anonymous asked:

Can I have some positivity for a Gamzee who's feeling quite alone, both IRL and in their canon?

wwell, Gam. yer a pretty awwe2ome troll. loneliine22 2uck2 (ii can confiirm that per2onally), and nobody de2ervve2 twwo bee lonely. 

yer vvery cool and ii 2incerely hope you get twwo fiind 2omeone you enjoy 2pendiing tiime wiith who enjoy2 2pendiing tiime wiith you. friiend2hiip ii2 iimportant and vvery helpful for one2 mental and emotiional health.

ii am alwway2 here twwo talk, a2 ii2 Mod Fef, 2hould ya need iit.

——- Mod Erii2ol