I know many fans are super excited for exo’rdium in North America but I’d like to remind everyone to please respect the members’ privacy. I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures and videos floating around on tumblr and twitter of people following the boys around and waiting outside their hotel and that’s such an invasion of privacy. yes, they’re idols and celebrities but please respect them as people and give them the privacy they deserve. do we really want a repeat of the boys running away with a hoard of fans following them? just because you’re an international fan doesn’t mean you can’t be a sasaeng.

The week will go from June 6th to June 12th ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧

The prompts are:

  • Day 1 (06/06): Firsts
  • Day 2 (06/07): Harmony
  • Day 3 (06/08): Sweet / Bitter
  • Day 4 (06/09): Sun / Moon
  • Day 5 (06/10): Wishes / Regrets
  • Day 6 (06/11): Yesterday / Tomorrow
  • Day 7 (06/12): Free day / AU

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These prompts are to be interpreted in ANY WAY. They’re here as guidelines in case you get lost/can not think of what to create. Don’t feel pressured to create contents only related to these prompts - feel free to think outside the box! You’re also not obligated to make something every single day. The most important part is that you guys have fun! 


The purpose of the week is to appreciate Chanyeol and Kyungsoo, both as individuals and as a pairing/duo. You DO NOT have to create “shippy” contents if you don’t want to. We’re open to any interactions/relationships be it platonic or romantic.

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anonymous asked:

in light of the pta matsu headcanons (which made my night tBQH) how would the matsus react to realizing they want to start a family with their s/o?


He’d be absolutely THRILLED about the idea but he would jump right to the actual making of the baby rather than, you know, preparing for them. He wants a big family since he actually enjoyed being a sextuplet (despite some of his qualms) and wants to just always be surrounded by loved ones. He wants his kids to never be left alone. All the same though, you’d really need to talk to him and get him to be serious about something for once in his life if you’re gonna go through with this.


The very idea that you want to spend the rest of your life with him is more than enough, but to have the fruition of your love for each other culminate in the form of a child is the highest honor he could ever dream of. After he’s done swooning over you, he’d get surprisingly real with you and insist on having only one or two kids. When you ask why, he states it’s because he knows what it’s like to be ignored in a big family. He doesn’t want any of his children to ever feel alone or looked over, he wants to give them his full attention no matter what.


Panic. Worry. Slightly less panic. And then genuine concern. He’s always seen himself as the only brother reasonable and responsible enough to be a father but when faced with the actual choice, he starts to rethink things. There’s a LOT that goes into raising a kid and it’s not something that he would want to take lightly. He’s seen the mistakes his parents made with him and his brothers and he doesn’t want a repeat of that. You’d REALLY need to walk through things with him in order for him to calm down and actually get excited about the idea.


You’ve never seen true horror on the face of man until witnessing Ichimatsu’s reaction to your talk of wanting kids. He does everything he can to avoid talking about the subject but when he finally gives in he makes it abundantly clear that his lack of wanting kids is not because of you; it’s because of him. He claims that the only things he’s fit to take care of are cats, anything else is bound to get fucked up by his involvement. A child deserves a good parent who has their shit together and can function properly, someone the exact opposite of Ichimatsu. This is one Matsu that you’d REEEEALLY have to convince into having children.


The thought of having his own kids to play with is so fun and exciting that he’s already ready to go! Now now!! HUSTLE HUSTLE!! MUSCLE MUSCLE!!! It takes you two hours to reign him in. You get serious with him and really start to think this over. It’s not that Jyushimatsu wouldn’t make a good father, on the contrary, with his boundless energy, enthusiasm, and warm heart he’s going to be a great father. However, you worry how seriously he’s going to take this. This is a mature, adult decision and it would take a lot of talking over before he understands what’s at stake here and the new responsibilities at hand.


He drops his sly act for a second and give you a very genuine, very confused, “EHHH?” Kids are just about the last thing on Totty’s mind. After all, you’re both young and in love! Why rush things? He has a good amount of wanderlust in him and he wants to travel the world with you before even THINKING about having children. While the prospect of taking cute couple photos with your potential baby sounds like a lot of fun, it still sounds like way too much for him right now. Eventually he’ll come around to the idea when he feels like he’s ready to settle down but it’s gonna be a while.

rainbow-my-exo  asked:

yES REQUESTS OPEN! can i request for some cute family aus/prompts? :D

  • you always take the time to make breakfast, let me do it while you rest
  • you’re a rather stoic person but you were telling our kids a bedtime story and I’ve never seen you this animated
  • I’m pregnant and goodness I think you’re more nervous to have this baby than I am
  • we never had kids of our own but we have our own little family
  • I know you wanted grandchildren mom, but we had grandcats surprise
  • This is the first time we’re going to my family’s thanksgiving as a married couple
  • This is our first Christmas with our first child and no I don’t think the baby can guess what that present is

Happy Birthday to our one and only Park Chanyeol ♡
Lets share this special day together and continue supporting him to show how much we love him ^^

For his birthday we decided to make playlists of some of his moments since predebut/debut, enjoy~

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Fancams credits: sunbi, esprit, fly high, YEOL10235 D.O.gether.

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(!) #HappyLAYDay: It's that time of the year~

Another year celebrating Yixing’s birthday along with all Xingmis and we couldn’t be happier to see him grow into the artiste and man he is today. Our best wishes to him, we’re so thankful for his hard work and kindness. Let’s support him together for all the years to come!

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Happy birthday, Zhang Yixing, we love you! ♡

(!) Regarding fantaken previews/pics from music shows

We got a couple of messages from people regarding the banning of EXO fans from music shows because they were taking pictures, so here’s our take on it. What fans can or cannot do in Korea is none of our concern because we have no control over that. It’s up to them to decide whether they want to abide by the music shows’ rules or not, so if they manage to take pics and share them online, we will post them.

For the people who are worried that fy-exo reposting pictures is going to encourage fansites to keep breaking the rules: K-fans know that they’re not supposed to take pictures yet they go to music shows with that intent from the start. Even if they don’t share their previews/pics online right away, there is no guarantee that they have actually stopped taking pictures during music shows (think of all the photobooks and dvds that get released with ~secret~ footage that hasn’t ever been released online). What might possibly encourage those fansites is the number of retweets/faves they get on their tweets, and we don’t contribute to that at all.