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Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, those who sent me asks and such, I have not answered them - and for once, it’s not because of procrastination! \ovo/ My mother has gotten us a new place to live, as of rn we are literally living in a one room apartment. However, I don’t know when we will have wifi set up -  so, I will be queuing replies to make sure my blog isn’t entirely empty while gone. I will most likely have Internet again in at most 2 weeks, so see you then! <3 


Always makes me smile. Utter Choonage

+ New music from Mr. Bey is a rare occurence these days, but every so often he comes through with something to further cement his legacy. Inspired by the art and words of Jean-Michel Basquiat, and the epidemic of police brutality and social injustice in 2015, he delivers “Basquiat Ghostwriter.”

No rap circuses. A Country Called Earth. Free the land. Love and respect to the Basquiat family and Mr. W.F. Flame. Let us be reminded of Sandra bland, Fegurson, Baltimore, and all the injustice of the world, as well as the beauty. Respect to the family of Sean Price and Brooklyn, from which I and Jean-Michel are from. Eternal love to my city. God bless the soul and keeping living, even when we die, we wont stay dead.Lyrics by Yasiin Bey, Music by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s band Gray, off of their album Shades Of, originally recorded between 1979-1981. Lyrics taken from Jean-Michel’s paintings, graffiti and notebook sketches. Make peace and be grateful. L T P F J – Yasiin Bey

I’m sure that everybody out listening agree
That everything you see ain’t really how it be
A lot of jokers out running in place, chasing the style
Be a lot going on beneath the empty smile
Most cats in my area be loving the hysteria
Synthesized surface conceals the interior
America, land of opportunity, mirages and camouflages
More than usually, speaking loudly
Saying nothing, you confusing me, you losing me
Your game is twisted, want me enlisted in your usury
Foolishly, most men join the ranks cluelessly
Buffoonishly accept the deception, believe the perception
Reflection rarely seen across the surface of the looking glass
Walking the street, wondering who they be looking past
Looking gassed with them imported designer shades on
Stars shine bright, but the light rarely stays on
Same song, just remixed, different arrangement
Put you on a yacht but they won’t call it a slave ship
Strangeness, you don’t control this, you barely hold this
Screaming “brand new”, when they just sanitized the old shit
Suppose it’s, just another clever Jedi mind trick
That they been running across stars through all the time with
I find it’s distressing, there’s never no in-between
We either niggas or Kings, we either bitches or Queens
The deadly ritual seems immersed in the perverse
Full of short attention spans, short tempers, and short skirts
Long barrel automatics released in short bursts
The length of black life is treated with short worth
—  Mos Def

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Feat. Mos Def And Spank Rock) (Benny Blanco Remix)

I would never associate Justice with rap music, but this is just soo freaking awesome


Sometimes I just wanna leave and FLYYYY away! Then my Umi says, shine your light on the world Joe!