i saw some other simmers making their own “virtual mods folders,” and since i can’t code very well, this is coming to you in a series of posts that i will be organizing on my page.

(from left to right, top to bottom)

1. @simlaughlove​‘s low double buns (i use both the bangs/no bangs version)

2. @moon-craters​‘s nova hair

3. @pixielated‘s dee bun

4. @khrysasims‘s coachella braid (doublebun version)

5. @gohliad‘s kyoto hair

6. blossom hair from the spring fling stuff pack by @deetron-sims, @pixielated, and @nolan-sims

7. iris hair, also from spring fling stuff

8. @simduction‘s bun low hair


Mae, Simone, Lauryn

Hair - @simpliciaty-cc
Necklace - @toksik
Top - @simpliciaty-cc x @savage-sims
Skirt - @spectacledchic-sims4

Hair - @blahberry-pancake
Top, Pants, Choker - @simpliciaty-cc x @savage-sims

Hair - @simpliciaty-cc
Choker - @darkosims3
Top & Jeans - @simpliciaty-cc x @savage-sims

mayhemxtwins  asked:

Hi, I was just wondering if you have any tips on describing dreadlocks in a fantasy world where the word dreadlocks wouldn't exist? I will only use such a description on black characters.

Describing Dreadlocks in Fantasy

You could always call it locked hair. 

From there, try looking at pictures and coming up with words to describe them for readers. Are the dreads thick, thin, long, short? Compressed, dense? You could also mention a resemblance to plaits or braids (though note dreadlocks are different; do some research)

Here’s a sample description from one of Mod Shira’s books: A Harvest of Ripe Figs (Mangoverse)

He was tall, and broad, and very fat, and he seemed nonthreatening and kind. Shulamit studied his appearance, trying to parse his ethnicity. His skin was the same medium brown as her own and that of her people, but his hair was thick and coarse and pulled into the rough locks that looked like braids but weren’t, like the people to the south whose skin was darker.

~Mod Colette