Animation in progress. Simpler character model...

Heeeellllloooooo! I got a really awesome (or at least I hope so XD) idea for an animation from a piece of cc music I found. After half a days worth of my laptop telling me to stop using blender him telling me “computer says no!” jk. I was able to work on the first two models for the animation, Jacksepticeye and Tomska. The first two of four models of YouTubers that have inspired me and I look up to for many different reasons. I was thinking of doing more character models and then I thought of render time (8l the horror) and had to narrow it down (which was really hard). atm I’m not using dialogue so it should be largely sfx and character actions, but if I can pull it off it should be both cool and funny XD. Annnyway hope people enjoy the taste of weird that is to come.


Possible eye variation:


Possible eye variation: