moda operandi

DIY Knockoff M'Oda ‘Operandi Vanities Bracelets Tutorials from inspiration & realisation here. Amazing knockoffs and tutorials in one post with lots of photos/instructions and links for materials, Some of the tutorials include dyeing clothing line/rope, wrapping floss in X patterns around pearls and rhinestones, combining raffia and spikes and more.

  • Top Photo: $100-$105 M'Oda 'Operandi Vanities Bracelets here.
  • All Other Photos: DIY by inspiration & realisation.

✿Flower Kaleidoscope✿
Inspired by Michael Angel Collection. Featuring streamlined silhouettes emboldened by floral kaleidoscopic motifs, this covetable capsule is, as Angel so succinctly puts it, “a mix of femininity and power.”

Fashion Illustration by Sunny Gu 

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