are thin tears salty???

1) literally no one said anything about thin bodies, positively or negatively, in the comments. no one called anyone ‘too skinny.’
2) several people made gross comments about obesity being ‘unhealthy’ and accused the models of ‘glorifying obesity’ (that old nonsensical chestnut)
3) if you are a size 00 and are upset about not being ‘included’ in a picture of a group of models, think about how people above a size 24 must feel, because.. they… god i don’t even have the mental energy to finish this sentence.

having no self-awareness must be totally bananas.


SKIRT: Francesca’s SHOES: Payless BLAZER: Modcloth SHIRT: H&M NECKLACE: Forever21

Red white & navy! I’m a sucker for a nice striped top (sadly horizontal stripes aren’t so cute when you have a larger bust, and the neckline is high…). I learned my lesson. Either way I thought it was cute enough to post. I REALLY love this scallop skirt. One of my favorite things I own. You need to buy it.

Interesting things to come!! I’ve gotten quite a few cool proposals. Also I’m going to have a youtube channel and attempt to do some tutorials! What kind of stuff would you guys like to see? 


Finding cute plus sized clothing is hard, and when you finally find them, they’re usually expensive! The dresses shown above are valued at over $300 dollars, and I’m GIVING THEM AWAY. I lost a lot of weight before I got around to wearing them, and I’d hate to see them go to waste.

Most of the dresses are a 3x, and I think one of them is a 2x (the teal dress with the white collar and black bow).

-You MUST be following me (@officialpussypatrol) in order to qualify (yes, I will be checking).

-You can reblog as many times as you like and I will be picking a winner from rebloggers/likers

-Due to shipping fees, I will only be shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

That’s all, there is no catch. Once the competition is over I will notify the winner with a direct message.

(Edited: winner will be picked on July 18th!)

Since it’s been awhile since I posted about Modcloth, I figured it’d be a good time now since they’re having a big sale going on!  They’re doing up to 50% off certain items right now and these are some of the adorable dresses that are available in plus sizes.  There’s also a bunch of shirts, bottoms, shoes, skirts, homegoods, and more. :3

For sizing - make sure to pay attention to how Modcloth has listed the fit and always read the reviews if there are some!  You can also always contact the Modstylists and they’re super helpful if you need measurements or other help.

Check out the sale here!

This #tbt us brought to you by #omagazine being ridiculous and my 100% ability to be #pullingoffacroptop while having not only a not flat tummy, but a fat one. 🙀🙀🙀

So if you’ve been following me for awhile you’ll notice that I rarely put incomplete (read shoeless and unaccessorized) outfits up for outfit of the day, BUT, today I got an amazing piece of clothing I had to share ASAP.

The skirt I’m rocking is from modcloth, and is called the playful feeling skirt in chemistry. As an absolute science nerd (I’ll be starting my PhD in the fall), the skirt was an absolute must have. For once when I’m doing one of these, the item is still very much in stock in almost every size. So as a PSA to all of my fellow skirt-wearing, science nerds you should totally get this skirt.

Top: Target
Skirt: Modcloth (but the skirt is made by retrolicious for anyone familiar with that brand)