After waking up from their nap, Quinn had set off to work on their Wonder Mom and Supermom costumes, which were probably the cheesiest things ever but she loved the idea nonetheless. At the most all she had to do was make a quick drive to Target to buy on-sale Wonder Woman and Superwoman costumes and change the logos. She hadn’t even had a moment to check if she had put the modefied suit on right when Avery came barreling in to their bedroom, excitedly asking if her Mommy could help put on her princess-pirate costume. Now here she was, fitting an eyepatch then a tiara over her daughter’s head, and making sure the stuffed parrot on the little girl’s shoulder was intact enough to endure her excitedly shooting off to the next house. “How are you two doing over there?” She asked her wife, who she had tasked with what she hoped was the easier job of dressing Ollie in her lion onesie, as she fastened the toy sword around Avery’s waist.