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women of harry potter // lavender brown

“Friends, don’t make me laugh. She didn’t talk to him for weeks after he started going out with me! But I suppose she wants to make up with him now he’s all interesting.”


Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

Model // Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

Description: The reader is a famous model who was invited to attend a fashion show in Korea. The reader gets lost while exploring the city and she stumbles upon Jungkook, who immediately recognizes her. She asks for help with her broken Korean and he gives her directions. Later on that week at the fashion show, her and Jungkook meet again.

Type: Fluff?

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2165

Requested: Yes

“Can I get a scenario where you’re a famous model who went to Korea for a fashion show but you went out and got lost on your way back to the hotel then you stumble across Jungkook who you recognize (and he recognizes you) & you ask for help in broken Korean that you learned from variety shows you watch. He gives you directions. Then BTS goes to the same fashion show backstage since they’re going to perform and you call out to him to thank him again. Sorry if its too specific haha”

Author’s Note: I’ve never been on an airplane before so I don’t know all the procedures that you have to go though, especially if you fly internationally. I had to do some research so hopefully it’s somewhat accurate. Thank you!

Rushing out of my apartment complex, I was greeted by the bustling city of New York. Stepping slightly off the sidewalk and onto the street, I stuck my arm out to hail a taxi. Noticing that one was going to pull over for me, I backed up onto the sidewalk and waited patiently. The driver got out and began to assist me with my luggage. After my luggage was safely put away into the trunk, the driver held the door open for me so I could get into the back of the taxi. Climbing back into the front seat, he questioned, “Where to, miss?” After giving him the address to the LaGuardia Airport that was located in Queens, New York, we were on our way.

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fae mythology; leanan sídhe

they are powerful muses who bestow a gift; the ability to create a work of art, music, or poetry with great depth of feeling. the price of a leanan sídhe’s dark and delicate gift can vary, but it often results in sorrow or heartbreak in her lovers. an artist may be spent as furiously as he draws from his source, hence the mythos of the artist who when possessed of the leanan sídhe lives a brilliant but brief life. 

[aesthetic] catchingoceans [model] daria sidorchuk [description] the-swivel-of-dejection

Here is the latest addition to my sketching spoonie project. The model offered this description:

“When I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, at the same time I was told I would need a feeding tube. Unfortunately, my stomach doesn’t work at all – if I eat food it just sits there for days on end. I welcome the addition of the feeding tube, as it gives me some control back, but the tube isn’t the easiest thing to adjust to. Granulation tissue occurs because the body tries to constantly heal the tube site, and the site leaks making it worse. It gets so sore and it bleeds, and the pain is awful. The only treatment available to me is to cauterize it, which can sometimes make it worse, and having an open wound is always putting you at risk of infection. It is a terrible part of the tubie lifestyle, but it is a sacrifice that I have to make.”

Thank you again to everyone who has modelled and generally supported this project! If you are interested or have questions or comments, you can message me here or at my address!

no offense but i judge the entirety of a les miserables production on how hot the actor playing enjolras is


fae mythology; nine-tailed fox

“centuries ago, intricately weaved tales of otherworldly, fox-like creatures permeated the lands of East Asia. all recollections of encounters with the being resulted in the same illustration: a fox not unlike those of the average nature in appearance, turned transcendental by the multiple tails in which it grew and it’s inhuman powers and abilities.”

[ aesthetic ] catchingoceans [model] ho ngoc ha [description] crystachiouniverse


Had a blast experimenting with this new PanPastel and big oval sponge I recently picked up!! Even though I struggled to blend colored pencil and pastels together, the exercise rekindled my love for figure drawing and portrait art. Now to pick up some pastel pencils….

Watch full speed drawing at Hermit Mode Day Six. Art supplies listed in YT video description

Model: My wonderful friend from college - Raquel

Music Credit: Red Shirt Beats - Home

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Photoshoot Frenzy (1/2)

Authors: Tori and Marielou
Summary: Phil owns a popular modelling company and when he doesn’t have a model for his client for a shoot, his boyfriend Dan… who’s just a regular teenager studying law at University, offers to be the model. Of course Phil doesn’t say no to that. But when the fame and paparazzi get to much, Dan breaks down and luckily Phil is there to comfort him.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 2,552
Total Word Count: 5898
Beta(s): thanks to phangirlingforphan

A/N: this is a collab fic that I’ve done with my lovely friend marielou-for-you we worked hard on it and we really hope that you like it! ^__^

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Pious Muslim Women w/ Descriptions

