mod sun monday

Mod Sun Monday - Four

Everything Adds Up in the Future-

When bad situations arise, we know they are the test we have to get through to attaining our goals. Remember they happen for a reason as do all things. One bad situation could lead you to meeting your best friend, or helped you make a right decision, or opened up new possibilities for your life. Hindsight is 20/20 looking back at bad times we can clearly see they added something good to your life, in the long run, whether it be a lesson learned or an new career. My favorite Alice in Wonderland (I’m obsessed) quote is “The rule is, jam tomorrow, and jam yesterday but never jam today.” But what does that mean? Alice in Wonderland is all non-sense right? Well to my understanding this mean that you shouldn’t dwell on bad moments because you can’t see how they will add up in the future, during the present. Just focus on moving past them rather than convincing yourself it’s ruining your life. Most of the time many experiences are less than pleasant in the moment, but looking back can be quite wonderful. A simple example– as a child I would scrape my knees and get cuts on my arms from falling down, and in the moment when those things happened I would cry and be in terrible pain. Now looking back my childhood was filled with adventure and I was always having a good time. Looking at the bigger picture can really clear a mind of negative thoughts.


1) As always this is all inspired by Mod Sun’s book “Did I Ever Wake Up?”

2) I have a legit obsession with Alice in Wonderland hence why I reference a quote here

3)I’m missing Mod Sun’s concert in Boston, MA tonight and it’s so sad! But I know things happen for a reason 

Stay Positive


Song of the Day// Kayla's Pick + Mod Sun Monday

Shoot ‘Em Down by ModSun feat. MGK and Blackbear

This song is literally everything! There are so many different aspects to the song but it still flows so flawlessly. It’s starts out a bit slow and only gets better and better from there. The repeated hook by Blackbear / Mod Sun has such a smooth voice quality which is just so catchy. Then the contrast of each verse from Mod Sun’s perfect voice and Machine Gun Kelly’s rougher voice gives the song a nice variety of sounds. Also the beats of the song are placed nicely to emphasize the lyrics. It’s nice to hear the different sounds of each of these artist exist in one song successfully. It makes the song super unique, which is important because there’s nothing worst than listening to a song you swear you’ve heard before by someone else. I could go on and on about the lyrics, so I will. Firstly, I love how Mod Sun’s entire album has a specific message that relates to his audiobook. Along with spreading his knowledge about positivity and happiness in a book he also puts this message in all of his songs. This song particularly just by the title is clearly about fighting negativity with your own happiness. This message is so different from the pop songs without a story. His lyrics just represents himself in the best way, which is oddly refreshing from music that tells a story that’s disconnected from the artist. With Mod Sun I can see his philosophy on life in his lyrics and words and it’s honestly amazing. I love listening to this song when I bummed out it puts me in a happier mood in just 3 minutes.

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2) thanks for reading

Stay positive and praise satan,


Mod Sun Monday- Five (finally finished)

It’s ok to be selfish and spend time with yourself-

Most people feel the need to always have a significant other. Personally I’ve never been crazy about having a boyfriend because I’m usually pre occupied with my goals. I believe I’m a career driven individual. As a dancer we usually pick our career paths at 10 and pursue it our entire lives. When I imagine my life I don’t see a huge family, but rather me traveling and incorporating my hobbies into a career. I always see an end goal to my hard work. Some people are different and they imagine creating a family young and that’s their vision of the good life. Our desires are ours, not anyone else’s.its important to finding yourself before trying to be with another person. Obviously I’m not saying don’t have people in your life, but I find truth in the fact that to get what I want in life I need to spend 100% of my energy on me and my goals. The pressure to find someone get married and start a family before it’s too late is not the only option anymore. Now it’s more accepted to live in different lifestyles. I know in the future I will be happier in a relationship after I attain my own goals and have my life in order. Maybe this sounds like the definition of being selfish or self involved. But I do value my time to myself and I find it important for me to remain happy and positive.

1) inspired by “Did I Ever Wake Up? Part 2” the audiobook version
2) I’m trying hard to getting back to doing these every Monday hopefully I won’t run out of ideas…

Stay positive and praise satan,