I cannot ignore how people continue to police ships even though the creator of the content says that is perfectly okay and or really like seeing work from talented artists and writers.

Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar are both okay with such pairings. Hirsch even released a vine titled

“Stan x Gideon Forever!”

portraying how odd and downright strange the pairings can be.

Sugar said in her Reddit AMA that

“all of the pairings are my favorite please don’t stop”

So will you listen to the voices of the creators or go against their wishes and harrass other fans?

- Garnet

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Your ships are amazing

Let’s be honest here the dedication you put into your pairing is stunning the art, the writing even the editting!

You have worked hard for this ship don’t let other people put you down because it’s “problematic”

Even if you don’t contribute to the ship with a creative process believe it or not you’re still contributing by giving feedback to artists and writers!

You’re strong if you love this pairing keep on shipping it!

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Oh um, greetings! I would just like to say that just because you don’t use a ship to cope with emotional abuse, trauma or even abuse doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to ship whatever you like.

You can still support those whom do! By making content and enjoying talking about your favorite pairing! ~ Pearl

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