mode noire

Intérieurement quand j'active le mode tomboy… Slim noir-chemise en jean-teddy noir -chelsea boots noire et rayban…Et coiffée (pas le truc avec les cheveux rebelles du matin)


This is the punniest of families. You were like the fourth some odd person to ask me for this, so I deliver, EVEN THOUGH I think as soon as your parents wear the trend, that’s supposed to be some universal sign the trend is dead.

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Alyanette, Adrienino, Chlobrina, Kimax, Julerose, Myvan, Nathalix

Bonus: Lila, Feligette, Gabalie, RollingStone, Mirore

(I want to believe a little in their friendship, sue me xD…

Set in The Pharaoh o/).