modding shenanigans

constantobessions  asked:

Thank you for helping keep hesokuri blog alive (even if it is another blog) and available!

y’all are so nice //cries loudly

and yeah all the other mods left… as for any potential future mods though, it’s still up in the air tbh. I mean this blog is still less than a week old, so it’s hard to say just how busy things will be from here on out, but I do plan on doing my best! without overworking myself of course ahaha

~mod ichi

Overwatch Story: Once, while playing Attack on King’s Row as D.Va, I used my Boosters to get up to the second level, thinking I could call out enemy positons and Heroes to my team so we could get a better idea on how to engage them beforehand. When the time came to secure the point though, I hung back and just started picking the enemy team off from up top with my Fusion Cannons. I even got into a sniper duel with the enemy Widowmaker! Then I decided I’d had enough fun and flew own to actually do my job as a Tank (lol XP). It wasn’t that big a deal, since we also had a Reinhardt out front drowing their attention (and we ended up winning), But I still thought it was funny how I somehow managed to actualy get kills from that far off XD.

- Submitted by erikhowlett.