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Sonya Summers.


Hair: @darkosims3 [xx]
Baby hair: @candycanesugary [xx]
Skintone: @annamsblue [xx]
Skinmask: @m-i-l-k-sims [xx]
Moles: Tifa [xx]
Eyebrows: @alf-si [xx]
Eyelashes: @kijiko-sims [xx]
Eyes: @pralinesims [xx]


Eyeliner: @kijiko-sims [xx]
Eyeshadow: @pralinesims [xx]
Contour: @pralinesims [xx]
Highlight: @alainavesna [xx]
Lips: @remussims [xx]


Earrings: @darkosims3 [xx]

Download her here: [xx]
Make sure to download the listed CC.


2000+ Followers Gift - Part 1

Ok, ok. I won’t make this too long because I suck at being sentimental and stuff, but thank you so so much for 2000 followers. Even though I don’t deserve it, it means the world to me that people actually like this blog and its inconsistent content. <3


DOWNLOAD (Simfileshare)


Sleek Puff Pony - @femmeonamissionsims

Braid Updo - @shespeakssimlish

Charlie - @wildlyminiaturesandwich

Estelle - @grimcookies

Thank you to all of the creators!

Here is Mila

Thank you to nessasims for all her amazing hair retexture !

btw I don’t know why but my kids’s hair, eyebrows and eyes are changing of color all the time and it really piss me off ! am I the only one having this issue ? if someone has any solution to fix it please tell me ! ^^

Billdip week day 4, Autumn Forest walk

“T-Thanks for the Jacket and the Scarf, but you didn’t have to-”

“what do you mean of course i do “have to”, You’re MY fake boyfriends after all”

“B-but we’re alone out-”

“None of that nonsense”

“B-But B-Bill…the scarf was enough..”

“I like seeing you in my clothes, there, happy? is that so hard to ask you to do without complaining all the damn time Pine Tree?”

-Dipper blushes-

(SORRY I’M LATE!!! but here have a full artwork also this is also for my Model and Book Cafe Librarian au… i should put it in the au list soon (bill is the Model and Dipper is the Librarian btw))


This week has been amazing! Look at them! Just wow… W O W !
But you know what would make this week even better? Like a million times better….? I’m looking at you Julie Andem, please put us out of our misery and do something! I’m poking you with a stick and it’s about to break 😭