model 6

Day 6: Modelling

Marinette got picked for Gabriel Agreste’s spring line, and Adrien convinced his dad to let him go to Madrid for “work”. 

He really just wanted to surprise Marinette since he knew she’d be homesick. :) It worked.


Checking my work with concentric circles.  I nailed it on the MacMurray wheel, but the rest have required some minor warping to get them to fit.  In all likelihood, these won’t be the final textures, but I wanted to make sure everything was centered and circular so they can provide a good starting point.  


Gigi Hadid Lockscreens (iPhone 6+/6s+)

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wild-daddy-appears  asked:

Mateba unica 6 pretty please?

Girls with guns themed artworks for the Mateba Model 6 Unica are as rare as the gun itself. What you see here are literally the only ones that I can find!

Mateba Unica Autorevolver by pororoka

まてばー by りっつん

荒野の天使 by つきかせ(むつき)

私はあなたの使い魔だから 01 下  by クレセント

Artwork via Twitter

Slide 087-05 by © Steven M. Guess
Via Flickr:
Mechelen Model Railway Exhibition Sunday 6 May 1984 Copyright Steve Guess MMXVII