The Five (5) Best Muslim Women in the World:

  1. Maryam, mother of Prophet Jesus
  2. FaTimah, a daughter of Prophet MuHammad
  3. Khadijah, 1st wife of Prophet MuHammad
  4. Aasiyah, wife of the evil pharaoh
  5. ^Aa'ishah, 3rd wife of Prophet MuHammad

Some Pious Muslim Women:

  • Nafeesah, descendant of Prophet MuHammad
  • Eve, wife of Prophet Adam & first woman
  • Sarah, wife of Prophet Abraham & mother of Prophet Isaac
  • Haajar, mother of Prophet Ishmael
  • Aminah, mother of Prophet MuHammad
  • FaTimah az-Zubayriyyah
  • Zaynab, sister of al-Hasan and al-Husayn
  • Halimah, breastfeeding mother of Prophet MuHammad
  • Zaynab, a daughter of Prophet MuHammad
  • Umm Kulthoom, a daughter of Prophet MuHammad
  • Ruqayah, a daughter of Prophet MuHammad
  • Rahmah, daughter of Ibrahim (not Prophet Ibrahim)
  • Barakah Umm Ayman, slave woman of the father of Prophet MuHammad
  • Raabi^ah al-Adawiyyah
  • All wives of Prophet MuHammad
  • title name: MaashiTah, woman who combed the hair of the daughter of the pharaoh

Evidence photoset of Savage-Springfield 67H 12-gauge pump shotgun (serial number A232432) belonging to Eric Harris, marked as ITEM #20.



Zoids Liger 00 Honoo Custom

Geeky Description: A unique Liger Zero, with armor made from gundanium alloy. Equipped with high output boosters this zoid is capable of very high speed, and due to their design they can easily be turned or rotated, making for fast turning and strafing. It’s main method of attack is the large blades on each side, which can be lowered or raised, very similar to the blade liger. It is also equipped with twin buster rifles mounted on the wing boosters. Additionally it has a Wing Shield on the left front leg with an anti-beam coating and one beam sword stored inside. What makes this Zoid truly formidable is the inclusion of a Zero system, a pilot/combat computer interface that is very difficult to master and has been noted to drive pilots mad or even kill them. Use of an Organoid is theoretically possible, but not recommended.

Model Description: Woo ok, so in a nutshell this is a mixture of an HMM Liger Zero, and a 1/144 scale Wing Gundam Zero Honoo custom, with HMM Zero Schnieder parts thrown into the mix as well. I was sad to scrap my fresh new gundam for this project, but I’m not really into collecting 1/144 scale gundams anyway. The wings ended up being I think, the perfect size for the liger zero, big enough to be cool, but small enough to be functional boosters. The Honoo custom blades were what really sold the idea of making this, I hope one day a 1/100 scale version of this gundam comes out. This is definatly one of my new favorites, I love the shield even though I’m not sure if it’s that functional on a zoid, eh I did what I could with it. Oh yeah and I made Fiona from Chaotic Century the pilot, always wondered what her personal zoid would be, probably not this lol but it’s nice to give her one. Since shes a Zoidian I thought maybe she can handle a zero system, or maybe it’ll drive her crazy, I dunno either way would be interesting, Lemme know what you think!

anonymous asked:

okay, i need to let it out bc im tired and you're one of my fave aftg blogs so: i hate hate tyler posey as nicky, nicky is described as dark skin DARK SKIN he's half mexican with D A R K SKIN but no, nobody in this fucking fandom cares for him, people edit him with light skin, people use white passing latinx, people use light skin AND white wash at the same time, I'm angry and i cant even say anything bc they answer "oh, im sorry but it's not my fault, is the psd"

LISTEN OK ! i hate seeing tyler as nicky !!!!! i honestly can’t see it (except for maybe the smile because that’s about all i see that’s similar). he’s dark skinned and maria is described as dark too (and he says he takes after her so !!!!!!) i understand it’s hard to find mexican models that fit his description/age but look harder !!!!!!! ive never found anyone i like that fits him. and the whitewashing omg. if ur psd whitewashes ur poc characters, either delete it or change the whole psd! there’s psds out there that are Made for pocs and will work for ur cracker characters smh

anonymous asked:

Are there any sites that you can recommend that provide images and pictures to model character descriptions after? Apologies in advanced if this has already been asked.

In the past I’ve used sites like New Faces and Model Mayhem.  They have handy search tools to find exactly the kind of aesthetic you’re looking for (or you can browse if you haven’t decided yet).

