Summer Scramble 2017 Sandcastle Sentence Prompts!

“I’m gonna try and climb it…!”
“Don’t be impatient. It’s going to take some work.”
“No bailing on me now!”
“I am an EXPERT at making sandcastles.”
“Pack the wall in real solid!”
“Where’d our bucket go?”
“We need more shovels!”
“Let’s just start and see what happens.”
“I’m gonna make this work!”
“You build half, and I’ll build half, and we’ll connect it in the middle!”
“Let’s do a dance around it!”
“It’s… a sand snowman! A sandman!”
“This is moments away from falling apart.”
“This is moments away from being perfect!”
“Just glad that i could be here to help you, you know”
“Ohhh, that’s bad luck.”
“You think we have enough sand?”
“I can’t work with you staring over my shoulder.”
“…What are those for?”
“I made little people for it.”
“I gave it some eyes.”
“See? It has a window now.”
“Let me show you what I made!”
“We’re never doing this again.”
“Can I help you build it?”
“Did you do that on your own?”
“Hurry, Hurry! We have to catch up!”
“No need to be so quiet while we do this.”
“Leave this part to me.”
“What are we making?”
“That’s good enough.”
“Do you think we made it too close to the water?”
“This is so much fun to do together.”
“It’s okay! We’ll fix it!”
“Do you want a drink?”
“Just a quick break…”
“Show me how you did that again?”
“I’m gonna tell you right now, you’re not gonna like my plan.”
“I can’t believe this is happening.”
“Ack! I got sand in my suit…”
“We should go before whoever did this decides to come back.”
“See, your reaction right there, has just proven my point.”
“Maybe we should start over?”
“You fool. That is not merely sand. That is art.”
“We’ve been out in the sun awhile.”
“Did you just throw sand at me?”
“Am I happy? No, I’m just distracted.”
“I may have gotten carried away…”
“Should we put some flowers on it?”
“I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s ours!”
“Building survey! This castle’s not up to code!”
“I’m gonna have sand under my fingernails for a week.”
“It’s done! We should celebrate!”

important announcement!

Mod Ruby here, back from vacay early!!

So, two important stuff, please read this.
Theres a good thing, and a shitty thing.
Lets start with the shitty thing.
I have tried to not post stuff that could cause a lot of trouble, but for safety and comfort this needs to be said.
do NOT interact with this blog IF: you are a TERF or SWERF, you are a Nazi or believe in that kind of thing, you reblog things d/d/l/g OR are a d/d/l/g blog, or if you support pedophilia (minor in a relationship with an adult, even fictional).
This is supposed to be a nice enviornment to chill and be happy, and since those things are either dangerous to someone, makes them feel in danger or uncomfortable, Mod Kami an I included, that doesnt belong here, I’m sorry. You will be promptly blocked from the blogs content. Mod Kami pointed out one of those catagories in a blog who interacted with our post, and I am VERY passionate and adamant about this sort of thing, that type of stuff doesn’t fly with me. So that has to be said. For everyones safety. If you come cry about it to us in the inbox, we won’t care, leave our blog, its that easy. We won’t read it.

Im sorry for the shit stuff. But its important.

now thats out of the way, the good stuff!
I decided with everything going so well and seeing Mod Kami’s nice edits, and them practically begging to be a mod, so i accepted. I know people have asked to be mods, dont take it personally, it ISNT you! I’m always happy to chat though!

So lets give Mod Kami a big welcome and expect more of their wonderful edits!!

Stay safe Dave ♥️
-Mod Ruby

dancin-and-simmin  asked:

Hey, what mod is needed to get rid of the plumbob over the active sim's head? I'm trying to take pictures for a sim story, and the plumbob just doesn't really look good in any of the photos. Sorry to bother you. Also, I love your blog!

No mod is needed! Just type headlineeffects off into the cheat bar. And thank you!

Hey everyone! It’s mod ashley! I haven’t been active here in a very long time and in light of that, I am stepping down from the blog. I had a great time here, but I just don’t feel like modding this blog is for me. If you’re trans feminine and want to keep up with me, feel free to follow a blog that I started back in February called @relatabletransgirlthings its amazing and I’ve poured my heart and soul into it just as Rae has for this blog! 

I had an amazing time being a mod here and saying goodbye is hard, but its for the better, I hope you all have a great time here in the future, and serving as a mod here was a huge honor and a wonderful experience.

~mod ashley

Swimsuit Showcase! The First Day of Paradise!

   Ahh… Nothing like waking up to the sound of the ocean as the morning light filters in and paints one’s room with a golden glow. The scent of island flowers and sea breeze waft through the airs, and occasionally one might hear the cry of a tropical bird as they take to the skies. Truly, the Hotrealm is a thing of paradise– If only one could stay here all the time!

