Your ships are amazing

Let’s be honest here the dedication you put into your pairing is stunning the art, the writing even the editting!

You have worked hard for this ship don’t let other people put you down because it’s “problematic”

Even if you don’t contribute to the ship with a creative process believe it or not you’re still contributing by giving feedback to artists and writers!

You’re strong if you love this pairing keep on shipping it!

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Mod Marti/Mari Intro :)

Hai ppl! I’m a new mod for the blog! My name is Marti (mari)

I’m genderfluid/flux(?)  (two names) (he/she/they are all fine but i prefer they mostly!)

I’m pansexual/panromantic

I love reading, making art, playing video games, and watching netflix

I play soccer and run crosscountry too

I cannot ignore how people continue to police ships even though the creator of the content says that is perfectly okay and or really like seeing work from talented artists and writers.

Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar are both okay with such pairings. Hirsch even released a vine titled

“Stan x Gideon Forever!”

portraying how odd and downright strange the pairings can be.

Sugar said in her Reddit AMA that

“all of the pairings are my favorite please don’t stop”

So will you listen to the voices of the creators or go against their wishes and harrass other fans?

- Garnet

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Cartman: Okay, I guess it’s time for you all to learn more about the “spiritual"side of this world. You see, spiritual beings are set into three different categories: The Angels, The Demons, and The Purgatories. The angels and demons are pretty self explanatory, with a whole of subcategory hippie bullshit. But since the angels and demons are connected to Heaven and Hell, they have rules set upon them. Rules that make sure that they are never as powerful as God or Satan themselves.
Now the purgies are different. While they are just your normal, typical hauntings, like ghosts, phantoms and the such, they are not restricted to these Rules of Heaven and Hell. They are in a plane untouched by God and Satan, confinement in a void of nothing and grief. And since this plane is untouched, that is why they are able to go against every restriction God and Satan have placed.

Cartman: Purgies can be extraordinarily strong. You know those stupid, totally lame mary-sue oc’s that have every power they so desired? Thats the purgies, but way more badass. If they are able to maintain a physical form in any way, than that just tells you that they are extremely powerful! Purgies are typically really weak. Any kind of power to even hold a permanent form at all takes hundreds of years. To start doing badass moves takes thousands!

Cartman: And not only that, but they can take anything they want from the void. You know that blonde voidy girl in Homestuck who can form any object from the void? Thats the purgies, but with spiritual powers. If they want to shapeshift than there they go. They can do it in an instant. If they want, I don’t know, FIREBREATH?! Bam, all they have to do is reach into the void and there they go! It’s all weird logic, but they can do it, and they have no restrictions due to not being in reach of Heaven and Hell!

Cartman: Tweek now. Tweek died, but wasn’t able to move on. He’s a purgie. But what makes him…different is that only a week after his death, he has a physical form. Remember how I said that it takes hundreds and thousands of years to even achieve a permanent body, even if you’re transparent? Yeah.

Cartman: Tweek is a special case. He has powers that only one or two purgies theorized to exist have. It has been years since his death, and I can only assume that he’s gotten stronger WITHOUT even realizing of his potential! I have been begging him to take control of his abilities, his potential, but he always refused. I don’t even know why he does! Something about me making up bullshit or something.

marty mcfly aesthetic and playlist for anon!


-mod padme (aesthetic) and mod dean (playlist)

With the revival of the Gravity Falls fandom via the release of the journal and Cipher hunt I feel like I need to remind everyone to be kind and courteous regarding everyone’s headcanons and ships.

It doesn’t matter what it is appreciate each other and eachother’s creative process and if you don’t produce content that’s fine just be accepting of others and support each other! - Mod Marty

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While Cartman is still a fire-weilding demon…

He’s not really that intimidating. His powers have a limited use, and even with that he is still young. The first limitations though are classified as The Rules of Heaven and Hell, and they restrict all angels and demons from having too extreme abilities that can make them akin to God and Satan. Cartman’s abilities as a (low-class) demon, at this time, typically ranges from the usual fire manipulation, to the teleportation and levitation of items. He can still posses people, but not for long durations of time seeing as how his power usage is not endless. This causes Cartman to have to be careful with how much he uses his power, so that way it can at least last throughout the day. But knowing Cartman, he still goes overboard with this, and by the time it’s night he can no longer use his abilities. 

Of course, there are some exceptions to this, like how his powers just don’t completely go away when his energy is low. He can still hold a small flame if he wants to or needs it, but he just can’t do the more extreme things like a fireball, possession, or levitation (which is still kind of a new ability, despite being a really basic one). So far, Cartman can’t really do much intimidation or duration wise, but he does know how to leave you in the hospital if you get on his bad side.

Now Tweek on the other hand….