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what are all the mods fav starters (grass or overall through the gens)

My all time fav starter is Popplio! Fav grass starter is Treecko :D

- Bulu

-Tapu Lele





When Neah has full control of Allen's body
  • Neah: Give up, pretty boy. He's deep asleep now. (walks away)
  • Kanda: Che.
  • Kanda: *uses his hands as a microphone* THE BEANSPROUT LOST TO ME IN POKER THE OTHER DAY!
  • Allen: *turns his head back instantly* WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL YOU GOIN' ON ABOUT, YOU WANKER?!
  • Kanda: ..!!
  • Allen: Oh.
  • Allen: It's you, the git who went back to the Order the other day. What's good, Kanda? (¬ 、ㄘ)
  • Kanda: God fucking dammit, you really piss me off.
  • Neah (inside): (sweats)
  • Neah: (tries to take over Allen's body again)
  • Kanda and Allen: *arguing constantly*
  • Neah: Um... (trying to interrupt but can't get a word in)


Space Prompts/Aus!

May or may not be because Mod Karissa has also watched the season 2 Voltron trailer recently plus the Steven Universe leaks shhhhh

  • Me, an avid amateur astronomer (say that five times fast), has noticed that a star has been slowly moving across the sky the past few months and oh shit it’s not there anymore where *cue a ship crash*

  • I love space so much but you can never see it where I am because the nearby city lights are too bright and you drive/fly us somewhere where I can see them in all their glory I could just kiss you right now wait-

  • I NEVER shut up about space and you like to stay right here on earth and explore that, thank you very much

  • My life dream has been to see the Northern/Southern lights and after a nasty accident where I had a brush with death you help me go see them

  • us fighting an alien invasion

  • we ARE the alien invasion wow this species is resilient

  • I’m the new intern at NASA who’s gawking at everything and you are really amused because you were the same way two years ago

  • we bought glow in the dark star stickers for my bedroom but now I insist that we buy a star map to put them up there accurately

  • I, an astronomy major, and you, an engineering major, are working together to design a new type of spaceship in our freetime
    • and it ends up working but oh shit we’re lost in space

  • aliens invading but an alien soldier is wounded and I know it’s stupid but I can’t let someone die dammit my conscience is gonna get me killed and I know it

  • we stumble upon the fact that we weren’t natives to this planet; we invaded a long long time ago