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Outfit Prompts!

Reblog this and have followers send you asks/requests on what number outfit they’d like to see a character drawn in! You can also just do these whenever you want as a day-by-day challenge. Just remember to enjoy yourselves!

  1. Work clothes
  2. Colorful clothes
  3. Blue jeans
  4. Torn-up jeans
  5. Cold weather pajamas
  6. Warm weather pajamas
  7. A tank top
  8. Short shorts
  9. Thigh-high socks
  10. Victorian era clothing
  11. A sunhat
  12. A floral shirt
  13. Khaki pants/shorts
  14. Space-patterned clothing (shirt, pants, shoes, socks, whatever!)
  15. Suspenders
  16. Bow tie
  17. Finger-less gloves
  18. Paint-stained clothes
  19. Dangling earrings
  20. Feminine school uniform
  21. Masculine school uniform
  22. Tap shoes
  23. Pastel sweater
  24. Leg warmers
  25. Swimwear
  26. Ice cream person uniform
  27. Just a towel and nothing else
  28. Tennis outfit
Character Expressions!

A super-belated celebration of hitting 1000 followers. The challenge? Draw your OC’s expression in/reacting to the listed situations. Do them in order or have followers send asks. Remember to reblog, not repost. Have fun! :D

  1. Dropping ice cream on the ground
  2. Finally completing a level in a video game they were stuck on for months
  3. “Don’t touch me”
  4. Alarm clock just went off
  5. Just got assigned a lot of work
  6. Watching a fictional character they love die
  7. “Oh what’s that thing”
  9. Just actually slipped on a banana peel
  10. Being blamed for something they didn’t do
  11. Just ran for an extended period of time
  12. Being sent an email that’s entirely in wingdings
  13. Receiving anon hate
  14. Having money thrown at them
  15. Just brought fast food home and looked in the bag to see it’s not what they ordered
  16. About to be hit in the face with a rotten tomato
  17. Startled by a doorbell
  18. Getting paid very little for a tedious task
  19. Getting paid a lot for a tedious task
  20. Failed to make a bubble with bubble gum
  21. Just received socks as a gift
  22. Seeing their favorite animal
  23. Seeing their favorite person
  24. Someone pronouncing their name horribly wrong
  25. Eating something gross
  26. Trying hard not to burst into tears in front of a crowd
  27. Someone accidentally touches their sunburn
  28. Realizing they spelled their own name wrong on something they gave to a friend
  29. Booing someone off of a stage
  30. Being booed off of a stage
  31. Getting flipped off
  32. Receiving an email with the entire Bee Movie script
  33. Realizing they’re about to fall down the stairs
  34. Having a fan blown in their face
  35. About to tackle-hug someone
  36. About to receive a tackle-hug
  37. Accidentally burned themself with hot glue
  38. Looking in the mirror and realizing someone drew on their face while they slept
  39. Seeing something they desperately want to buy
  40. Eating something hot and realizing it was probably too hot to eat

Mortal AU. Nico di Angelo is a firefighter who just so happened to rescue a small girl from a burning school building. Having made sure the kid is safe, he didn’t really ponder that much more about the incident thinking that it’ll be the last time he’ll ever see her again.

That is until he saw her again three days later at the fire station with a box of cupcakes and being accompanied by her dad; single father, Will Solace.

What would your OC prefer?

To start off this blog, here’s an OC question post for character development! Have fun!

  1. Pancakes or waffles?
  2. Cereal with milk or cereal without milk?
  3. Comedy or tragedy?
  4. Sleep in goofy pajamas or nude?
  5. Camping or hotel?
  6. Sweet or sour candy?
  7. Walking or biking?
  8. Fire abilities or ice abilities?
  9. Wooden pencil or mechanical pencil?
  10. Hats or no hats?
  11. Modest clothing or flashy clothing?
  12. Finger-snapping or whistling?
  13. Long hikes or long car rides?
  14. Long car rides or travel by plane?
  15. Stormy night or sunny day?
  16. Summer or winter?
  17. Game night with their family or movie night with their friends?
  18. Chewy candy or hard candy?
  19. Band or football?
  20. Lucid dreaming or never having to sleep?