modded nerf gun

18 Shot Nerf Strongarm

After building my 18 shot Nerf Maverick I have been asked countless times, whether it is possible to build an 18 shot Nerf Strongarm. So I decided to give it a shot.

In comparison a few more alterations are needed and the pieces that connect the barrels are a bit more challenging, but other than that it wasn’t overly complicated to build. I still urge you only to attempt this mod, should you be convinced that you are able to execute it. Otherwise you might damage your blaster.

Even if you are not planning on building an 18 shot version of the blaster and are just generally interested in modifying a Strongarm, I think this instructable is worth a read (especially the first step).


In honor of tomorrow’s release of Finishing School Book the Third: Waistcoats & Weaponry, this week has been declared FINISHING FASHION WEEK

Throughout we’ll provide tips, tricks & lessons on how one may use fashion to confuse, manipulate, deceive, disguise, defend, seduce and, of course, finish.

To begin our week of finishing fashion, we have been graced with the presence of our favorite author with an eye for accessories, Ms. Gail Carriger.


They say the devil is in the details, but I say the steampunk is in the details. It’s the little touches to any costume (or any cosplay for that matter) that strike a cord with others. I don’t know about you, but I dress up so that I can meet and mingle with fellow enthusiasts. I want people to ask me why I have teaspoons attached to the neckline of my favorite corset. (My answer: Who doesn’t want spoons on their boobs?)

The best steampunk outfits that I’ve seen employ tiny details and nifty tricks to bring out the personality of the wearer or the character they are portraying. Since I am an author who is awfully fond of tea, most of the details in my outfits hint at writing or the sacred beverage. However, I also nod in the direction of my books and my former profession. That’s part of the fun of steampunk—hinting at persona with apparel.

Here are a few of my very favorite and most useful steampunk accessories…

1. Holster

My parasol holster is made from an old pair of cargo shorts.  You can adapt the idea for any oddball accessory you may have from a Nerf-modded steampunk gun to a wine bottle or a burrito (I support the idea of packing food at all times).

2. Goggles

Yes goggles and steampunk get a bad rap, but I still love them. I go so far as to mock the pervasiveness of this accessory in my books. (In my final Finishing School book, the young ladies of quality wear floating goggles while cutting onions.) However, it doesn’t stop me from being the proud owner of my very own pair. But here’s the thing, they have that little twist that make them me-ish – they have tea strainers for lenses. So useful! Brute Force Studios made these goggles, but it’s pretty fun to make your own using found objects that have meaning to you.

3. Fan

Speaking of Brute Force Studios,  I love their leather fan. Perhaps not the most practical accessory but one thing I have learned at conventions is that temperatures vary widely. If a girl can arrange her costume to be cool in some rooms and warm in others, it’s never a bad thing. This fan is always welcome. I love it so much I mailed it to my publisher in the hopes that it might be part of the cover of my latest book. And they used it! They added blades because my character is a spy meets assassin, thus blades must be part of the equation. However, I’m glad mine is just leather, otherwise I’d never get it through TSA.

Tune in all week for more on the fashionable side of matters deadly.

rugrats au: halloween edition
  • harold was only supposed to take shaw and john, but he ends up with everyone
  • john wanted to go as the avengers: him as cap, harold as iron man, root as black widow
  • harold refuses to dress up, carter becomes iron man, fusco is hawkeye
  • shaw vs her costume: shaw doesnt understand why she has to wear a shirt and shoes if the hulk doesnt have to, she doesnt have time for your gender norms
  • “Sameen you have to keep your shirt on.” “…but the Hulk doesnt wear one, why do i have to?” “Well the hulk is a man, and you’re a girl. It’s inappropriate.” “But i’m not a girl. I’M THE SHAW.”
  • she tears off her shirt dramatically and has a small tantrum
  • she has a last minute costume change and ends up going as the winter soldier, which john thinks is awesome. they fist bump.
  • 20 minutes in and shaw is draggin her feet, she’s upset that root isnt here yet and is afraid that hydra took her
  • john: “do what you have to do. i’m with you till the end of the line”
  • shaw salutes him, steals a bike, and rides all the way across town to pick root up, root rides in the little basket in the front
  • now they’re super behind in trick or treating, they get lost and in up in samaritan territory
  • root notes the neighborhood is “crawling with hydra agents”, and carter and fusco wave them over
  • they’re getting revenge for root’s birthday party
  • they’ve got semi auto nerf guns, modded super soakers with ice water in the chambers, they’re gonna take samaritan down once and for all
  • root has info “from a trusted source” that the enemy is holed up in a secret treehouse base, they’re plotting against team machine AND they have a huge stash of candy
  • team machine storms the treehouse as harold looks on in horror
  • samaritan is waiting with supersoakers filled with red paint
  • john goes down and harold freaks out thinking he’s actually injured, carter drags john out
  • fusco was the only one who didnt get caught up in the bullshit and actually grabbed the candy, carter runs off with fusco bc fuck this shit why does she even hang out with these people
  • root is halfway over the fence trying to reach for shaw
  • martine shoots shaw in the side and shaw slips and falls down
  • and then martine shoots shaw in the goddamn eye with paint
  • shaw is screaming her head off, root freaks the fuck out, martine runs off, john starts crying, and harold has decided that if everyone makes it out alive he’s quitting
  • harold is trying to simultaneously call the ambulance and everyone’s parents
  • unfortunately everyone’s parents are together at a party getting drunk
  • he carries the three screaming kids into his car
  • he runs sic red lights and drives thirty over the speed limit and screeches into the er parking lot
  • he gets them all inside, john wont let go of his leg, root wont let go of shaw
  • he frantically explains what happened to a very amused er nurse
  • she wipes up the excess paint from around shaw’s face and takes her to the eye wash
  • good as new
  • root glares at the nurse the entire time
  • the drive back to harold’s is silent, everyone has a bath and goes to bed without complaint
  • harold sighs and puts the x files on netflix
  • john sneaks in to the living room and thanks harold for taking them and for being a good soldier
  • shaw pulls root in the living room a little later, shaw thanks him for saving her life and preventing her capture by samaritan agents
  • root thanks him for taking shaw to the hospital “even though you let her get hurt”
  • root wants to go back to sleep. shaw wants to stay and watch “the scully show”
  • root agrees bc shaw doesnt want to sleep without root bc she’s her safe place
  • when everyone’s parents come in the morning to pick them up in the morning, they’re all sleeping in  a pile and the x files is still running
  • the only evidence of the samaritan attack is a smudge of paint behind shaw’s ear