moda curvy


Such an amazing night at the #redhotchilipeppers concert. I was initially concerned about being way over dressed, but I ended up loving how it came together.

The gold skirt was from a new store I discover called Beehive and the velvet crop top was from another new (to me) boutique, Lucca. I got great deals on both and have already thought of other ways I can wear them.


Pub Crawl 🍻🍻

So, I ordered a dress a few weeks back from Eshakti after seeing the print on Tumblr. I couldn’t wait to get the maxi styled dress in. The concept of a dress being totally customizable at incredibly reasonable prices was amazing to me.

This is where my glowing review ends… After taking ages to ship, the dress did not fit when I finally received it. I had planned to wear it for my friend’s birthday bash (pics above) and was understandably put out. I did end up wearing the dress, but ONLY after I spent all morning altering it to be an open back. The brand runs very small and the customization I requested did not occur. I know others have had better luck than I; however, I would tread carefully here. 💋💋