A Chinese Company Wants to Build a New York City … in South Africa

A Chinese property company has pledged to build South Africa a new financial hub. On Nov. 4, Shanghai Zendai unveiled plans to transform Modderfontein, a manufacturing district in eastern Johannesburg, into a multi-use financial center “on par with cities like New York … or Hong Kong,” said Zendai chairman Dai Zhikang. The firm said it will spend about $7.8 billion on the development over the next 15 years.

The development—which has yet to be named and will include some 35,000 houses, an education center, and a sports arena—marks a departure from past forms of Chinese investment in Africa, many of which have drawn criticism. Over the past decade, state-owned and private Chinese firms have been been building African roads, railways, ports and other infrastructure in exchange for access to minerals and oil—a relationship that’s led some to call China a “neo-colonialist.” Chinese state oil firms now face resistance from their former partners in Niger, Chad, and Gabon.

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Beauty before the storm

Pic taken before Autumn at Modderfontein Nature Reserve
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Africa's future cities

Africa’s future cities

 A new Utopia for Africa?

 ”New Cities” are an African urban phenomenon that are appearing across the continent. However their social impact is unclear. The developments fail to foster a commitment to urban equality and citizenship.

New cities are beginning to…

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Today saw the announcement that Chinese firm Shanghai Zendai is purchasing 1600 hectares of land in Modderfontein from explosives company AECI. The company plans a mixed-use development including an African theme park and 10 shopping centers, and the modern, utopia-themed residential units illustrated above.

Making a city smart

Hong Kong-listed property development group Shanghai Zendai says Modderfontein New City will be driv…

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