14, 1987
Cintia Schneiderdick aka Cintia Dicker, December 6, 1986
Corrie Lejuwaan, December 8, 1993
Cailin Suzanne Russo, December 17, 1993
Marija ‘Chloe’ Memisevic, February 17, 1993
Constance Jablonski, April 17, 1991
Caitlin Lomax, July 8, 1993
Clara Elizabeth Isis Paget, September 12, 1988
Chanel Iman Robinson, December 1, 1990
Cassandra ‘Cassi’ Jade Van Den Dungen, May 19, 1992
Charlene Högger, December 9, 1997
Camilla Forchhammer Christensen, September 22, 1994
Christy Nicole Turlington Burns, January 2, 1969
Carla Ciffoni Livio, October 14, 1992
Chloe ‘Coco’ Knight, December 10, 1994
Chelsea Schuchman, April 3, 1990
Carolyn Murphy, August 11, 1974
Cindy Rita Eugenie Bruna, September 27, 1994
Chiara Corridori, September 10, 1996
Camille Hurel, February 7, 1998
Charlee Fraser, December 25, 1994
Carolin Loosen, ?, 1992
Chiara Mazzoleni, ?

D. Daria Strokous, September 25, 1990
Daphne Groeneveld, December 24, 1994
Dree Louise Hemingway Crisman, December 4, 1987
Daria Pleggenkuhle, December 7, 1990
Daisy Rebecca Lowe, January 27, 1989
Doutzen Kroes, January 23, 1985
Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen, November 6, 1990
Diana Farkhullina, September 22, 1992
Devon Elizabeth Windsor, March 7, 1994
Daria Werbowy, November 19, 1983
Dana Taylor, June 2, 1993
Mary Janiece Dilone aka Dilone, May 13, 1994
Daphne Carmen Helena Velghe, February 15, ?

E. Emily Didonato, February 24, 1991
Erin Heather ‘Heatherton’ Bubley, March 4, 1989
Elsa Anna Sofie Hosk, November 17, 1988
Edie Blanche Campbell, September 25, 1991
Eliza Cummings Presley, January 25, 1991
Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski, June 7, 1991
Esther Heesch, September 6, 1996
Elisabeth Erm, February 1, 1993
Evelyn ‘Eve’ Beatrix Delf Soderberg, April 8, 1995
Emily Ruhl, March 13, 1992
Ellina ‘Ella’ Kandyba, October 28, 1991
Edita Vilkeviciute, January 1, 1989
Emily May Baker, February 11, 1994
Ewa Mia Wladymiruk, May 15, 1996
Eleonore Toulin, June 18, 1991
Emmy Ulrika Rappe, April 8, 1994
Emma Oak, May 29, 1992
Elisa Sednaoui Dellal, December 14, 1987
Elena Perminova, September 1, 1986
Estella Browns, April 2, 1995
Estella Boersma, February 12, 1997
Emma Nok Leth, July 26, 1990
Elodia Prieto, May 5, ?
Emm Arruda, ?
Emily Meuleman, ? , 1993

F. Frida Gustavsson, June 6, 1993
Freja Beha Erichsen, October 18, 1987
Franziska ‘Franzi’ Mueller, November 5, 1991
Fei Fei Sun, March 20, 1989
Farah/Sarah Holt, December 12, 1991
Fernanda Tavares, September 22, 1980
Frederikke Sofie Falbe-Hansen, February 16, 1997
Felix Burnett, ?
Felicia Karlahag, ?

