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What is the strangest crossover ship that the mods have ever seen in their bad art travels? I think one of the strangest for me was when someone shipped their edgy wolf OC with Donatello from TMNT.

Honestly, it’s not the strangest, but it has ALWAYS bugged me when people shittily pasted a Disney/Dreamworks character into another movie.. Like all these movies usually are in different time periods and it just gets to me. But, weirdest has to be the time I stumbled on nsfw art for The Brave Little Toaster? I think there was crossover shit, despite it being old and obscure now. :’) I’d look, but I don’t wanna check and see that again. Oof my childhood

-Mod Egg

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Childhood friends AU. Will Solace and Nico di Angelo were childhood friends who had lost communication with each other when Nico’s family moved away. Years later, Will found an old unopened letter with what seems to actually be Nico’s by then new contacts. Not really thinking it would still be working, he dialed up and to his surprise it started ringing and soon enough, someone answered.

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another headcanon ask! What were some of the best moments of aku's childhood, as rare as they may be? ( ◕‿◕✿) And/or how would yall sort these nerds into Hogwarts Houses? (◠﹏◠✿)

we’re sorry for taking so long to answer this jkgldfjlgd!!

honestly, aku’s childhood probably had no good highlights to it. but if u really wanted to think of something, then we have two things to say on it!!

🌙 that was when his interest in calligraphy was born!! he didn’t know how to read or write back then but he could still appreciate store signs written in beautiful fonts, and he started wishing he could write like that someday.

🌙 he used to use rashomon to make harmless things like flowers and animals, especially to gin–who thought it was all really cool. he always felt happy around his sister, so the only memories he treasure from his childhood are the ones he’s with her.

🌙 aku’s childhood sucked ass tbh there’s probably nothing good about it if we’re being realistic!! which is unfortunate because this boy only deserves good things…………. i’m so sad.

as for hogwarts houses, it’s time for me, a huge hp nerd, to shine!!!!

🌙 in gryffindor, we have atsushi–who swears he’s a hufflepuff but is too brave for his own good–and chuuya, who shows some slytherin traits but not enough for him to belong to it.

🌙 in ravenclaw, i’d say we have kunikida and ranpo, two huge nerds. kunikida reminds me of That One Kid that reminds the teacher they sent homework even though they forgot, and ranpo is just too smart to belong anywhere else.

🌙 in hufflepuff, there’s the beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure kenji and tanizaki, who also shows traits of a gryffindor but is too mild, so he ended up in hufflepuff (which is mod aku’s house!).

🌙 in slytherin–that’s mod ryuu’s house–we have our local problematic faves, dazai and akutagawa. dazai is intelligent, much like a ravenclaw, but he uses his knowledge to further his goals and other needs that only have meaning to himself, and he’s not above using others for that. akutagawa is one angsty emo fuck and i can’t see him in any other house except slytherin tbh it just fits him.

Frederick to the Rescue!

please love Chrom again

Yes, this was a brilliant idea, little Chrom thought to himself. No one ever let him do any fighting around here. But he’ll show them! He’ll go take out the bad its (bandits) and prove his worth! Whatever that means.

He’d gleaned the information from a couple of very hungry soldiers. It didn’t take much, just the cake he had stolen from the kitchen.

After that, he’d put his small size to good use. He’d used one of the secret passages he’d discovered to break into where they were and swiped the Falchion and Fire Emblem. After all, a hero needs the best weapons, doesn’t he? He’s sure that they won’t miss it. Or him. Nah, they won’t even notice that he’s gone at all.

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The fucking goosebumps. 

Literally read my comment I wrote because where the fuck do I even start.

The Hand

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A cousin of mine and his wife and children just moved house a little over a year ago. At the time they moved in, they were not told that the house was known around the neighbourhood as ‘the haunted house’. I was told this story when I visited them over the Easter weekend.

They have three children, two boys and a newborn girl. The boys are between 1-3 years (not sure how old they are). Now, my cousin’s wife was a bit worried about these two boys. A few times over the past months they have been waking up in the middle of the night and run screaming into their parents’ rooms. The reason they have been doing this is because ‘a hand is coming out the wall’. The boys sleep in separate rooms, but both have done this.

While I was in their house I wanted to inspect why they would be doing this, so I took the older of the boys up to his room to ask questions. We sat down on his bed, and I asked him about the hand. Where had he seen it? What did it look like? He just pointed to the wall across the room, and I went over to look at it. Normal wall. The room on the other side of the wall was his brothers. The wall there looked pretty normal too. When I went back to the first room, I knew something was wrong because the kid was just sitting on his bed with this look on his face like he was going to cry but didn’t want to. He looked slightly terrified, and was looking at the wall again. I couldn’t see anything there, so I asked him: is it there? He looked over at me and nodded, then ran out of the room screaming for his mother.

I swear I couldn’t see anything wrong with this wall, but when I touched it again it was freezing cold, like metal in winter. That when I heard that their dog was barking like mad outside and you know what? I ran downstairs and right out of that house because there was a hand coming out of the wall and I couldn’t see what it would be doing.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: YIKES. 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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DID can form at any age not only just 6-9. stop lying and making us feel like we're not valid. thanks.

Unless anyone has reputable sources stating that DID can develop past early childhood, the mods of this blog stand by the assertion that it cannot develop past ages 6-9 (Katherine’s post about it is here). Both research and reputable online sources agree on this fact. The reason why this is a necessity is due to the fact that DID develops during a critical stage in a child’s development before they have developed a unified and cohesive sense of self. The brain develops at different rates and different areas of the brain develop first. Young children are highly dissociative due to which areas of the brain have yet to fully develop, including the areas associated with integrating experiences into a sense of self - the prefrontal cortices and hippocampus. The disorder can reveal itself at any age due to a number of factors, but this is not the same as the disorder developing later in life. The disorder will have already been there, it was just triggered into being made more obvious and noticeable.

