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lovecore asks

1.) what’s your sexuality?

2.) are you dating someone right now?

3.) would you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?

4.) what comes to your mind when you think of love?

5.) what’s your type? (body + personality wise <3)

6.) flowers or hearts?

7.) red or pink?

8.) do you prefer pastels or dark colors?

9.) scented lotion or perfume?

10.) what color(s) do you associate with love?

11.) what animal(s) do you associate with love?

12.) how do you know when you’re crushing on someone?

13.) how do you know when you’re in love?

14.) have you been in love?

15.) favorite romcom trope?

16.) what’s your favorite aesthetic other than lovecore?

17.) favorite romantic movie?

18.) ideal date?

19.) what would you give your partner for a romantic gift?

20.) what would you want to receive from a partner as a romantic gift?

21.) why do you like lovecore?

22.) what do you think love is? like, how would you explain the concept

23.) do you believe in love at first sight?

24.) have you ever crushed on a friend?

25.) have you ever crushed on a stranger?

26.) celebrity crush?

27.) do you have a crush on any fictional characters?

28.) matte or shiny?

29.) bright or dull colors?

30.) do you have a favorite lovecore blog? if so, what is it?

31.) favorite love song?

32.) <3 or ♥️?

33.) do your best heart spam!! (ex. 💗🏳️‍🌈💗💓💓💝🍓💝💫✨💫💞💝💗⭐️💘💓💗💞♥️)

send in any other love/lovecore associates asks as well~! i love you all!!!


Mods answer your questions!! (σ'∀’)σ*。・゜+.*.  I’m Toffee aka @klanceforthesoul​ and my partner in klance is @anetteloli​ and here are answers for some of the questions that are for us and not Keith and Lance!.


I don’t read fanfic anymore, for a huge-ass reason I don’t wanna bore you with here but I can recommend some fluff I’ve written?? ( °-°)シ ミ★ ミ☆

I’ll be your mothman 2,613

When Lance discovers that the reason Keith’s been so down lately is because he misses the mothman books and theories he left behind Lance decides to create Arus’ own mothman…

I Found Your Smile In The Rain.  1,518

Keith knows Lance smiles a lot but they don’t seem genuine to him. He wants to see Lance smile for real. - there’s more fluff here, not sure how they are but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Let Them Have The Ride Of Their Lives!36,838

Keith moves to Planet Altea to study in his new academy, (which it is Voltron) on the same day that he moved in he decides to explore his new living area when he finds a Blue Cat guy driving wildly a motorcycle. He finds himself in a situation where he’s somehow attracted to him and doesn’t know why until he finally meets him.

(Keep in mind! That this story has strong topics in it.) - HAVE FUN~(๑•̀-•́)و✧  Have fun crying  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


as mentioned above I don’t read fanfic BUT I certainly do write it!!!

You want angst i got your angst!!

In The Shape Of A Boy 61,511

When Lance meets a boy in the middle of a rainy night he doesn’t expect to see him the next day at his new school, but, turns out the dude is an asshole.

Tragic memories and horrific events have changed them but can Lance find the truth behind Keith’s mask?. Can he learn to find happiness in a world that seems so keen on tearing it away from him?.

(read warnings on Ao3) 

The Hardest Part Of This Is Leaving You - 4,478

Forever is a farce.

Lance has been in a relationship with Keith since their college days, so why did cancer have to come to take him away?.

Inspired by ‘Cancer’ a cover by Twenty one pilots of a My Chemical Romance song.

(read warnings on Ao3)

remember to check out Anette’s fic too ( Let Them Have The Ride Of Their Lives! -  36,838)

More answers under the read more!! (^O^)~♪

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I wanna see the headcannons

//Pride day Hc’s about the Squip Squad:

- Rich and Jeremy became really close after the whole squip thing so like, they made T-shirts that kind of match? The Bi Guys T-shirts.

- People think they’re dating and they’re like??? No we’re not????

- Brooke loves to collect things and keeps them for memories and stuff? Yeah she ends up with a bag just full of stuff.

- Jake ends up with so many new pins, you thought his jacket was jingly before? Well it’s really jingly now!

- Somebody said that Michael would probably make a good Drag Queen and homebody just thinks about that for the longest time.

- Chloe said that if he were to actually do it she’d love to do his make up and she’d love to be a drag king.

- For next year’s Pride Chloe and Michael are the best drag King/Queen’s at the pride nobody can stop them.

- Also! They made a float for pride and since they’re so extra they definitely make a float one year. Jake’s making it fly a bit up in the air, Jeremy’s working the heck out of those lights, Chloe turned into this beautiful lion Christine is sitting on top of Chloe singing in Freddie Mercury’s voice and Rich is doing a light show with his fire.

- Michael, Brooke and Jenna are their just dancing together having a blast it’s amazing everyone’s having fun.

- Michael liked to travel through people’s phones and leaves nice messages in them like ‘Have a nice pride!!’ ‘Good vibes!’ 'Hope you’re having a good time!!!’

- They’re all just having the best time ever and nothing can stop them.

- They’ve totally gone to Pride in cosplay, and regretted it because it was so hot.

- - At first Michael doesn’t want to go? But it’s not like 'OH I DONT WANT TO!’ It’s like… sounds cool but I just…. Want to stay home, it’s very loud and there’s a lot of people,,,, but they convince him to go anyways! And he ends up having a blast.

- Christine wanted to go since the beginning! She was so pumped for it! But with all the noise and screaming she got like,, sensory overload and Jenna goes out with her until she can calm down, she makes her these make-shift ear plug because!! She was having so much fun!!!! She doesn’t want to leave just yet!!!!! (Bobs burgers anyone?)

- They have to keep an eye on Christine because! There’s so many colors! And she’ll get distracted by the smallest things and sometimes they’ll keep walking and then all of a sudden be like ’????? Where’s Christine????’ And she’s just staring at this really pretty float with so many colors! God she loves colors!

- Jake and Jeremy are like one of the best dancers in the group so when it’s time to dance It’s About To Go Down.

- In pride people also love to show off their powers to people, and the squip squad love to see new powers and powers that are similar to theirs but it’s not like theirs and they learn new techniques! They learn so much at pride too.

- Jake probably accidentally hit somebody in the face while dancing because he got too into it.

- They Squip Squad end the day by going to somebody’s house and ordering pizza and they’ll all just end up in one big cuddle pile.

- Jenna’s also constantly recording everything, people think she’s a YouTuber vlogger or something and try to get into the video but really she just likes to relive happy moments so Hello random stranger! You’re now forever in my video!

- Since Christine has photographic memory she knows how frequents there constantly.

- “Oh hey you’re that one person who dressed up as Ursula and ended up accidentally choking on confetti!!”

- “?? Yeah?? Hello!”

- These are just a few but long story short they have a blast at Pride

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Mod EJ is my unproblematic fave.

Wrong. Mod EJ is extremely problematic. Callout post for Mod EJ:

Wouldn’t give the dogs any fish this morning, even though the dogs are nice and fluffy and made it very clear that they wanted fish by staring at it imploringly and sticking their snouts in Mod EJ’s lap.

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I see so so so many reposts of your art on Instagram without giving credit...

Yeah – I kind of just don’t know what to do about it at this point. The instagram reporting process is complex and I don’t have the time to address the hundreds of reposts. If you see a repost and they don’t leave credit please comment on it with the source, or if you can, please message the poster directly and ask them to either take it down or include the source! You’d really be doing me a solid!