Okay since more drama over hamilkin unfolded while I was asleep, let me address some things.

Hamilton the music may be based on real life events and people, but it is not the same, and Hamilton for sure does not 100% accurately portray history. It isn’t meant to. Hamilton is not a documentary. It is a dramatization. The characters in the play, and the people in real life, are not the same. Hamilkin is not factkin, just as much as Eddsworld kins aren’t, or kins of youtube personalities.

We accept problematic canon and characters here. As someone with problematic kins myself, you have to realize that there is a separation between then and now. I am not the same person I was. I do not condone my actions in my canon. But it is still my kin.

We do not turn away problematic canons because we want this to be an inclusive space, as long as someone does not seem to be harmful, then they are welcome here. We do not condone slavery or racism, but someone who is hamilkin does not necessarily either. Just because they are submitting a call doesn’t mean they are vicious racists who want to hurt people, and if you can’t understand that then please, please just find another kincalling blog.

Thank you for all the supportive anons we’ve gotten, especially for mod Jake. He’s doing okay! Thanks everyone. Hopefully this will be the last post about hamilkin.

-Mod Gerome


Today we have a batch of screenshots from Skyrim - Home of the Nords, a massive modding project that aims to add the entire province of Skyrim to the world of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Here you can see a few random shots of the Vorndgad Forest, a region of  the Reach in western Skyrim.

A scenic, yet decidedly dangerous region, the Vorndgad Forest is home to one major settlement, the small hunting village of Karthgad, as well as several smaller farms and holdings that border the area. The interior, however, is often populated with bandits, orc camps, and Reachmen, and needless to say travelers should exhibit a fair amount of caution when going through the thick and dark paths of Vorndgad.

For more information about the Vorndgad Forest, check out the Project Tamriel forums, and you can actually play an alpha version of this forest today, available from the Nexus. We also released two trailers for Skyrim - Home of the Nords, one for the Vorndgad Forest, and one for the city of Karthwasten.

ONE LAST STORY WITH MOD DII except this isnt really a story

i have struggled with friendships and awful people all my life, but i found a nearly foolproof* solution

i call it the kumamon litmus test. basically, if i meet someone new that i am very interested in getting to know, i show them kumamon and ask, “what do you think of him?” if the response is positive, i pursue the friendship. if the response is neutral, i keep the person at a safe distance. if the response is negative, i bail. you see, if a person can’t respect the most important thing to me, why bother with them?

*i say it’s nearly foolproof because i have let some real crappy people slip through before because they passed the test. these were mostly people who were interested in taking advantage of me. so be careful!

Edd: “We’re out late-night shopping! We’re just picking up some tissues and medicine for Tom.”

Edd: “Oh, and cola. For me, of course.”

Edd: “Now that you mention it, yeah.”

Edd: “It was around the time we were abducted (good times, heh), and Matt accidentally shot me with that voice changing gun.”

Edd: “I didn’t notice anything at first, but over time I realized my voice couldn’t go quite as low anymore. I guess the gun broke before Matt could give me my voice back.”

Edd: “…Or maybe I’m just overthinking things.”

Edd: “Oh, hey Matt!”

Matt: “Hey Edd, is this enough cola?”

Edd: “Hm … better grab two more just to be sure.”

Matt: *SWEATS*

-Mod Matt