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Rivals To Lovers

A few people asked for this so here’s a longer one to include them all!

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  • as kids you were always a few inches taller than me and it always pissed me off but guess whos taller NOW
  • we were always neck and neck in school and the teachers want us to work together to represent the school in a contest
  • I’ve never met you before but we’re in the same contest and in the semi-finals together I need to win
  • for some reason we always butted heads, no one really knows why, but you’ve moved away for a few years and holy cow what do you mean that’s the same person
  • we always liked the same person so we don’t get along but they force us to hang out with each other so we stop fighting (ot+ friendly)
  • we’ve always hated each other but then one day you save my life like why??? I have to reevaluate my entire mindset (mostly bc I have no idea if I’d do the same if it were me, sorry pal)
  • we never hated each other until that one day you were an absolute ASSHOLE out of nowhere for no reason six years ago. …..What the fuck do you mean you have an identical twin who hates me
  • we signed up for the same cooking class as best friends but then I found out you like PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA I CANT BE FRIENDS WITH YOU NOW THIS VIOLATES MY BASIC IDEALS

I hope these work for all of you!! i’m so sorry about the last one i just couldn’t help myself

~Mod Karissa

Fun fact: Despite my love for the occult/paranormal, I’m still afraid to look out of windows or open doors to the outside at night because I was traumatized as a child by the show MonsterQuest. Specifically, after watching one episode, I had a nightmare that I looked out my bedroom window on the 2nd floor of my house and the show’s version of the Flatwoods Monster was there. But here’s what gets me: I googled a picture of it recently and not only is the CGI horrible but



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Flood my Mornings: Service

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment:  Thanks (Thanksgiving and Bree’s Birthday)

Late November, 1950


“Bath time, little smudge!”

Bree squealed and, like a shot, went barreling toward the bathroom. Turning two years old seemed to have turned on a tap of perpetual energy from on high: energy to throw tantrums, energy to hate going to bed, energy to form VERY strong opinions about what she did and did not plan to eat, and so on, and so forth for all time. 

However, she had also decided she loved baths, and by the time I arrived at the tub myself, she was already standing on the bathmat, triumphantly nude and brimming with expectation with her toys in hand. I laughed and kissed the top of her head. “One minute, you goofy girl.” 

I poked my head briefly into the living room. “Do you want bath duty or bedtime duty tonight?”

“I’ll take bed, if it’s all the same to you, Sassenach,” Jamie said, looking up from the rolltop. “I’d like to get the rest of the bills paid and ready for tomorrow’s Post.”

“Fine by me,“ I said, taking the chance to stretch my back, already thinking of plopping into bed as soon as humanly possible. “Thank you for handling those, sweetheart.”

“’Course,” he said with feeling, rising and kissing my forehead. “How are ye feeling?” 

“Pretty well, at the moment,” I said, pleasantly surprised, now that I thought about it. “Like death, this morning, but I haven’t vomited once since lunch!” 

“Victory, indeed,” he grinned, kissing me, long and sweetly. 

MaMAAAA?” bellowed Bree, her voice bouncing ghoulishly around the bathroom walls. “Come’on do insee’pyder, please!”

“I’m being summoned,” I murmured against his lips. 

“Go,” he whispered. “Heaven forbid ‘insee’pyder’ have to wait.” 

“Oh,” I called when I was halfway back down the corridor, “I think the electric bill came today. It’s on the counter by the phone with the rest of today’s mail.”

“Thank you, mo ghraidh,” he called back. 

Tub filled, baby inserted, bubbles abundant, I knelt beside the tub and swirled my hands in the warm water. Bree beamed up at me, ready: “GO! Insee’pyder, Mama!”

Alright,” I said dramatically, reaching for the green plastic sandbox bucket and scooping up water as I sang: “Theeeeeeee ITS-Y-bit-sy spiiiiiider went UP the water spout ….”

I raised the bucket theatrically. “Down came the raaaaaain AND—”

The payload released on, “WASHED the spider out,” dousing Bree with warm, soapy water. 

Fizzy giggles emerged through the waterfall pouring down her scrunched-up face as I sang on. “Out came the suuuun and dried up all the rain, and the ITS-Y-bit-sy spiiiiider went UP the spout—?”

“—AGAIN!!!” Bree finished, knowing the drill and LOVING it.

We had just finished washing the shampoo-spider from her hair and ANOTHER rendition was demanded, when Jamie’s voice came from the doorway. “Sassenach?” 

“Yes, darling?” I said absently, reaching for the bar of soap Bree had just knocked into the water. 

“What is the ‘selective service?’”

My blood froze absolutely cold. I whirled on my knees to gape at him, praying that it was a newspaper clipping in his hand, or one of his library books, or—

But it was a letter bearing the words ‘Department of Defense’ across the top. The truth was written on his face, the tightness of his voice, the rigid set of his jaw. “Tis the forced conscription for the war in the east, aye?”

“Jamie—” I staggered to my feet, praying in blind panic. Please, God, no. “Jamie—Please tell me—you haven’t been—?”