G. Ginta Lapina, June 30, 1989
Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger, January 12, 1992
Gemma Louise Ward, November 3, 1987
Giedre Dukauskaite, May 16, 1988
Gertrud Hegelund, March 6, 1991
Giuliana ‘Giuli’ Caramuto, November 19, 1993
Gabby Westbrook Patrick, January 28, 1996
Gisele Caroline Bundchen, July 20, 1980
Gracie Carvalho, July 23, 1990
Gala Gordon, March 26, 1991
Grace Kathleen Hartzel, October 11, 1994
Georgia Anne Hilmer, November 5, 1993
Giulia Manini, June 28, 1994
Grace Elizabeth, March 19, 1997
Greta Varlese, August 21, 1998

H. Hailey Clauson, March 7, 1995
Heidi Mount Whitworth, April 6, 1987
Hilary Hollis Rhoda, April 6, 1987
Hanne Gaby Odiele, October 8, 1988
Hana Jirickova, June 13, 1991
Hollie-May Saker, January 9, 1995
Hedvig Palm, February 27, 1995
Holly Rose Emery, May 31, 1996
Hallie Hutchison, April 1, 1993
Heather Kemesky, October 25, 1989
Harleth Kuusik, December 2, 1996
Helena Severin, ? , 1996

I. Ieva Laguna, June 6, 1990
Maria ‘Izabel’ Goulart Dourado, October 23, 1984
Imogen Morris Clarke, March 24, 1992
Isabeli Bergossi Fontana, July 4, 1983
Iris Van Berne, September 5, 1990
Imaan Hammam, October 5, 1996
Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova ‘Shayk’, January 6, 1986
Irina Sharipova, February 7, 1992
Ine Neefs, March 11, 1995
Isabella Ridolfi, November 4, ?

J. Josephine Skriver Karlsen, April 14, 1993
Josephine Le Tutour, November 21, 1994
Josephine Van Delden, January 15, 1997
Jessica Elizabeth Stam, April 23, 1986
Jessica Hart, March 26, 1986
Jourdan Sherise Dunn, August 3, 1990
Jade Deanna McSorley, March 4, 1988
Julia Saner, February 19, 1992
Josefine Vilholm Nielsen, August 11, 1996
Jacquelyn Jablonski, April 4, 1991
Jessica Roimata Clarke, April 29, 1993
Julia Hafström, May 12, 1992
Juliana Grace Schurig, June 15, 1994
Julia Frauche, March 21, 1988
Julia Nobis, June 27, 1992
Jasmine Danielle Tookes, February 1, 1991
Jeisa Chiminazzo, April 29, 1985
Julia Stegner, November 2, 1984
Joanna Halpin, December 4, 1992
Julia Bergshoeff, August 14, 1997
Jemma Baines, August 17, 1994
Jessica Georgia Burley, December 20, 1996
Julia Jamin, February 19, 1998
Jessica Grace Picton-Warlow, November 22, 1997
Jessie Bloemendaal, March 16, ?
Jenna ‘Jena’ Goldsack, May 11, ?
Jean Campbell, ? , 1997

K. Karlie Elizabeth Kloss, August 3, 1992
Katarzyna Strusinska aka Kasia Struss, November 23, 1987
Katelyn ‘Kate’ Elizabeth King, December 3, 1993
Yekaterina ‘Katsia’ Damankova Zingarevich, January 19, 1990
Ekaterina ‘Kate’ Alexevna Bogucharskaia, December 7, 1993
Karmen Pedaru, May 10, 1990
Kristina Romanova, June 11, 1994
Karolina Isela Kurkova, February 28, 1984
Kelsey ‘Kel’ Markey, November 29, 1991
Katya ‘Kat’ Zakharchenko, May 19, 1989
Kelly Olivia Gale, May 14, 1995
Katrina ‘Karlina’ Caune, September 28, 1993
Kätlin Aas, December 26, 1992
Katherine ‘Katie’ Hynes Fogarty, August 6, 1992
Kremena ‘Kremi’ Otashliyska, September 21, 1995
Kinga Rajzak, March 7, 1987
Kirstin Kragh Liljegren, October 1, 1996
Kate Goodling, October 6, 1991
Ekaterina ‘Kate’ Sergeyevna Grigorieva, September 15, 1989
Kiki Willems, August 11, 1996
Kris Grikaite, July 25, 2000
Kate Vitamin, ?

