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I have this not-so-lowkey desire for Plagg to slowly develop this sort of weird in-his-own-mind rivalry with Gabriel over Adrien. 

Gabriel says no birthday party? WHO CARES IF AN AKUMA THREW IT, WE’RE GOING. Gabriel-approved schedule says it’s bedtime? LEMME SCARF THIS CHEESE NOW LEGGO CLAWS OUT WE’RE LAPPING PARIS TWICE TONIGHT. Gabriel is just in general the neglectful worst? SIT STILL AND LET ME GROOM YOU KID SHUT UP I’M NOT PURRING YOU’RE PURRING fine maybe we’re both purring. 

Basically, Plagg aggressively adopting his chosen as HIS KITTEN DAMMIT and vengefully leaving dead mice in Gabriel’s designer shoes. >> 

so I’m rewatching TimeBreaker and on the one hand I’m in love with every single angry Ladybug “don’t-you-dare-touch-Chat Noir mode: on” frame

she’s literally /growling/

on the other hand…. I can’t believe ChAT DIED WITH A SMILE

he goes from *eyebrows knitted together* shielding his Lady to *hey I’m vanishing but that was so heroic* he almost seems smug? ugh I love them <3


This is the punniest of families. You were like the fourth some odd person to ask me for this, so I deliver, EVEN THOUGH I think as soon as your parents wear the trend, that’s supposed to be some universal sign the trend is dead.

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Bonus: Lila, Feligette, Gabalie, RollingStone, Mirore


capes are great :yy

Wearing the Spots

(ao3, ff)

Summary:  What’s worse than the love of your life catching you wearing fan merchandise? Oh, right, getting dragged halfway across Paris in said merch while she’s saving your life.

(based on some prompts with @fuckingchatnoir​, hope you like it!!!)

enjoy whatever this is!

Adrien ripped apart the packaging excitedly, with Plagg hovering exasperatedly over one shoulder.

‘It’s here, It’s here, It’s here, It’s here, It’s here!’

'I can’t believe you’re making such a fuss about this.’ Plagg shook his head. 'Scratch that, I can’t believe you actually bought the thing in the first place.’

'Well, I wasn’t exactly going to buy the Chat Noir one, was I?’ Adrien shot back as he attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to pry off a long piece of packaging tape. 'Damn it, you’d think that this thing would actually be accessible?’ He stuffed the package under his arm and raced over to his desk, leaving Plagg to trail lazily behind.

'The mighty superhero Chat Noir, thousands of years old and hero the world over; finally brought to his knees.’ Plagg said, with the most dramatic voice he could manage. 'By sticky tape.’

'Not just sticky tape, Plagg,’ Adrien shot him a dirty look as he rifled through his top drawer. 'Packaging tape. That stuff’s way harder.’

'Because that’s so much better.’

'It is, actually?’ Adrien returned his attention to the drawer, and shortly produced a pair of short handled scissors.

He sighed. 'I feel like it’s cheating.’

'I’m not letting you cataclysm the wrapping.’ Plagg said sternly, then trailing back over as Adrien dashed back over to his bed, where he had originally found the backage.

'I wouldn’t-!’ Adrien exclaimed, but then visibly considered it.

'I said no.’

'Fine, fine,’ He sat back down, and with the care of any of the designers that his father employed, carefully sliced the top of the package open. 'You have to admit that it would be cool.’

'Cool, and excessive. What if you accidentally destroyed what was inside? You’d be stuck drooling at the door for another whole week waiting for a replacement.’

'I wasn’t drooling.’

'Yes you were.’

Adrien stuck his tongue out at the kwami, and pulled forth from the package a sizeable amount of red fabric.

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