To Mr. James Fraser,” he read, 

“According to our records, you have not yet registered with the Selective Service, as is required of all permanent residents of the United States. 

Please report no later than December 15th, 1950 to the enlistment station named below for registration, or risk revocation of your residency status with the Department of Immigration. 


Jamie trailed off, his face a mask of control I hadn’t seen in many years. The sight terrified me to my core—his face of duty, of danger, of great burdens to be borne.  

My hands were shaking as I reached for the letter, as I scanned it wildly for some salvation. “But you’re—you’re not even a citizen! They can’t just force you to go off and fight in their wars!”

“Apparently they can,” he said stiffly. “’All permanent residents,’ it says.”

“Jesus…” There was no way out. “Jesus—fucking—”

“FUN-KING!” Bree squeaked from the tub, sounding immensely pleased. Normally, that would have incited riotous laughter, then stern admonishment and promises between Jamie and I to guard our words more carefully. But we barely noticed. 

My blood pounded so loudly in my ears I could barely hear myself blurting, “We could go to Canada." 

He cocked his head in question. “They dinna fight wars there?”

I gave a jerking shrug. “They don’t usually start them, at least.”

“That’s the coward’s way,” he whispered, his face still stone. “I canna just run.”

“And why not?” I demanded, my voice treacherously close to both tears and shouting.

Why can I no’ take the coward’s way?” The mask wavered, showing his scorn. “Christ, Claire, do ye no’ ken me at all?” 

“And do YOU not know me?” I shouted. “Do you not have the faintest idea what it DID to me to—” It took only the cracking of my voice for the panic to overtake me completely in wracking sobs as my hands went feral. “ —to let you go to your death? For a cause you—shouldn’t even have been dragged into in the first place?? I w—” I choked. I was mere inches from his face, but I could barely see him through the tears. I wrenched a breath from my throat. “—WON’T, do it—again—do you—hear m—?”

Jamie suddenly snatched me hard against him, his voice a cracked moan of despair through his own sobs. “I know, mo chridhe…I know….”

I buried my face in his chest, and could only croak, “Jamie—”

He tried to say something, but couldn’t get a word out. 

We clung to one another with every ounce of strength, swaying and weeping for a long time, until —

“I’m scairt of this, Sassenach.” 

His breath was hot and gasping in my hair. “God, I—dinna want any part of it…. The thought of leaving ye….the—” He let out a sob, and I could feel his tears against my temple, the resonance of his words in my chest. “—Christ, the bairns—” 

He buried his face in my shoulder. “I’m so scairt, Claire.”

“What’s you scairt, Daddy?”

We turned to see Bree standing in the tub, still naked as you please, looking up, stricken.

With a small sound that broke my heart, Jamie released me and crossed to the tub. He lifted his daughter up into his arms and pressed her against his chest, not seeming to notice that his shirt was instantly soaked.

“Daddy? What’s you scairt?” she repeated. 

I had to clamp my hand over my mouth. He clutched her tighter, rocking her, focusing his entire being on love of her. 

“Use-r words, Daddy.” 

Despite everything, he choked out a laugh at that. 

“I’m scairt,” he answered hoarsely after a moment, “of having to leave you and Mama, a chuisle.”  


I came and wrapped my arms around them both, trying so very hard not to slip into panic. This—this was my home, these three people I held—That it might be ripped from—

“Dinna leave though’kay?” Bree demanded, glaring sternly at him. “Okayyyy, Daddy?”

Okay?” I seconded in a feeble whisper.

He let out another weak, broken laugh and leaned down to kiss us both. I could feel his chest shuddering with the sobs he was suppressing. 

The words were in Gaelic, breathtakingly quiet, and he repeated them over and over.

 "I won’t…I won’t.”

When he drew back a long, long time later, his eyes were dry. “Now,” he said, kissing Bree and wrapping a towel around her shivering back, “let’s get ye ready for bed, wee cub. Which storybook shall we have, tonight?”


Jamie resolved never to let Claire or Brianna see his fear of this ever again. 

“I’ll go tomorrow to register my name,” he said firmly to Claire as he held her in their bed that night, “but it willna come to anything, Sassenach.” There are millions of folk they’ll call up before me.” 

“You don’t — ” 

“Dinna fash, mo nighean donn,” he crooned, kissing and soothing away her fears. “I’m staying right here—We’ll no’ be parted—I’m right here—”

But he lay awake far into the night and most nights to follow, praying with all his soul.

Please, God….


Dinna take me from them.



