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Full Name: Tallgeez, the Great and Illustrious, Magnificent and Magnanimous, Intrepid and Courageous, Mighty Hunter of All the Beasts of the Land, All the Birds of the Sky, All the Fishes of the Water, and All Variations, Iterations, Combinations, and Abominations Thereof, Under the Canopy of Heaven and Throughout the Entirety of the Cosmos; Geardum Modan; Blood-Drenched Beast of the Tanaan Jungle; Immolator of Podlings; Slayer of Many Worlds; Exile of Argus; 42nd Regional Amateur Heavyweight Jeh’din Champion; Greatest Preceptor of the Cerulean Season; Emeritus Chief Executive of the Greater Eredun Heavy Manufacturing Concern; and Tamer of Pets; of Draenor

Alternatively: Tallgeez the Mighty Hunter of Draenor

Gender and Sexuality: Hunter; Hunters and Non-Hunters.

Pronouns: He/His

Ethnicity/Species: Draenei (Eredar)

Birthplace and Birthdate: Argus,  >30 thousands of years ago.

Guilty Pleasures: None. Tallgeez has no shame.

Phobias: Being magically compelled to stop everything he’s doing to instead shake and/or jog uncontrollably into inconvenient places while flailing his arms around.

What They Would Be (In)Famous For: Causing massive destruction wherever he goes, intentionally and otherwise.

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: Vandalism, theft, destruction of property, reckless endangerment, poaching, profiteering, violating health, safety, and environmental regulations regarding the use of explosive materials, improper Elekk parking.

OC You Ship Them With: Romantically with his dearest hunter-wife, Sevda. Platonically with Rasheed the Warrior (whom he sees as an amusing pet), as well as any given Shadows of Argus (whom he sees as actual people).

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Main Universe Tallgeez (honorable mention to Xaphias, if it were possible to hate someone to death)

Favorite Book Genre: Technical guides, anything he wrote himself.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Whenever the book itself is not also edible, or combustible.

Talents and/or Powers: Extra-sensory perception befitting a star-faring alien hunter. He can smell magic, hear gravity, taste magnetic fields, see into the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, sense living and non-living organisms within a certain radius of him, and possibly even possesses a slight clairvoyance of approaching danger.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Tallgeez is usually quite cheerful and upbeat. He has a pure love for what he does (even if it’s frequently very terrible), and he maintains a very positive attitude.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Tallgeez is a ridiculous and terrible person. He’s reckless, careless, thoughtless, and utterly destructive to everything and everyone around him. Even his fellow Draenei don’t usually care for him, and he’s on their side. Most don’t see him as the triumphant Draenei hunter or a once-wealthy and powerful Eredar noble, but as a case study of a living, walking, talking ‘Bad Example’.

How They Change: In RP, Tallgeez hasn’t changed so much as he’s just revealed different facets of himself. He’s lived a very long time. He’s seen and done crazy, fantastic things. He’s not done, yet. How he reacts to others isn’t necessarily normal, but it’s nice to see how he comes to understand, misunderstand - and even respect and appreciate - others.

Why You Love Them: Tallgeez is just a lot of fun to play! At his core, he’s very terrible, but he exhibits a bunch of traditionally positive traits (like cheerfulness, friendliness, decisiveness). Tallgeez’s worldview warps everything into a sort of hunt. He lives, breathes, and behaves how players in videos might act, and his frame of thinking is aligned with a gamer’s mentality - Tallgeez isn’t just living life, he’s working on 100% completion (and having fun while doing it)

It’s also fun to play a character who is so very alien from most other characters (even his own people, often times). Around humans and other Alliance, he’s a weird, crazy Draenei - but around other Draenei, he’s just a weird, crazy dude.

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character analysis: Huvi

(art by @vesiel)

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Full Name: Huvi Stalacticaar

Gender and Sexuality: Female and bisexual leaning toward women

Pronouns: She/hers

Ethnicity/Species: Wildhammer Dwarf

Birthplace and Birthdate: Born in Loch Modan ~ 55 years ago

Guilty Pleasures: Trolls, pretty ladies, trollish tea, baked goods.

Phobias: Outliving everyone

What They Would Be Famous For: “Dwarf brokers peace between Revantusk and Wildhammer - Attributes success to long-standing relationship with their ambassador.”

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For: So much stuff. Rowdy conduct, aiding a criminal in escaping custody, being an illegal underground fighter (literally), heck maybe even just as a “horde sympathizer.”

OC You Ship Them With: Friendly ship with @playerprophet’s Meida, romantic ships with my Venn and Amnac.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Herself, trying to save someone else.

Favorite Book Genre: Alchemical studies.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Brutish savage troll cannibals.

