Boyfriend! Jin

(I’m sorry, I had to use this one because I’ve been thinking about it all day and laughing to myself im sorry)

Dating Jin would include:

  • so many backhugs
  • you’ll think you’re in the kitchen by yourself until he comes outta nowhere
  • and sNAKES his arms around your waist and kisses your cheek a million times until you’re giggling like a toddler
  • he literally hangs onto you as you move around the kitchen to finish cooking ramyeon
  • but right when you take the ramyeon from the stove, he shouts
  • “but jin i want ramyeon”
  • always goes ‘i’m-gonna-randomly-make-a-four-course-meal-for-you-right-now’ full force
  • jin has two modes
  • mom mode
  • and
  • cooking mode
  • and sometimes cuddly, lovey mode
  • and when he gets into his cuddly lovey mode, it lasts for hours and you love it
  • you’ll go to sleep at night and he’ll like when you lay your head and hand on his chest
  • and his arm will go around you and right as you’re drifting off to sleep he’ll kiss your forehead ajfdigbajg so cute
  • no fighting!!!
  • jin calls himself an anti-fighter
  • “i’m a lover y/n” 
  • he’ll say that whenever you pout about something and he’ll get all cute and touchy and pull you into his embrace and you’ll just MELT
  • you love him for his big heart
  • and you think he’s gonna be a great dad one day
  • when the two of you went to the grocery store, it was normal n stuff
  • you know, like
  • “jin what do you think about this lemon”
  • “how much is it”
  • “a dollar thirty-nine”
  • “if its not perfect dont get it”
  • (jin seems like a very frugal person)
  • jin’s mom mode really came out
  • you almost felt bad for him in between laughing attacks
  • jin had to dig jimin’s hand out from under a pile of watermelons that fell on him after looking for the best one
  • and had to punish taehyung and make him get in the cart for knocking an entire display down
  • when the two of you go on dates its hella romantic
  • jin seems like a plain-jane but when it comes to dates its single red roses and champagne and flower petals scattered around
  • and one time he took you on a boat he rented and ya’ll got it ON 
  • the sex is so sweet
  • jin’s the type to want to stay in his comfort zone
  • maybe try something new every once in awhile but he just enjoys getting to spend the time with you
  • always looking for ways to help you and comfort you
  • maths homework?
  • he’s got u
  • he’ll pull up a chair, put on some glasses and snatch the calculator from your hand
  • “jin do you even know what you’re doing”
  • “yes..actually can you explain it to me”
  • EVERYDAY you make fun of him by saying “stob it” when he does something like pull a chair out to sit down
  • he used to get mad but now he just laughs along with you
  • “i cant believe that was so long ago”
  • speaking of long ago you guys don’t really talk about the future
  • i feel like jin’s a very in the moment and somewhat spontaneous guy
  • like if there’s music and you’re at the studio watching dance practice he’ll purposely mess up so everyone will stop and he can go give you a lil kiss
  • or he’ll do the Dance Monster dance in the middle of the Blood Sweat & Tears rehearsal 
  • makes the choreographer sO angry but usually Namjoon joins in on the Dance Monster dance and you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe
  • overall jin is just a sweetie and you love how big his heart is
hamilton + sick day headcanons

so instead of writing my valentine’s day fic, i am writing more headcanons aha whoops


  • he literally goes into panic mode
  • and not panic as in, oh shit what do i do mode, but more like, i have to do everything for you mode
  • you always tell him he’s doing too much
  • as you know, he’s just casually feeding you spoonfuls of soup he made for you
  • but he never listens
  • seriously he will drop everything for you
  • and if somebody so much as texts him, he will rant that his lover is sick and everything is irrelevant until you’re healthy again


  • he is so sweet when it comes to taking care of you
  • he pops in your favorite movies and cuddles with you
  • he always tries to kiss you and you scold him because he’ll get sick too
  • but he finds a way any way
  • you end up taking care of him later that week when he gets sick


  • laf also goes into panic mode
  • not in the alex mode, no in the complete opposite
  • he’s just rapidly cursing in french as he runs around your apartment finding medicine and tissues and everything
  • it is quite the sight to see
  • he never rests for a moment
  • all he’s focused on is taking care of you
  • that’s it


