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Highschool AU where GrM and Arme are competing for student council president. Generally speaking, who votes for who between the two, and how close is it? :v

“You all know me - I’m Elesis Sieghart, captain of the Red Knights Anti-Bullying Club.”  Elesis runs on a platform of fairness and social order, promising to meet with teachers to discuss options for less homework, promising to help fix the school’s crumbling buildings, and of course, promising to plan and execute fantastic events.  She gets the Red Knights to campaign for her, having them hand out buttons as they patrol the halls in watch for bullies.  Her posters are plain and bold.  They’re usually decorated in red, with a photo of her and some catchy slogan like “Sieghart for the school’s heart!”

“I am Ainchase Ishmael, your class valedictorian and leader of the New Heights Youth Group.”  Ain’s platform is less about the students and more about school regulations, as he promises to do his best to increase funding for the arts, plan fundraisers to host fantastic events, and help straighten out and fix the defective rules surrounding detention and such.  As the leader of a religious youth group, he already has quite a few people running around to hand out flyers and buttons and campaign for him, though not all of them actually go to the school.  His posters tend to be decorated with tasteful blue glitter, and sometimes come across as a bit condescending.

Elesis gains the votes of Raven, Add (though he voted less for Elesis and more against Ain), Rena, and Ara.  Ain gains the votes of Aisha, Eve, Chung, Ciel.  Elsword abstains from voting in the election because he doesn’t want to offend whoever he doesn’t vote for.

Elesis ends up winning by quite a margin.  She’s well-known around the school, and is far more of a popular figure than Ain will ever have the stomach for.  Ain at least is graceful enough not to sulk.

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Friend: "Hahaha you're addicted to making new secondary blogs, you have wayyyy too many!!" Me: *ocd literally tells me I shouldn't post too much on my main blog and that every kind of post needs it's own place"