Apropos of nothing, I used to have a profile on Model Mayhem. It was fun for a minute and then it wasn’t. *shrug*

Edit: Anonymous says:

Re: sites with pictures to model characters after, I really like the Tumblr blog Humanae. They have a huge selection of very diverse faces of all ages and ethnicities–the only drawback is that they don’t have a tagging system that would let you filter between genders/hair colors/whatever, so you might have to scroll a while before you find what you like.


Athena Parthenos (Ancient Greek: Ἀθηνᾶ Παρθένος; literally, “Athena the Virgin”) is a lost massive chryselephantine (gold and ivory) sculpture of the Greek goddess Athena, made by Phidias and his assistants and housed in the Parthenon in Athens. Its epithet was an essential character of the goddess herself. A number of replicas and works inspired by it, both ancient and modern, have been made.

A modern copy by Alan LeQuire stands in the reproduction of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. LeQuire, a Nashville native, was awarded the commission to produce the Parthenon’s cult statue. His work was modeled on descriptions given of the original. The modern version took eight years to complete, and was unveiled to the public on May 20, 1990.

The modern version of Athena Parthenos is significant because of its scale and its attention to recreating Phidias’ work. The statue adds an additional dimension of realism to the replicated Parthenon, whose interior east room (the naos) was merely a large empty hall prior to the statue’s unveiling. The reproduced Athena Parthenos gives visitors the impression that they truly are inside an ancient place of worship.

The Nashville Athena Parthenos is made of a composite of gypsum cement and ground fiberglass. The head of Athena was assembled over an aluminum armature, and the lower part was made in steel. The four ten-inch H beams rest on a concrete structure that extends through the Parthenon floor and basement down to bedrock, to support the great weight of the statue. LeQuire made each of the 180 cast gypsum panels used to create the statue light enough to be lifted by one person and attached to the steel armature.

Nashville’s Athena stands 12.8 m tall, making her the largest piece of indoor sculpture in the Western World.

Source: Wikipedia


Zoids Liger Zero Ice Phoenix
The fuzor combination of Snow Liger and Ice Phoenix, by fuzing, the liger gains flight capabilities.This zoid is capable of ground and air combat even at high speeds, armed with Snow Ligers melee weapons and the Ice Phoenix’s long range weaponry, it is a very versatile and powerful unit. Most of the ligers armor has been replaced with the Phoenix, and it’s long tail has been added to the ligers, to act as a stabilizer to assist the pilot control the extreme speed of this zoid. The power output of this zoid far exceeds the standalone Zoids, even large scale Zoids such as Iron Kong would be wise to steer clear of it.

Model description: Fuzing a Tomy Fire Phoenix with a Kotobukiya Liger Zero was not an easy task. The fact that I wanted to customize the crap out of the Phoenix didn’t help either. Anyway after fabricating some custom connection pieces and figuring everything out I have to say I freaking love this model. I honestly can’t decide if I love the Phoenix more fuzed or unfuzed, it’s just so friggin pretty. I had to switch some pieces around as they just didn’t work the same on an hmm liger as they did the original tomy one. For example the front and rear shoulder armor is actually swapped around from how it should be, and the tail piece is supposed to be on its back! But in the end this is one of my new favorites, even with how much space it’s gonna take up with these huge wings, anyway let me know what you think!

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Examples of both.

Well, at the moment, I don’t have a picture of mine to give as an example, seeing as how I haven’t started it yet, either! But I will post mine as soon as it’s done as an example for you guys.

For now, though, I can explain what kind of things can go on it. From the project itself, some suggestions are:

  • The [working/current] title
  • Quotes/excerpts
  • Character sheets
  • Plot maps
  • Hand-drawn [digital or traditional] designs/scenery/world information
  • Maps of the world/area/city
  • Important places in the project
  • etc.

From things outside of your project [for example, things from the internet, magazines, etc.], you can include anything or everything that you feel describes your project, such as:

  • Scenery/World ideas
  • Fashion inspiration in the project
  • Quotes from elsewhere that describe the characters themselves or the over-all tone of the project
  • Models for character description/your ‘dream cast’
  • Playlists for the project [character playlists? what the characters actually listen to? mood music for the project itself?]
  • Color swatches for the perfectcolor of a characters eyes [if you wanna go that far]

All in all, the options are endless, because it’s yours.You can make it however you want to, however you organize your thoughts writing-wise. It basically should be one giant collage-homage to your current writing project in the glory of a physical form.