The following is from the DSM 5, explaining how DID can be triggered into its full form at later stages in life and how it presents differently at different ages, giving the illusion that it developed later:

Dissociative identity disorder is associated with overwhelming experiences, traumatic events, and/or abuse occurring in childhood. The full disorder may first manifest at almost any age (from earliest childhood to late life). Dissociation in children may generate problems with memory, concentration, attachment, and traumatic play. Nevertheless, children usually do not present with identity changes; instead they present primarily with overlap and interference among mental states (Criterion A phenomena), with symptoms related to discontinuities of experience. Sudden changes in identity during adolescence may appear to be just adolescent turmoil or the early stages of another mental disorder. Older individuals may present to treatment with what appear to be late-life mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, paranoia, psychotic mood disorders, or even cognitive disorders due to dissociative amnesia. In some cases, disruptive affects and memories may
increasingly intrude into awareness with advancing age.

Psychological decompensation and overt changes in identity may be triggered by 1) removal from the traumatizing situation (e.g., through leaving home); 2) the individual’s children reaching the same age at which the individual was originally abused or traumatized; 3) later traumatic experiences, even seemingly inconsequential ones, like a minor motor vehicle accident; or 4) the death of, or the onset of a fatal illness in, their abuser(s).

The following is a scientific source from one of the DID researchers responsible for the theory of structural dissociation and one of the authors of The Haunted Self, Ellert Nijenhuis.

In infants, emotional and other mental systems seem to operate in relatively unintegrated ways. While infants rather automatically move from one to another state (as manifestations of different mental (sub)systems), over time, with adequate caregiving and attachment, they gradually learn to exert more volitional control over the various states. The sense of self is still highly state-dependent (Wolf, 1990; Wolff, 1987), and for young children the experience of an emotional state is closely tied to, if not synonymous with active behaviors. The relatively low integrative level of young children can be related to the fact that brain regions that have major integrative functions, such as the prefrontal cortices and the hippocampus, have not yet fully matured. Full maturation of the orbitofrontal and prefrontal cortex requires many years (Benes, 1998).


Trauma may interfere with this developmental process (Putnam, 1997): the child will have difficulty integrating action systems, and constructing cohesive autonoetic consciousness and episodic memory. As Perry and his colleagues (Perry, 1999; Perry, Pollard, Blakely, Baker, & Vigilante, 1995) have argued, repeated activation of specific trauma-related states, or, in our terms, EPs, leads to neurobiological “hard-wiring” of the brain. In particular, the wiring of the developing brain seems to be dependent on the childis life experiences, with the first six years of life as a critical period.


Several psychological data are also suggestive of a potential causal relationship between severe traumatization in early childhood, and compromized integrative functions. For example, younger children had more PTSD symptoms than adolescents (Anthony, Lonigan, & Hecht, 1999), and the severity of psychoform and somatoform dissociation among DID patients and psychiatric controls were best predicted by reported trauma during the first six years of life (Draijer & Boon, 1993; Nijenhuis, Spinhoven et al., 1998).

I apologize if this makes you feel like you are invalid. However, if you truly feel that your multiplicity developed later in life, not that it simply revealed itself later, there is likely a different cause for it than DID.

-J (of SN)

My old home.

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Most of this story happened when I was too young to really remember it, but both of my parents have told me it, and I know my dad’s not one for making up stories, or believing in the paranormal for that matter. Basically my mum and dad bought their first house together after they got married, and it was just after they’d moved in that weird stuff started to happen. Mum heard whispering in their bedroom, like two people were having a whispered argument. She couldn’t understand what they were saying, but she felt like she shouldn’t wake my dad to let him know what she was hearing. She felt like she shouldn’t draw attention to herself.

a few weeks later, they both came downstairs to see the backdoor wide open and the keys missing. After the sink became blocked, dad took the U bend out to fix it and found the keys there. Dad was in the kitchen the one night and saw someone run past the window, but they left no prints in the snow.

Then I was born. The dog that we had wouldn’t leave me alone. she used to sleep under my crib until my parents came to bed, and used to follow me around the house once I became mobile. she also used to bark and growl at the metering cupboard in the dining room. Dad always felt like he was being watched, although mum didn’t have this experience. Dad said it was almost like someone had this massive desire to hurt him, but they couldn’t, he said he could almost feel their  need to do it. He had a similar experience in his childhood home, when he held a door shut for over an hour cause he felt like someone on the other side wanted to harm him.

Our belongings used to vanish and turn up in the garden. One of my earliest memories in that house is standing on a stool at the sink to brush my teeth (I don’t know how old I was, but very young I imagine) and watching someone in the mirror walking along the landing, pacing around. I thought it was my dad, cause he always brushed my teeth for me until I was about 5, but I called for him and it didn’t answer, but disappeared. As I got older I thought perhaps I’d dreamt it, but after I was told about my house, I’m thinking not. I remember having nightmares in the house that someone was chasing me, and dad had dreams about something trying to break into my room to hurt me.

It kinda came to an end when dad was in the shower, and saw someone stood at the end of the bath. He asked them to leave us alone, and they vanished. Dad got a priest to come in and bless the house and afterwards it all stopped. When we decorated a few months afterwards, we found markings burned into the floor under the carpets, and on the walls, and also in the shed at the bottom of the garden. we think someone had been messing with a Ouija board but we can’t be too sure. I can’t physically walk past that house anymore, I feel the need to vomit every time I do. I almost feel like I’m being smothered. An older lady lives there now, and we’ve not heard anything from her about it, so I assume it’s all stopped now.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I’m glad you’re out of that situation! 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!