Show Your Knotty Side

Short or tall, there’s no need to meet a height requirement to knot your maxis. Whether if you’re wearing a skirt or full dress, knotting the bottom is a creative way to show off those summer bronzed legs and some ankle cleavage.

Our favorite way to wear anything maxi lately is with a pair of simple or detailed wedge sneakers. Not only do they give you some height, but they also make you look super boho-chic (channel your inner Mary Kate or Ashley…your choice). Incorporating two hot trends into one outfit is a win/win in our book!

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The College Chronicles: A Barnard Fashionista
You’ve probably seen this fashionista looking super stylish around campus. Modabound sat down to talk all things fashion with Barnard College sophomore, Zinnat Ferdous. Find out how she balances a hectic college schedule and still manages to look trendy with her “less is more” personal style motto in our little interview below!

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Side-Split Sexy

As an extension of our last blog post on knotting the bottoms of your maxi skirts and dresses, we have decided to devote this blog post to the ever so daring and sexy side-split maxi trend. Bold and seductive, the side-split is a great way to wear a maxi and give a little ‘peek-a-boo’ to your look.

Pair your oh-so-sexy split with gladiator sandals and/or a boho headband for an ultra-chic and summer-y look, or keep it simple with long tresses and delicate accessories. Going from day to night? Throw on some wedges to add some evening glamour and height.

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A Peek into Moda Mobile

So, you’ve probably heard that we’re going Mobile and we can’t wait for all of you to hop on the Modabound App bus! It’s been an exciting (and stressful) time for the team, but the work has paid off and we want to share some snippets of our project with you. 

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DIY Halloween: The Lioness

Let them hear you roar with this easy DIY lioness costume. Unleash your wild side and become a roaring hit this Halloween. Check out some tips below to become the ultimate jungle cat:

1). Tame that Mane

-Tease your hair with some product and a comb to achieve that lion look. Don’t worry if it seems super messy, you’re a lioness! Don’t forget to add furry ears =).

2). Get Something Shiny on Those Legs

-Got a pair of gold metallic leggings? Perfect. If you don’t, snag yourself a pair. These will add a ‘wow’ factor to your costume. We recommend trying a high waisted pair for a trendier look.

3). Keep it Neutral on Top

-Lions are a neutral color, so keep it simple up top! A nude/tan crop top or tank will look perfect, and the good news is that you probably already have one those in your closet.

4). Feline Your Face

-The makeup for a lion is similar to that of a cat, so you just need to add a few extra touches here and there to complete the look. A smokey eye is perfect, just add a black patch on your nose and a dramatic black lip for the full effect. Oh, and don’t forget your whiskers!

Halloween Prep: DIY

It’s October: time for the spooky movie marathons, the candy binges, and last but not least…time to get your costume together. Don’t re-wear last year’s costume though, that would be scary. We’ve come up with a few ways to use some things you may have laying around to put together a new costume for this year’s festivities!


Remember the hair chalk ombre trend? If you don’t, refresh your memory here:

Use that old chalk to give yourself a spunky look with any costume. Or, just use it to feel like it didn’t go to waste, hehe.


Got something striped? Shoes, a dress, a skirt, a top? Now you can become a prisoner. A fashionable one, of course. 


One of this fall’s trends is bold a blue faux fur jacket? Add a cookie and boom: you’re the new trendy cookie monster.


Got a cute skater skirt? Throw on a crop or a bra top and kill two birds with one stone. If it’s black, add ears and become a fashion kitty, and if it’s any other color, become an expert ice-skater, ready for her big performance.