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5.3.17 Was doing some essay writing in one of my favourite cafés in Clifton yesterday while it rained, and then went to play the last game of South West League for quidditch. We lost, but not as badly as we thought we would! I’m finding this essay so interesting it’s a shame I’m finding it so hard to write! Xxx emily


so 5 minutes after uploading this animation I made today of a rainbow colored cuttlefish, YouTube restricted it……. cos we can’t have the kiddies seeing this RAUNCHY lil cephalopod

EDIT: if you’d like to see for yourself, scroll to the bottom of this page and turn restricted mode on:

as of right now (3/22) it’s still restricted just for having “gay” in the title; I updated with another screenshot of it in restricted mode -3- 


Kwami of the Spirit, Commander and Strategist, the fae that pulls on the strings of heart and mind.

Albeit weak in body, this kwami is feared for his power to manipulate others, peering deep into their hearts and giving birth to their dreams. His mantle of living butterflies take wing and spread visions of valor and glory into the minds of the chosen warriors. Nooroo desires only the balance of the raging heart and churning mind, bringing peace and fulfillment to the gallant. All champions inscribe the butterfly into their belongings, praying for the chance to be granted power and ride into battle, wielding the weapon that is their shape of their heart. The butterfly, living embodiment of the soul, guide of the longing spirit, reader of hearts.

Nooroo, creator of heroes.

| 23 March, 2017 |
Late study session. This exam week has been really intense. But tomorrow it’s Friday 🙏🏼✨