On this day in music history: September 28, 1987 - “Music For The Masses”, the sixth album by Depeche Mode is released. Produced by Depeche Mode and David Bascombe. it is recorded at Studio Guilliame Tell in Paris, France, and Konk Studios in London from February - July 1987. Coming on the heels of their previous album “Black Celebration”, the title of the new album is conceived as an in joke between band members having been told by their record company that they “should make more commercial music”. Though Depeche Mode feel the material is anything but commercial, ironically it is their most accessible and best selling album in the US to date. The band support the album with their largest world tour to date. On the US leg of the tour, their sold out live dates at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA are captured in the documentary film and album “101”. “Masses” spins off four singles including “Strangelove” (#76 US Pop, #16 UK), “Never Let Me Down Again” (#63 US Pop, #22 UK), and “Behind The Wheel” (#61 US Pop, #21 UK). “Music For The Masses” peaks at number ten on the UK album chart,  number thirty five on the Billboard Top 200, is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

that awkward moment when you finish writing a fluffy 6K episode tag about Sonny always sticking up for Barba, even though you’ve already watched 18x02

A Lil hc

Headcanon that ivor actually isn’t a bad singer, being a good alto, but what he can sing is a little eclectic. Typically he’ll sing some of the more old-timey songs that Soren would sing all the time, but once he gets in the picture with Jesse, that changes a bit.

Long story short, Ivor can /destroy/ any Twenty One Pilots song, and he’s fast enough where it’s too difficult to do a duet with him because no one can really keep up. And don’t forget the “shrieking” Parts of those songs. He’ll nail those, too.

(Consider Ivor completely SLAUGHTERING “Car Radio”, not skipping a single beat, with the whole of the new order watching him with their jaws dropped. But the time he’s done, he just turns. “What? Why are you staring?”)