Talents and/or Powers: Aside from the standard death knight abilities and dwarven racial traits, Huvi can read fortunes by throwing bones. She’s also a fantastic martial combatant, an alchemical savant, is fluent in zandali, and the elemental language of kalimag.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Because she’s adorable and great.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Undeath is a hell of a thing.

How They Change: She went from a broken husk of her former self living on the streets in Stormwind to an officer of a mercenary guild, to a semi-retired fighter who just wants to spend some time with her best pals.

Why You Love Them: She’s a genuinely nice person who’s put it all on the line to help friends before. She’s bubbly and personable and is just fun to play as.

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World of Warcraft RPG - Easter Kingdom map (Quel'Thalas, Lordaeron, Khaz Modan and Azeroth), plus a little part of Northrend at the north and the Maelstrom on the west.

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Seuraava piirtoilta on keskiviikkona 3.2. klo 17 alkaen Linkosuo Siilinkarilla. Ollaan taas siellä itse kahvilan takana sijaitsevassa sisäaulassa Vero Modan ja Uffin välissä, siellä on kahvilan pöytiä lisää. Seuraan saa liittyä silloin kun siltä tuntuu, jonnekin seitsemän ja kahdeksan tienoille ollaan siellä piirrelty, kahvila taitaa mennä kahdeksalta kiinni.

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Getting up through the Wetlands had been easy; and Explorer’s League caravan took her through the long mountain passes out of Loch Modan, and then down onto the narrow roads that threaded through the many miles of bogs. Occasionally, the wagons would stop so the Dwarves could gather samples, but mostly it was a quiet ride, with Quai sitting on the back of the last wagon, scribbling in her notebook. She had exchanged her dark leathers for an older, green set that she had acquired before her first Draenor tour - they were patched and scuffed, and fit in perfectly with the olive-coloured traveling cloaks of the League.

Eventually, after nearly nine hours of moving with only the briefest of stops, the wagon she was on slowed to a halt. Quai looked up and tucked away the pencil and notebook, made certain her head and face were still covered in the thick, brownish cowl, and hopped down from her seat. A Dwarf appeared around the side of the wagon.

“Alrigh’, Miss Blackwood, ‘ere we are,” he said, looking up at her. Quai inclined her head and took two things from her bag and passed them to the Dwarf: a small pouch of coin, and a bottle of Highlands rum. “For your troubles, master Dwarf,” she said, smiling beneath the cowl. The Dwarf beamed and took the offered items. “Thank-yeh, lass. Safe travelin’,” he said as Quai set off over the moss-covered cobblestones. “And you, sir,” she called over her shoulder.

She met no one else as she crossed the deteriorating span; the only sounds were the rushing water below, the soft patter of her feet as she jogged, and the occasional cry of birds as they wove in and out of the bridge’s ageing structure. 

Once she made it across, she continued about a quarter of a mile before stopping and turning to her right. She looked up at the low mountains, then down to the foot, where the beginning of a pathway was barely visible and half-covered by undergrowth and trees. She hiked across the rolling fields until she got to the path, then leaned down to tighten her boots before beginning her climb. 

The path went straight up the side of the low mountain — more of a tall hill, really — and straight down the other side. The way was treacherous, with bits of earth often crumbling beneath her feet if she were not careful with her steps. If I forgot the bloody keys, she thought as the rocky terrain turned to lush grass at the bottom on the other side. She rummaged around in a pocket until she located two keys on a brass ring, and set off towards the tiny cabin, stopping only briefly to fill a bucket with water at an ancient pump. 

The small patch of earth was deserted, save for the cabin and a crumbling stone corral. The cabin itself was made of stone and logs, fairly nondescript as far as cabins go, with a distinct Dwarven flavour to the architecture. A mossy path led down to a warped, sun-bleached dock that was far too large for such a small parcel of land, and a small field stood behind the old corral, its plants strangled by an abundance of overgrown weeds. The property appeared thoroughly neglected. 

Quai unlocked the door and trudged down a short flight of stairs with the heavy pail, then dumped it into the washbasin. She stripped off her outer leathers and made a fire in the cold hearth, then looked around, her nose wrinkled in distaste. Musty. She grabbed an old cloth, shook out the dust, and began to clean. 

Within the hour, the floor had been swept, the bed linens had been washed and hung out to dry, and Quai had dug up a stash of old Southshore red. She continued to clean and check on the stores of non-perishable food, as well as the weapons that had been stashed around the cabin. Hours later, she fell asleep at the table, her fingers wrapped around a bottle and a little package of unwrapped jerky sat nearby. 

