model belgium


Slide 087-05 by © Steven M. Guess
Via Flickr:
Mechelen Model Railway Exhibition Sunday 6 May 1984 Copyright Steve Guess MMXVII


almost sold on this guy being my modern desi gale… if he was just a bit bigger/bulkier, if his hair was just a little less curly and longer, and was a little more roughed up around the edges (when you’re looking at pictures of male models, you don’t see a whole lot of that)… and if i had confirmation that the model, kevin stranart from belgium (hello, gorgeous) does indeed have some desi heritage (found him on the desimalemodels tumblr and on the indianmalemodels website but one never really knows). even so i think he would make a good gale because we aren’t given an ethnicity for the seam people and personally i think in the future, in the world of panem and the hunger games, ethnicity as we know it would be a thing of the past.