   Of course, the trio hadn’t had much time to enjoy it. Up with the sun and full of vim and vigor, Reflet, Laslow, and Robin wasted nary a moment in preparing for the next day’s events– After a quick bite to eat at the resort restaurant, their attention has been spread between the catwalk for the showcase and the designated area for the sand creations-to-be and ensuing scavenger hunt. Robin is by the latter, reviewing the rules one last time, while Reflet and Laslow are over by the catwalk. 

   It’s been a hectic morning, but a fun one. Reflet only hopes their guests are enjoying the tropics as much as his team has. The social had been a soaring success– Hopefully today would go just as smoothly!

   Well, full steam ahead! 

   Robin is giving the thumbs up from her place in the sand – Reflet swears he can see the beginnings of a map take shape from where she knelt, stick in hand – and Laslow has finally broken himself away from a conversation with Anna to confirm that the catwalk is ready to go as well. In fact, the boy’s chocolate hues are wandering to a certain voice-amplifying tome Reflet had left sitting on the runway, and the tactician hurries to collect it before Laslow gets the chance to pounce and cause nothing but chaos for the rest of the day. 

“Nice try,” Reflet chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. A soft ‘hmm’ escapes his lips as he ponders from where exactly he ought to make his announcement for the day– Ah. Why not the catwalk itself? 

   The tome flips open, Reflet clears his throat… 


“Good afternoon, one and all–! How are your days going? Well, I hope! This is your host Reflet popping in to let you know that the swimsuit showcase will be starting very shortly! I know you all heard from Robin about the sand castle scavenger hunt, so here’s a little from me about the day’s other main event!

Everyone’s been sporting such fashionable swimwear, we can’t help but want to show it off– With that, we cordially invite you to take a turn on the runway and strut your stuff! 

There are just a few guidelines you’ll need to follow if you want to step on up and share–

  • Swimsuits and summer fashion need to be family appropriate, but otherwise anyone is welcome to take part in the showcase– I know Laslow’s been chattering away about girls in bikinis, and I’d just like to reiterate that no matter who you are and what you’re wearing, we’d love to see you! … Well. So long as it’s family appropriate, of course.
  • Post a picture of your swimsuits or best beachwear, be it drawn or just a reference and to get up on the catwalk, share your swimsuits in the event tag: sea sky and sun ;; summer scramble ;; swimsuit scramble!

Of course, you’re welcome to show off all week long, don’t let missing the day stop you! Just keep using the tag, and let’s get a wonderful collection of summer fashion from the Outrealm’s best together! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s style today– See you soon!”

“Oh, I almost forgot– Starting today, you all should have received some tokens from the housekeeping staff! Send this blog a ☼ to take a chance at the lottery, with prizes selected from the generous donation of a Monomono Machine! You should have enough to last the week– Let’s keep it to one play per muse per day, shall we?”

((I’ve got great news for you guys to hear! If you follow my main blog, you would know that recently I had to suddenly move houses due to family issues. By this upcoming Friday night, I will be in my new apartment and back to trying to finish some asks along with other things for this blog! - Mod Mackie ))

npiad  asked:

(if you could answer privately that'd be great sorry) I think I saw you mention once that you had another art/mod blog? What would that one be, if you don't mind giving it out? Sorry if it's linked somewhere on the page, I didn't see it ^^;

Mod: Hey, sorry for the late reply! Just now able to breathe and get back to art again, so I didn’t get around to this ask before now! But that’s right, my main art blog is esmeia@Tumblr! :D

anonymous asked:

If this is a Lance centric blog why are you guys reblogging so much Klance? I followed for Lance centric posts, where it's mostly Lance, so it's kind of frustrating that it's half Klance, half Lance already.

Hi, first thing’s first. Thank you for the ask! Now, a lot of the images that have been posted were actually only scheduled a couple days ago to be posted now, due to one of our members not being able to post in real time for a while because of prior engagements. Not only that, this blog runs mainly on a queue! 

Moving on, there’re already klance posts because this is also a ship inclusive blog for any and all lance ships. Most, if not all, of the mods on this blog are klance shippers! However, that doesn’t mean that this is going to become a shipping blog itself. We’re lance-centric through and through, and while ships of all kinds will pop up, they’ll always be tagged for those to blacklist what they don’t want to see on their dash.

~ mod saltylance

anonymous asked:

Not a confession. I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me, but are there only three mods for the blog now?

Your eyes are definitely deceiving you because we’re currently on six mods. Me, Ali, Svad, Jenna, Kit (although he’s taken a step back from the Discord) and Rae. We’ve just had a lot going on recently so most of us haven’t been able to regularly do confessions. - Mod Gazooki