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One thing about the Portal fandom I just LOVE (hate) is that scene towards the end of the game. The one where Wheatley tells Chell to 'Let go.' Asking her to let go of the only thing stopping her from getting thrown into space, which would lead to her death. GLaDOS on the other hand actually goes out of her way to save Chell, carefully pulling her back in. GLaDOS has spent half the game working for Chell's forgiveness through multiple acts, but Wheatley said sorry so he's the hero? I'm salty.


some things ive discovered while browsing mods for da:o

  • there are a lot of ‘young & attractive wynne’ mods which is just ?? to me lmao
  • whitewashing
  • actual good mods w fully voiced new npcs or quests like holy hell im so impressed
  • sexy lady armour that, as a feminist, i rail against, but as a wlw,
  • so many good additions to the cc or items, lighting fixes, texture fixes, goddamn mods may be a cesspit of whitewashing & objectification but there is so much good work that ppl put in as well 

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ut,uf,us,sf papyrus react to walking in on their brother in a middle of a make out session?

Hahahahaha!~ Mod God
UT Papyrus: He gets so flustered. “I’M SORRY. I DIDN’T MEAN TO. I WILL LEAVE YOU TWO BE!” He will then turn around and run. He will run out of the building. He will be flustered for about a week.

UF Papyrus: “ON MY COUCH! SERIOUSLY!?” Both will be lectured for about an hour. The couch is for sitting. Nothing else. Ya nasty.

US Papyrus: “Am I interrupting something?” He’s prettying chill about it. Mostly just want to see Sans get flustered. He did. He also probably fell.

SF Papyrus: Sorry, all I thought was Regina George’s mom.
“Do you guys need anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know.”

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(Part 1 of 2) I like to believe that Human!Miaya had personally given the DR1 Survivors therapy immediately after they were taken in by Future Foundation.... I also like to believe that if she had found out, probably through Makoto, that most of the DR and SDR2 cast had problems that needed therapy she would secretly/internally going "I WAS ON THE CAMPUS,YA KNOW? WHY DID NO ONE COME TALK TO ME ABOUT ANY OF THIS!? IT'S NOT LIKE THERAPY IS MY TALENT OR ANYTHING."

Now that you mention it… Miaya’s talent was pretty underused and unexplored, wasn’t it? If Hope’s Peak were so conscious about ~despair~, they probably could’ve helped to develop her talents into ~un-despairifying~ someone. Huh. ~ Mod Oddish

you dont need to know anything for sure. the fact that girls make your heart go thwump thwump or that you think about them a lot or you want to be held in a girl’s arms is enough. definitions are fun, but defining who you are is a journey. just be. 

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Fresh Sans x Purple Soul SO head cannons?

As someone who would have a purple soul, this was weird to think about~Mod God
-He finds it interesting how hard you work when you have your mind set on something.
-He might try to test your limits. He means no ill intent, he’s just curious to see how far you’ll go.
-It’s a good thing you can put up with a lot, because he can be a lot to handle.



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All the sans you can do meeting the purple guy! Bonus: all the sans meeting springtrap

omg. This will be very odd because I have to try and follow the canon of FNaF. {Also, some Sans’ will be excluded because I don’t do the AU and Mod God’s not huge on FNaF} ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Purple Guy- He can’t get over how any of this. How he looks, how he smells, how he sounds, it all just doesn’t really make sense. Also, he can’t seem to read his LV??? Does he somehow know how to hide it? Is he not fully there? What is this? He’s on guard the whole time.

Springtrap- Still just… confused. “if you knew it was dangerous, why’d you enter it anyway?” It’s not like soul fragments manifesting have a huge amount of power without exposure to magic, so he was safer out than in. He’s putting air fresheners on the animatronic.

US Sans

PG- “ARE YOU ALRIGHT, HUMAN? YOU SEEM ILL…” He’s adorably concerned. He doesn’t know why the human’s in this condition, but wants to help.

Springtrap- He’s hiding. This robot shouldn’t be functional! It shouldn’t be able to move! It shouldn’t be sentient! And he shouldn’t smell like this! Nothing about this is good.

UF Sans

PG- He’s laughing his metaphorical ass off. He knows that smell. That’s the smell of rot. This human’s dying and yet walking around like nothing’s wrong at all. It’s funny to him. He wonders if simply tripping him would be enough to kill him.

Springtrap- “now that’s unnerving…” The robot rabbit smells of rotting flesh, which is all he needs to know that it’s a walking, sentient grave. He’s not letting him get any closer. Even if some attacks have to fly, he’s staying over there.

SF Sans

PG- He laughs a little to himself at first, but grows bored fairly quickly. He’ll then try to trip the dying human.

Springtrap- He’s… trying to recruit him. “YOU CLEARLY HAVE AN INSANE LEVEL OF PERSEVERANCE! THAT COULD BE VERY HANDY.” He doesn’t seem to realize that the spirit inside the robot is human.

HT Sans

His reaction to both is the same: “gross”

Error Sans

PG- Hoooooly crap. He knew all humans had some of each trait, but this guy should be dead. His perseverance and determination are off the charts! Let’s just get rid of him.

Springtrap- I hope springtrap likes being torn to pieces by magic strings, because Error’s not gonna think twice on this.

Ink Sans

He nopes away from both of them.

Fresh Sans


SS Sans

PG- He’s beyond confused. How did something survive this long when about to literally fall apart?

Springtrap- Honestly? No real comment. He’s just accepting of this.

Reaper Sans

Both have a similar response. He doesn’t get why he can’t seem to touch this guy. He very clearly needs to move on, but Reaper just can’t get to him.

FT Sans

PG- Hey, look an easy target. He’s deterred by the smell, though, and very unlikely to actually attack, but he can still stalk and scare the man. Then again, one pounce should kill him easy.

Springtrap- “why is this bunny bot even here?”

More on Feraltale

  • Keith: sorry I'm late, I was doing things
  • Keith: push is such a strong word. I like to call it giving you a little nudge
  • Lance: I'll give you a little nudge when I shove my foot UP YOUR ASS!
  • Keith: HEY! *gestures to Shiro* watch your fucking language in front of the leader