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Love Spell

So I know it took me forever to upload this, but I wanted to make sure it worked first, and it did! I made this spell last semester. It’s completely dorm-friendly, and it doesn’t have any ingredients that are too hard to find.


  • Clear and/or Rose quartz crystals (optional but definitely helpful)
  • Moon water
  • Salt
  • Paper/index cards/sticky notes
  • Pink pen/marker/highlighter

To start off, I included the sigil I made for this spell, and the rune Gebo, the “Divine Gift”.


  1. Add salt to moon water in a clockwise motion
  2. Let the salt dissolve
  3. On separate pieces of paper, write the rune Gebo (X) and the sigil, in pink, and make sure to focus your intent while doing so
  4. Add the crystals and papers to the moon water, while repeating “I am smart and beautiful. The love I desire will find me.”
  5. Let the ink dissolve off of the papers to cast

After the ink has pretty much dissolved into the water, you can carry the charged crystals, or put the moon water on like perfume. Personally I did both, and repeated my intent as I put it on. 

It’s important to note that just because it doesn’t work instantly doesn’t mean it’s not working. Also, just because the person you like right now doesn’t immediately like you back, doesn’t mean it didn’t work. Stick with it, believe it will work, and it will! What you visualize, you materialize. I hope this is helpful and I’d love to hear how it works for everyone!

Blessed be,



Creativity Spell Jar

I recently made a creativity spell jar for Belinda and I thought I might as well post the ingredients for you guys in case anyone finds it helpful.

This spell jar is used to encourage creative ideas and to prevent any sort of creative block


  • Fern: mental clarity 
  • Basil: prosperity, wealth, creativity
  • Rosemary: mental clarity, enhances memory, creativity
  • Clover: luck, success
  • Pine Needles: perseverance, prosperity, strength 
  • Wild Sunflower Petals: optimism, creativity

Optional: I always like to write the personal/name sigil of the recipient on the spell jar as I believe that it helps to direct the energy and intent towards the specific person.

-Mod Pyre