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My previous tag yourself sapphic Pokemon post was a hit. Pokemon is my special interest and I loved scrolling through all the tags seeing your responses. So I decided to make a second one!

If you’re having trouble seeing the small font, click on the image and it’ll zoom in. I’d love to hear all the types you relate to in the tags, but I’d be especially curious for you all to pick one or two of those types that would be your typing as a Pokemon.

This is open for all girls who like girls, including questioning and trans wlw. If you’re not a girl who likes girls, feel free to reblog for your followers who are, and/or reblog this general Pokemon type tag yourself meme I made a while back.

Have fun!

anonymous asked:

I want to sing something but my voice doesnt fit any of the characters rip

<< tbh it’s not a big deal whether or not your voice sounds like the voice actors in the original recording or matches the characters because it’s rly what the performer makes of the character

also if you sing anything for this AU I’ll die a happy death so please do so>>


English Fashion In Paris In 1966.
Fashion show at The British Fashion Store Located On Saint-Catherine’S Square In Paris.
Place du Marché-Sainte-Catherine in Paris in the sixties was intended to be the French response to Swinging London and Carnaby Street. November 22, 1966