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companions and advisers react to discovering the inquisitor did a perfect wicked hearts quest with utterly no mistakes whatsoever and was utterly stone cold drunk as all hell the entire time without giving it away until the very end when they're alone.


Iron Bull + Chargers:


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Cole: Knew the whole time, so


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Headcanon that Yuuri gets so fed up with Viktor not doing the dishes that he brings them to their competitions and throws them at Viktor after he finished his routine. (At one point Yurio joins and they make a challenge out of who can hit Viktor the most.)


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Can i ask the mod to choose gifs that they think best sums up each companion character in da2?

im sorry but this is gonna be shitposty af bc I’m too tired and sick to make up a coherent post











BONUS: Cullen:

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The inquisition reacts to finding the inquisitior sliding around the freshly waxed floor in fluffy socks and asking them if they'd like to join


Iron Bull:











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~Funny coming out story~ It was gym class and my friend and I were injured so we were helping the teacher out. For some reason we had to tidy up a pack of cards. While we did this, we discovered a card was missing (it was an ace). 10 mins later I very quietly go "I found the missing card. The ace" and she goes "where???" Then I point to myself and say "I'm the missing ace". She loved the pun but hated the fact we never actually found the missing card.

That was such a perfect setup and delivery, I’m so proud



Not pokemon ultra sun and moon, but a new gen 8 mythical announced! It’s called Melton, the Hex Nut Pokémon and is a steel type. In pokemon go, dittos have been found disguised as one already! He’s number 891*, and with 807 pokemon in the current Dex, that makes at least 84 new and unseen pokemon to catch in generation 8! Look forward to the future!

*The pokedex number is not confirmed, although thanks to datamining that’s what meltan is registered under in pokemon go, that may change.

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Companions react to the Inquisitor falling into a magic trap that turned them into a cat?



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Iron Bull (pretend the lion is a house cat):

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(Bonus) Scout Harding:

(Bonus) Inquisitor:

(Double Bonus) Inquisitor, Going to the War Table After This:

Companions (Low Approval)

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How about V3 guys realizing that they're in love with their best friend

Hi! this was the first ask we’ve gotten in a while, so mod CJ wrote for ryouma, kaito, gonta, and ouma, and I wrote for korekiyo, shuichi, kiibo, and rantarou!



-Oh. Oh no.

-His instant reaction to figuring out his feelings is fear. He’s very afraid of ruining your friendship, as he doesn’t believe he’s good enough for you. He’s also very afraid that you’ll be hurt if you date him, just as his last girlfriend was hurt.

-He begins to isolate himself away from you, since there’s no way he’ll willingly tell you about his feelings without intervention.

-You’d notice the difference in behavior and attempt to confront him. If you express worry or concern and ask what’s wrong, he’d finally tell you.

-He just accepts, in that moment, that whatever happens happens. If you reciprocate his feelings, he gets to be happy and in love. If you don’t reciprocate his feelings, then you’re safe and he’ll just go back to being friends with you. Though he might be a little quieter than before if you’re just friends.

-Then again, he appreciates having someone like you in his life, regardless of if you’re best friends or lovers.


-This lovable idiot had one of those moments where you two were hanging out, and you did one thing, one tiny little miniscule thing, and he just thinks ‘…I love them. Huh.”

-You’re his best friend. He trusts you so much, he probably doesn’t even hesitate in saying that to you then and there.

-Because honestly, what’s the worst that can happen? He’s such an optimist that he doesn’t think of any terrifying outcomes.

-If you love him back, wonderful!! He gets to have his best friend as the one he loves most and they feel the same way!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!

-If you dont, he still has you as his amazing sidekick and partner in crime! Sweet!!!!

-That plus he has no filter and just kinda admitted his feelings before realizing it. Whoops.


-He doesn’t really realize he’s in love with you romantically. Because yeah! He loves having you in his

life!! He appreciates everything you do for him!!! Isn’t that what friends do??

-He only realizes that he likes you as more than a friend when he begins to notices the smaller details he  loves about you. Your cute mannerisms, the way you speak, the way you brighten up when talking about a subject you love.

-He kinda realizes that he doesn’t focus so much on those things with his other friends, so he knows something is different about you.

-He figures it out a few days later. You hug him while youre saying goodbye to him and he just,,, tells you that he loves you.

-You probably take that platonically since Gonta is just generally a complete sweetheart, but he corrects you that, no, he loves loves you.

-He immediately gets really embarrassed about admitting that, rip Gonta.


-Hmmmmmmmm. Interesting.

-He realizes it over a period of time, and you begin to notice that he tries to get your attention more and more.

-You were talking to literally anyone other than him???? Not anymore. He just jumped on your back and demands attention from you. It’s getting frustrating.

-He takes a surprisingly long time to figure out how to tell you. He honestly probably gets a lot of opinions on what to do from his D.I.C.E. members, before he finally works up the courage to tell you.

-He confronts you alone, and looks,,,, kinda scared?????

-He beats around the bush and stalls before blurting it out. He just stares at you while you form your response.

