model 586

Smith and Wesson Model 586 L-Comp in .357 Magnum with a Houge extended cylinder release.
A 7 round double action revolver with a ported barrel which decreases muzzle flip.
This makes for a great conceal carry choice due to it’s shortened 3" barrel and squared ‘boot’ grip.
Manufacture- @smithwessoncorp
Photo taken by- @theyankeemarshal


Umarex Smith & Wesson Model 586/686

Considered one of the best CO2 replica airguns currently available. Powerful and accurate with a high quality fit and finish (made in Germany).

The older gloss models are more sought after than the newer matt finish.

Images include 4", 6" and 8" barrel versions of the black 586 model as well as a 6" 686 nickel model.