modcloth tutorial

anonymous asked:

I saw your matte and gold splatter nails on tumblr radar. Your mani looks like it was copied from a modcloth tutorial, just saying.

Ugh, I hate that I have to defend myself against charges of plagiarism now.  For the record, ModCloth appears to have copied their design from me, not the other way around.  Here’s a timeline:

January 4: I posted pictures of an original nail design— multicolored matte gradients with non-matte gold splatters over top.  It became wildly popular (I think it’s my most popular post ever).  I’d never see the idea tried before, and I’m pretty certain I was the first to do it.

January 10: After getting a lot of requests, I promised that I would make a tutorial for that design.

January 15: ModCloth posts a tutorial for a nail design— multicolored matte gradients with non-matte gold splatters over top— on their Story blog, and starts promoting it on various social media blogs.  They make no mention of me as the inspiration behind the design.

January 16: A reader points out the ModCloth post to me, and I complain about how crappy that was of them.  A lot of people were really supportive and wonderful and encouraged me to make my tutorial anyways, so I did.  Several people told me they tried to leave comments on the Story blog post about the lack of attribution, but comments have to be approved and those comments never made it through.

January 17: I posted my own tutorial for the design.  It’s gotten a lot of positive feedback, including, as you noted, being featured on the Tumblr radar.  

January 19: ModCloth makes an instagram post promoting their tutorial.  Several people comment that the idea was mine and they haven’t credited me.  They make a comment that same day, saying that they didn’t know about my design and they will check into the issue with the tutorial author.

Since then: It’s been a couple weeks and ModCloth never got back to me about the issue, or added any credit to me for the idea.  They haven’t responded to additional comments I’ve left asking for an update.  Interestingly, once that instagram post was no longer at the top of their feed and generating a lot of views, they no longer felt the need to address the negative comments.  Meanwhile, they’ve continued to use the tutorial on new promotional stuff like their newsletter. I was annoyed at the outset but I’ve gotten even more pissed at their extremely cynical handling of it all.