this is castor! hes a half-elf who works in gardening and produce for the BOB (gotta have that oxygen up on the moon) and he prays everyday for the no dogs on the moon ban to be lifted so magnus will stop making sad eyes at his service dog.

( note: i know absolutely nothing about d&d )


“used to worship pan- merle made his reconsider” honestly, im not surprised… castor is very cute i love their color scheme and that hair 💕

-mod ace


i saw some other simmers making their own “virtual mods folders,” and since i can’t code very well, this is coming to you in a series of posts that i will be organizing on my page.

(from left to right, top to bottom)

1. @simlaughlove​‘s low double buns (i use both the bangs/no bangs version)

2. @moon-craters​‘s nova hair

3. @pixielated‘s dee bun

4. @khrysasims‘s coachella braid (doublebun version)

5. @gohliad‘s kyoto hair

6. blossom hair from the spring fling stuff pack by @deetron-sims, @pixielated, and @nolan-sims

7. iris hair, also from spring fling stuff

8. @simduction‘s bun low hair
Tight Curls for HF at Dragon Age: Inquisition Nexus - Mods and community

Since this is one of the more requested hair mods according to our inbox, the Word of Mod thought we would share this mod on the Nexus with Tumblr. (If Roberts2432 has a Tumblr, please let us know so we can reblog their original post.)

Please check out the mod and see if it is to your liking!


Fenris: I saw you casting spells inside. I should have
realized sooner what you really were.


Going through this hell we call life, least I look good doing it 🍉🌻