  • herc always knows how to take care of you
  • he knows all the correct ways to pamper you and make sure you’re comfy in time of such discomfort
  • he gives you the correct medicine and makes you food 
  • he always brings you to the doctor if necessary
  • he knows you’re sick but he insists on holding your hand the whole time


  • burr also knows just what to do
  • he’s really calm and collected
  • he’s a bit wary of falling ill though so he’s not as hands on
  • so he apologizes
  • and apologizes again
  • and apologizes more
  • seriously he probably only apologizes for being so distant than anything when you’re sick
  • it’s endearing really


  • she’s just so concerned for you
  • and puts flowers in a vase next to your bed
  • she always sings to you or sits and watches movie to distract you from whatever sickness you have
  • she’s not very good at taking care of you but she definitely knows how to make you comfortable
  • so 
  • many
  • forehead kisses
  • lots of affection during your time of need


  • she goes into instant mom mode
  • she cooks and checks your temperature and makes you stay in bed and call out sick for work
  • she constantly checks in on you and lays with you to make you feel better
  • her main focus when you’re ill is to make you feel better
  • that’s it
  • everything else doesn’t matter


  • much like eliza, she’s really unsure of what to do
  • she knows the basic things she was taught from ang, but really she burns the food and doesn’t take your temp right
  • she ends up ordering food and asking angelica to help
  • she still gives you lots of affection to make you feel better though
  • she just wants you to know she cares


  • he will be so calm though
  • he knows that your sickness won’t last long 
  • or so he hopes
  • he tries to act like he’s perfectly fine and collected but really on the inside he’s like !!!! will my baby be alright !!!!
  • thankfully you never notice the worried looks he gives you or how many times he asks you if you’re okay or need anything throughout the day


  • always takes you to the doctor’s immediately 
  • seriously if show the tiniest sign of illness, he’ll drive you straight for a check up
  • most of the time it’s a common cold or something
  • he just wants to make sure
  • will do everything for you 
  • you always offer to do things but he won’t allow you 

I absolutely love this scene and everyones beautiful expressions! Black waltz no.3 just gets done wiping out all the black mages on the ship right in front of precious Vivi and then lands onboard but THEIR FACES!

Vivi is practically in shock over what he just saw
Dagger/Garnet is worried, more for that beautiful child, but stays close and protective, not understanding the level of cruelty of black waltz no.3
Zidane is in full out big brother mode
And then Steiner… Blackwaltz 3 better hope he don’t got a neck because Steiner gonna Choke a bitch.

and EVERYONE moves closer to/in front of Vivi protectively!

Why I am BTS trash

Their singing and rapping abilities can make anyone fall for them! 

Their dancing abilities is literally no joke. 

How they treat each other 

Their “attractive af” mode

And of course last but not least, how no one loves BTS more than BTS! 

* Okay maybe what I meant was how much they love Kookie XD 


Hey, my final Thunderbirds Are Go fancast is finally…um….go! Here they are:

Tumblr fave Sebastian Stan as Scott Tracy
Why-the-hell-didn’t-I-think-of-her-earlier Sarah Jane Adventures star Anjli Mohindra as Tanusha ‘Kayo’ Kyrano
Presumably natural redhead Domhall Gleeson as John Tracy
My eternal fave George Blagden as Virgil Tracy
Cheerful blond Graham Rogers as Gordon Tracy
X-Men guy Lucas Till as Alan Tracy
Bewilderingly-hot-without-glasses Dev Patel as Brains
The borrowed-from-the-actual-voice-cast Sandra Dickinson as Grandma Tracy
The also borrowed-from-the-actual-voice-cast Anjoa Andoh as Colonel Casey
The spookily-unchanged-since-2005 Katie Leung as Professor Moffat

Annnnnnnd returning from the 2004 movie, which had terrible writers/producers but a good casting department:

One-time Doctor-lover Sophia Myles as Lady Penelope
One-time Doctor-botherer Ron Cook as Parker
The endearingly-enthusiastic-about-the-original-movie Bill Paxton as Jeff Tracy
And Ben Kingsley as The Hood, except in Sensible Mode rather than Dubious Cold War Asian Stereotype Mode

And we’re done!