6 drawings??? in one day?! holy crap I guess I’m starting to get back into the groove of things! (then again these are quite small ^^) Thank you all so much for requesting these I haven’t drawn any mcsm characters in like what a month? nearly? I hope that these are all to your liking~!

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Damirae week day 6: rival to lover| For the sake of….

“Excuse me? You’re accusing Titus for flirting with your dog?” said Damian as dust off his shoulder after a weird encounter with a girl who lost control of the her dog which in result of bumping with Damian and finally land on top of each other in the park, on the pathwalk.

“Persephone never done anything like this! It’s your dog fault.” said Raven defending her greyish dane as both of the dogs ran away. “TT” he scoffed off while his eyes searching for his precious pet given by his father on his 15th birthday, which it was 4 years ago.

‎ “Where the hell are they? ” said Raven as she trying to look for her grey dane on the green field. “Titus!! Titus!!” Damian calling his Dane. “ There they are! ” Raven run toward the pair of great dane where both of them rolling on the grass.

“Persephone!! ” As Raven called out her pet. Persephone got up, wag her tail then run towards Raven. “Why are you running away? You had me worried. ” she said as she scratches the dog’s ears. “Titus! ” Damian. calling out with his stern voice. The great dane noticed Damian, making a huge glomp on him as a result both of them lie on the field of grass. “I thought we were on training mode, big boy. ” as Damian ruffles the great Dane’s torso.

‎ “Wufff!! Wuff!! ” Titus barked then lap his tongue all over Damian’s face. “Titus! ” he held his hand on titus face preventing from more licking. “Come, let’s go home, Persey. ” said Raven as she lead her leash away from the boys. “Wuff!! ” Persephone remain still. “What’s wrong, Persey? ” Raven become concern of Persephone unnatural behaviour. The grey dane look at Titus then toward Raven. “Wuff! ” a single bark came from her as if she told Raven to stay.

‎ Titus after glomping at Damian then came to Persephone, brushes their head each other. Both Damian and Raven look at each other then stared as their beloved canine. “What? You both… ” as Raven surprised. “Like each other?” continued by Damian as he watch their behaviour. Persephone walk to Raven, gently push her snout on Raven’s palm. She make a soft bark then wag her tail rapidly. “So, you’re happy then? ” Raven smiled at her dog. “wuff! ” as if Persephone said Yes to her. Raven chuckled then continue to caress Persephone’s forehead. Titus then brushes against Damian’s jeans then try to mimic a smile face.

“Really, Titus, really?” Damian still disbelief what he saw. His fierce and fearless canine fall heads over heel with the Goth lady’s dog. “ This is new. ” he said as he scratch his head. “Well, maybe we could arrange some meeting?” said Raven has she still pat her dog. “ Meeting? ” Damian look at her, confused. “ For the sake of our dogs. ” she said as she look at Damian.

‎ Damian then look at Titus who wag his tail pushing his forehead to his palm then he gazed at the girl back. “I’ll arrange it whenever i’m available. "said Damian as he open up his phone checking his schedule. "For the sake of Titus. ” he eyed on his dane who now playing with Persephone. “ Great! Maybe i should give my… ” Damian cut in “ I’ll be here on every wednesday, evening. Is that okay?” he said as his eyes still on his phone. “W…Well, that’s seems easier since I’m free on wednesday too. ” said Raven. “Good then. ” he said then he put his phone back into his pocket. He look at Persephone then Raven. “ Make sure she didn’t cheat on Titus with another dog.” he said, with a deadpanned face. “What’s your name?” Raven asked as both Damian and Titus are about to go. “Damian. And this is Titus.” as he introduce his dog and him. “What’s yours? ” his green viridian eyes met with her Magentic Lavender eyes. “Raven and this is Persephone. ” as she pet her dog.

“We’ll meet again. Next wednesday. ” he said as Damian and Titus walk away from the field. “What have you got yourself into Persey? ” Raven sighed as she pat her dog. “Are you trying to set me up with that guy? ” as she questioned her dog motive. Persephone bark as if she said yes then brush her head to Raven’s skirt. “Right…. ” she make ‘yeah-right expression’ as Raven scratches Persephone’s back.