[more to come]

From the prompts: 

@dlouise2016 said: This may not be appropriate for FMM but in response to your request for Jamie “firsts” & since he is only about 27-28, there was a military draft going on at the time for the Cold War & the Korean War. Since Jamie was certainly a warrior, he must have some strong feelings about war & Claire definitely would with her WWII experience  

@chechzooo suggested: Staying out of the draft

written-s0ul  asked:

Hello there! Do you have any AU ideas where a toddler or a child unites two people or two families? Most particularly two ppl who used to be rivals before? I hope this makes sense, omg, thank you so much! ❤️

  • I may hate you but you’re the highest rated babysitter on the local forum ugh
  • you go on all the school fieldtrips because you’re a sibling of a teacher and I’m one of the parents that always goes and we try REALLY hard not to bicker in front of the kids but its so difficult
    • whoever just yelled “kiss already” is getting left behind at the next bus stop
  • my kid and your kid were best friends and we tolerated each other before then but now your kid hates my kid and it’s all out war now
  • you’re the lifeguard at the local pool and I look away for two seconds (for whatever reason) and you have to save my kid and now you’re yelling at me for not watching them
    • I’m an emotional wreck now because oh my god my baby are you okay????????
  • we’re from rival sports teams and while I said I’d let my kid root for whatever team OF COURSE you’re their idol and they root for your team and now they wont stop throwing a tantrum until they see you

I hope these were what you’re looking for!!!!! :D
~Mod Karissa

anonymous asked:

I need more jealous protective alpha Alfred to feed my soul.

I need more of the same anon my soul has a mighty need. who can fulfill our wishes? jelly/protective alpha alfred is like A+++++++ best right there. also hc he totally doesn’t hide the fact he’s jealous and is completely protective in public places. esp like if they have to go out to bars or parties can’t have none of them other alphas looking at his omega. also im just gonna assume this is for usuk so like in addition I think he’d be jealous even of like other alphas getting catches of artie’s scent. cause like when they’re together i imagine artie’s got a good omega scent that’s happy to be around alfred and alfred just like wantin’ to protect that scent as his own. alfred bein hands on, holding onto artie, or keeping him close in public. lotsa scent markin’ too. artie just thinking it’s cute sometimes tellin alfred he shouldn’t have to worry about anything but also not being bothered by it cause alfred’s just like that. oh but triple rip any alpha who goes too far around artie that’s a big no-no on alfred’s part. i rly need to stop i could keep goin’ forever but i get ya anon i need more too. hands up for the boiii. - mod Blue

anonymous asked:

Can it still be autism if you didn't really show symptoms when you were a child?

Not exactly. In order to be diagnosed with autism, you must have shown symptoms as a child. That being said, it’s possible for a person’s autistic traits to get masked or go unnoticed (particularly if the autistic in question is DFAB or a person of color). 


Some input from an AFAB person - our symptoms are often perceived as us “just being shy” or “just being sensitive.”  I know that when I was little my mom would always come back from parent teacher conferences having heard that I didn’t socialize much with the other kids (though was okay talking to teachers), that I sometimes seemed like I was spacing out in class, etc.  My sister would sometimes have meltdowns and hide under a table in the classroom, and she was seen as “just being emotional.”  If you look back on your childhood, you might be able to find things like this where you were behaving in ways that would have raised some flags if people had known what to look for but got waved off at the time.

It’s also easy to go undiagnosed if you did well in school.  Most parents don’t really have a point of comparison for what typical childhood development looks like and rely on your teachers and pediatrician to let them know if something is amiss.  If teachers raise a concern parents may not listen to it if you’re doing well academically, because a lot of parents assume that if academics are good then school as a whole is good, ignoring the social and emotional aspects.


…. Ga’Hoole AU?

All I’ve got so far is that Reiner’s a grass owl, Bertolt’s a sooty, and they’re Pure One infiltrators into the tree.. (almost like Ginger from The Shattering…)

Also I know in canon that sooty owls within the Pure Ones end up having “dirty-sounding” names (like Dustytuft or… i kid you not this was an actual character, Smutty...) but idk w h a t they’d name Bertolt?? He’d prolly go by his real name at the tree anyways… //shrugs

but anyways Reiner’s in the colliering chaw and Bertolt’s in the navigation chaw.

(So here’s the sort of uninteresting story of India and fencing and Godwin and dancing, it’s nothing epic, but it’s just what happened:

India as a young child took ballet for a bit, as young girls often do, but she got bored and asked if she could take fencing instead, which was next door and had been tempting her. Her parents were like, yeah okay, so she did, and she loved it! But she realized she missed dancing, so she was like “can I do both?” And her parents said no, because they didn’t have the money to send her to two activities like that.

So pretty soon one night she grabbed Godwin to sneak out with her and go to the dance hall where the ballet classes were held, and it was night and they didn’t really have a plan for paying for this supposed class but keep in mind they were like 12 or 13 at the time; and when they got there the ballet class was of course not in session, it was a swing night. India instantly forgot ballet even existed.

They were just like, incredibly enchanted by it, and because they were kids they sort of just charmed the greeter and got in and India convinced Godwin to stay and dance with her and that’s how they started dancing together. -HG)

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Hey, EvilFlug! Is there something interesting from your childhood you could tell us? Same goes to Brown hat! Is there any nice story you can tell?~

E.Flug: Sorry. We don’t know much about ourselves because of the Ray- wait a minute..

Brown: W-we were just answering questions for these nice people.

E.Flug: Gugh- I’m going to keep this business going so we won’t starve ourselves..