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Context for the photo: the beautiful girl on the left is Alycia Debnam Carey, who played LGBT icon Commander Lexa on the 100. She's adorable. On the right is Dominique Provost-Chalkey, who currently plays a bisexual woman in a wlw relationship on the show Wynonna Earp. Alycia was killed off the 100 (you may have heard of the problematic things there), so the Gay Migration went to Wynonna Earp. The photo was taken at San Diego Comic Con this weekend

WHAT THE FUCK that makes it even better

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Sock's a really happy guy but when you piss him off enough ( it's really difficult to get him to this point) he throws psychotic temper tantrums

O BOY,, okay this ask is Super Duper Ableist and im going to explain why

1) first off lets get the obvious out of the way,, using psychotic as an insult is Way Out of Fucking Line. I am not psychotic myself so i cannot put too much input in on this. obv if someone else would like to add to this i will encourage that so much.

2) TEMPER TANTRUMS,,, O BOY. this part is kind of microaggressive so like its hard for me to explain,, okay since i am autistic i can talk more about this. (even tho i think using psychotic as an insult is worse but,,  yeah)
like,,, my first response when i see someone use temper tantrum for someone over the age of like, 4 i get Testy. i get even more Testy when i see, oh its because they were pushed one way or another. like lets just leave alone the fact that “pissing someone off enough” is a bad thing to do in and of itself, when you use the phrase temper tantrum youre referring to autistic people!! liek something ive heard 500 times when i have a meltdown or shutdown is “stop throwing a fit!” or “stop throwing a tantrum!!”

in conclusion ur being awful and i hope u change. and to everyone else, this is a reminder that we have ZERO TOLERANCE towards this garbage, and tbh i’ll just be blocking and deleting any other asks like this.

-mod parker

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