L. Lindsey Brook Wixson, April 11, 1994
Lily Maud Aldridge, November 15, 1985
Lara Catherina Stone, December 20, 1983
Lindsay Marie Ellingson, November 19, 1984
Elizabeth ‘Liza’ Yermalovich, June 22, 1993
Liu Wen, January 27, 1988
Lais Ribeiro, October 5, 1990
Line Laerke Overgaard Brems, January 21, 1997
Luma Grothe, December 12, 1993
Larissa Hofmann, February 13, 1992
Langley Fox Crisman Hemingway, August 22, 1989
Lauren ‘Lola’ Van Vorst, March 28, 1988
Lily Camille McMenamy, April 3, 1994
Lara Stanislawa Mullen, July 6, 1994
Leila Goldkuhl, December 30, 1991
Lily Monica Donaldson, January 27, 1987
Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Emily Hayes, November 5, 1995
Larissa Marchiori, February 17, 1998
Alexis ‘Lexi’ Makenzie Boling, August 31, 1993
Liya Kebede, March 1, 1978
Lauren de Graaf, March 23, 1997
Lera Tribel, March 18, 1993
Lilian ‘Lili’ May Sumner Gilbert, June 25, 1994
Lineisy Montero Feliz, February 8 , 1996
Yulia ‘Lia’ Pavlova, April 25, 1994
Lorena Maraschi, January 21, 1997
Lone Praesto Nordström, August 21, 1997
Lina ‘Berg’ Spangenberg, Decemeber 24, 1995
Luna Bijl, February 5, 1997
Léa Julian, March 2, 1998
Lera Abova aka Valeria Smirnova, November 4, ?
Lou Schoof, March 17, ?
Lucia Jonova, ?
Lina Stenjø Simonsen, ?
Laurijn Bijnen, ?

M. Monika ‘Jac’ Jagaciak, January 15, 1994
Magdalena Frackowiak, October 6, 1984
Miranda May Kerr, April 20, 1983
Meagan ‘Meghan’ Collison, February 3, 1988
Mengyao ‘Ming’ Xi, March 8, 1990
Mary Olivia Charteris/Furze, April 23, 1987
Martha Pereira Streck, July 11, 1990
Mathilda Bernmark, March 12, 1991
Marloes Ter Horst, March 8, 1989
Maud Welzen, November 13, 1993
Marine Deleeuw, August 8, 1994
Magdalena Jasek, November 28, 1993
Mirte Maas, July 16, 1991
Maryna Linchuk, September 4, 1987
Mariya Melnyk, July 1, 1995
Mathilde Julia Frachon, February 6, 1990
Mina Cvetkovic, February 18, 1989
Mila Krasnoiarova-Alizier, January 21, 1992
Martha Seifert Hunt, April 27, 1989
Manon Leloup, March 26, 1992
Mila ‘Mijo’ Mihaljcic, June 5, 1992
Maddison Brown, April 23, 1997
Malaika Firth, March 23, 1994
Mariacarla Boscono, September 20, 1980
Marine Vatch, April 9, 1991
Matilda Lowther, July 10, 1995
Milou Van Groesen, April 8, 1988
Mariana Vansuit Conte, August 11, 1991
Maja Leth Simonsen, October 29, 1994
Matilda Dods, May 22, 1997
Mila de Wit, January 29, 1990
Meri Gulin, March 18, 1992
Mica Arganaraz, May 16, 1992
Maria Kristine Palm Lyduch, June 26, 1993
Misha Hart, October 12, 1994
Mayka Merino, October 7, 1996
Molly Bair, August 24, 1997
My Hella Martina Hertsgård, October 16, 1989
Mathilde Brok Brandi, October 28, 1994
Maartje Verhoef, September 5, 1997
Millie Rose Loggie, April 13, 1995
Maryna Polkanova, April 7, 1998
McKenna Hellam, June 24, 2000
Mary-Elizabeth Ballantyne, April 30, ? 
Masha Skokova, April 14, ?
Malene Knudsen, September 21, ?
Melissa Stasiuk, ?