As the sun rose the next morning, Quai was startled from her slumber by a sharp knock at the door…

This is a work I did for a client.  The Russian Blue “Modan” with beautiful green eyes and a round face.  
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Floral sneakers & your pocket camera
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“La propriété”
Rutu modan
Acte sud

Aussitôt eu aussitôt lu ! Il s'agît d'une très belle histoire de famille dont le personnage principal est une petite mamie chiante mais touchante. Elle s'envole avec sa petite fille en Pologne pour retrouver une ancienne propriété, mais pas que.. Le dessin et la mise en couleur sont merveilleux <3

Operación Hidratar: el plan sudafricano contra El Niño

Marcel Gascón
Johannesburgo, 29 ene (EFE).- El fenómeno de El Niño ha provocado en Sudáfrica la sequía más severa que ha vivido este país en más de un siglo. Contra sus devastadores efectos lucha la “Operación Hidratar”, una campaña de movilización ciudadana que suma esfuerzos para paliar la sed en las zonas más afectadas.
“La gente está desesperada. Las presas están vacías y ni siquiera sale agua de los grifos”, relata a Efe Mohammed Modan, uno de los tres impulsores de esta iniciativa que, en sus tres semanas de vida, ha conseguido hacer llegar a los damnificados más de tres millones de litros de agua.
“En algunos lugares no ha llovido durante más de un año”, recuerda el cerebro de la Operación Hidratar.
En regiones como el Free State o la provincia del Noroeste, la sequía se ha prolongado durante todo el verano austral -la estación normalmente lluviosa- que ahora termina, y se extenderá al menos durante toda la estación seca.
Además de disparar el precio de los alimentos -entre ellos del maíz, producto básico en la dieta de la mayoría pobre en Sudáfrica-, la sequía ha provocado la muerte de ganado por sed.
Fueron hechos como éste los que llevaron a Modan y otros dos amigos a comprar un camión de agua para enviarlo a una de las áreas más golpeadas por los efectos de El Niño.
“Empezamos a hacer correr la voz entre nuestro círculo de amigos, y ofrecimos a todo el mundo a través de Facebook a sumarse a la iniciativa y contribuir con agua o dinero para comprar agua”, cuenta en el punto central de distribución en Johannesburgo.
Modan y el resto de voluntarios compran el agua ya embotellada de empresas que se dedican a ello. El precio de un solo camión de agua es de 73.000 rands (más de 4.000 euros), incluyendo el coste de la gasolina y el trayecto hasta el lugar de destino.
Sin embargo, esta cantidad resulta a menudo mucho menor gracias al apoyo de numerosas empresas privadas, que ceden gratuitamente sus vehículos y sus conductores para poder hacer la entrega a mejor precio y poder comprar más agua.
Cada camión transporta más de 6.000 botellas de 5 litros cada una. Esta semana saldrán de Johannesburgo otros 15 camiones cargados de agua en dirección a distintos puntos del país.
El proyecto iniciado por Modan y sus dos amigos cuenta ya con más de 700 voluntarios y se ha extendido a todo Johannesburgo, donde se han abierto varios puntos de recogida de agua, y a otras ciudades de toda la geografía sudafricana.
El entusiasmo por la iniciativa ha llegado a los ciudadanos, que compran agua embotellada o llenan botellas vacías y las entregan en los puntos de recogida.
“Solo destinamos botellas selladas para el destino humano. Las demás van a las granjas, para consumo animal”, afirma Modan, que hace hincapié en la necesidad de garantizar la higiene para evitar brotes de cólera u otras enfermedades.
La formidable respuesta ciudadana viene también de las escuelas. Varios colegios de Johannesburgo se han retado a competir para ver quién consigue reunir más litros de agua donados por los alumnos.
“Si trabajamos unidos por una causa conseguiremos grandes cosas. Es un ejemplo de que podemos cuidar unos de otros con muy buenos resultados”, dice Modan, musulmán de origen indio, mientras espera a que llegue a descargar al centro de distribución uno de los camiones que saldrá hoy hacia el Free State. EFE

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Dames, documentary and dissent: 200 years of women in comics – gallery
From caricatures in the 18th-century to modern graphic novels, women have been key in the evolution of comic book art – as a new exhibition at the House of Illustration of 100 artists illustrates

Great gallery of images, including that page from Becoming/Unbecoming about sluts, the one with the wandering text
Dames, documentary and dissent: 200 years of women in comics – gallery
From caricatures in the 18th-century to modern graphic novels, women have been key in the evolution of comic book art – as a new exhibition at the House of Illustration of 100 artists illustrates

Comics Queens! Like most human endeavors, women have been participants in comics from the very beginning