-If you reject his feelings, he tries to play it off as one of his lies, but he acts differently around you afterwards.


-He would initially assume that his sudden realization is just a spur-of-the-moment ordeal. He’d assume he was caught up in a weak place, and you kindness towards him set off a response of affection.

-He’ll ignore it for a while, but after a month or two and he’s still overanalyzing everything you say and do, he starts to think that maybe he actually does like you.

-His first thought of action was to do nothing, and just ignore it and continue staying friends, because he’d rather have your relationship be stable and not as fragile like a couple, but he starts coming up with weird ideas to start being with you more, which can either come off as very forward, or like he doesn’t care.

-His composer will always stay calm and collected, but he’ll act a lot more clingy than he use to act, following you around and making sure you’re okay and safe wherever, and I mean wherever you go.

-He himself will never confess, but when confronted he’ll gush out a monologue about his feelings.

-If he’s rejected, he’ll act normal the next day and pretend everything that happened didn’t, in hopes that things will be normal

-If he’s accepted, he just kinda stands there in awe and confusion cause he didn’t actually expect you to say you liked him too. He’s happy though


-Definitely the calmest out of all of them. He kinda just goes with the flow with life, so if he catches feels for you, he’ll just straight up say it.

-For him, trust is the most valuable part of a relationship, and the main part of your relationship is trust, so naturally, he’s confident that even if you don’t like him, it’s cool! No big deal.

-However despite this, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get flustered easily.

-He wants a good time to actually tell you, instead of just blurting it out, and between the time when he develops feelings, and when he tells you, he acts very on edge and very flustered.

-He gets the worst case of butterflies, and he can’t help it! And because you guys are friends he can’t just say no to hanging out, especially when he likes you!!

-Eventually after some thinking, and teasing from his sisters, he’ll just tell you and ask you on a date.

- If you reject him, he’ll be surprisingly sad. He’ll wander aimlessly around where you guys live and might not return for a few days, but when he comes back, he’ll say that he understands your choice, and that you’re still his best friend.

-If you accept his offer, he’ll pick you up and wing you around!! happiest boi around

-he’ll buy you gucci on the first date


-Shuichi is already in the checkout lane of Bath and Bodyworks and Lush buying himself literally every stress-relief themed item he can find.

-He suddenly has like 40 good luck charms on his bag, even after he showers, he still reeks of eucalyptus and spearmint oils.

-He gets a text from you?? You’re left on read. You see him in the halls??? He’s fucking RUNNING. You try to talk to him??? Sorry uh,, Ranstoner is calling

-He panics, he doesn’t process anything that’s happening. Every surviving brain cell in his head just dies on the spot, like he just doesn’t know what to do.

-He’ll immediately distance himself from you, but if you looked over at him, you’d see him staring at you with a look of both awe and seriousness. You’re just, so perfect!!!!!!

-He asks The Friends for advice, Kaito and Rantarou are NOT helpful, considering they’d just tell you on the spot, Kaede gives him good advice, but does Shuchi have the heart to carry it through? nah

-And even though he never asked, Kokichi would run and tell you for Shuichi, and Miu would totally start planning y’all’s “activities”.

-It’s incredibly obvious that he likes you, so confronting him about the issue isn’t hard… for you. For him, he’d probably just gush out a string of words saying his feelings and how he wants to do dirty things to you like hold your hand and love you unconditionally.

-if he’s rejected, he’ll apologize for the inconvenience and not speak to you for a few days. However he’ll reassure to you prior that you didn’t do anything wrong, and that he needs time to recompose himself.

-if you accept the boy, he’ll faint. Everybody is proud of Shuichi, but Shuichi is now left of “what now”. But despite his shaky demeanor, he’s a lot happier and less stressed as he was before.


-he knows what love is, but he’s yet to have experience it, so when his circuits start heating up too much, and he suddenly loses his train of thought, he instantly runs to Miu in fear of a bug with his programming.

-when Miu states everything’s fine, with a mocking comment about how he’s “getting way to worked up over you ;)”, he goes back like everything’s normal

-and naturally he’s like totally in love with you, but he doesn’t actually realize it?? So when his circuits get even hotter and he starts sweating and his motors start running on overdrive he goes back to Miu for another check, which she explains to him that the feelings he’s experiencing mean he’s in love with you.

-after what she said, he’d think about it for a while. Loving somebody as a friend is different than loving somebody as a partner, and he grew to feel embarrassed thinking about the fact that he loves you as a partner, he wants to be with you.

-after some thinking, he decides to go and tell you straight up, because you deserve to know.

-if he’s rejected, he’ll be pretty bummed, he’ll mope around for a day or two, but he’ll slowly learn to accept it and move on. He’ll tell you it’s okay that you don’t like him back, but he’ll still be on edge for a while

-If you accept him he’ll smile wider than ever before, and straight after ask “okay what now”. He will proudly hold your hand in public!!! He is so prideful, it’s unbelievable, but he’s a soft boy so everybody is happy for you two.