N. Anastasia ‘Nastya’ Kusakina, January 18, 1996
Natalya Sergeyevna Polevshchikova aka Natasha Poly, July 12, 1985
Nimue Smit, January 14, 1992
Nadja Bender, June 3, 1990
Nastassia ‘Staz’ Sahara Elizabeth Lindes, March 26, 1992
Nina Agdal, March 26, 1992
Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova, February 28, 1982
Nadine Leopold, January 7, 1994
Anastasia Stepanova aka Nastya Sten, March 22, 1995
Natalie Westling, June 1, 1996
Nastya Sipulina, May 29, ?

O. Olga ‘Olya’ Mia Omyalieva,  March 4, 1993
Ondria Nichole Hardin, April 30, 1997
Oxana Zubko, August 14, 1997
Aleksandra ‘Ola’ Rudnicka, October 10, 1994
Ophelie Guillermand, March 8, 1994 
Olga Sherer, July 29, 1987
Olivia Greenfield, April 5, 1995
Viktoria ‘Odette’ Pavlova, April 25, 1994

P. Poppy Angela Delevingne, May 3, 1986
Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof, March 12, 1989 - April 7, 2014
Pauline Cathy Hoarau, February 3, 1994
Pamela Bernier, March 3, 1992
Paige Alyssa Reifler, October 13, 1995
Pooja Mor, November 6, ?


R. Ruby Aldridge, August 26, 1991
Ruby-Jean Wilson, October 9, 1993
Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley, April 18, 1987
Raina Hein Lyndon Parajo, July 18, 1987
Rosie Mila Ginzburg Tupper, July 11, 1992
Rose ‘Rosie’ Edwina Tapner, October 16, 1995
Ruslana Sergey Korshunova, July 2, 1987 - June 28, 2008
Raquel Zimmermann, May 6, 1983
Romee Van Strijd, July 19, 1995
Rianne Van Rompaey, January 3, 1996
Roos Abels, September 23, 1999
Romy Schönberger, January 15, 1996
Ruth Bell, ?

S. Sigrid Anna Agren, April 24, 1991
Suvi Maria Koponen, March 26, 1988
Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Pivovarova, January 21, 1985
Sara Pinto Sampaio, July 21, 1991
Suki Alice Waterhouse, January 5, 1992
Siri Tollerod, August 18, 1988
Sara Blomqvist/Young, April 9, 1989
Stella Maynes Maxwell, May 15, 1990
Skye Ronelle Ferkinstad Stracke, December 4, 1990
Sasha Luss, June 6, 1992
Shlomit ‘Shiloh’ Malka, December 23, 1993
Shanina Shaik, February 11, 1991
Snejana Onopka, December 15, 1986
Samantha Gradoville, January 1, 1990
Sui He, September 23, 1989
Svetlana Zakharova Kudina, October 8, 1989
Stina Rapp Wastenson, March 11, 1994
Samantha ‘Sam’ Jane Rollinson, August 19, 1994
Sarah Stephens, June 7, 1990
Stella Lucia Deopito, August 13, 1998
Serafima Kobzeva, February 20, 1993
Susanne Knipper, July 31, 1997
Sasha Melnychuk, October 11, 1993
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Shodana. Hiramaki-e, takamaki-e and gold kirikane.  1800-1867, Japan. The construction of this shodana is somehow different and richer than the traditional Japanese model: even if in fact there are the foundamental elements, which are a lower compartment closed by two sliding doors and three intermediate shelves, in this piece there are many other closed parts, including two drawers. More, there are several lacquered parts decorated in superior-quality maki-e even in places that generally are left empty. Panels are painted with gold lacquer with landscapes from the Genji monogatari; handles reproduce a shô, a rare musical instrument used for the gagaku, the Japanese imperial court music. It really seems that the  original owner of this piece of furniture must have been a high-class patron.