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I was so right 8) okay so infinity isnt a number. straight up not a number. BUT there are numbers that are infinitely large, just as there are numbers that are infinitely small.. THEYRE NUMBERS….. THAT ARE INFINITELY LARGE… SDIUVHUSDHVOSIDHVSDOHIVOHISDVOISD IS THAT NOT THE COOLEST??? ??V??XC?V?XC?VC?XV/X?

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* slams $300 on the table* Frason headcannons. Jason and Frank constantly saying " we're just a bros" then sneaking off on a date

Thanks for paying 0.012% of this years college tuition bud

  • Frank can easily lift Jason - bridal style, piggy back, you name it
    • Jason absolutely loves this, even if it turns him into a blushing/frazzled mess
    • “Hahaha he’s just carrying me in his arms like…normal friends do”   “He never cradles me or Percy like that”   “Ummmm”
  • The last 7 times they’ve asked Frank if he could hang out he’s been ‘sick’ and Jason volunteers to take care of him
    • One time the group says that Frank won’t be able to make it and Jason just goes “I’ll go make him some chicken noodle soup and make sure he’s okay” …even though they just … didn’t say he was ill
    • Frank thinks this is hilarious but Jason is embarrassed
  • Any time someone asks about their relationship (cause they’re suspicious but not entirely sure what they are) they say they’re just bros
    • Cue “just bros being dudes” 
  • Once Frank was cuddling with Jason in the Zeus cabin and Piper came by to talk
    • Frank had to hide. For 45 minutes
    • Piper knew he was there. She could hear his voice before she went in and his breathing from under the bed
    • She really only wanted to return Jason’s pen, but she wanted to see how long they would keep it up before she eventually got bored and left
  • Chiron gives them permission to go get food in town and the Hunters happen to come by on their way to chb
    • When Thalia gets to camp, she asks Annabeth how long Frank and Jason have been dating
    • The Athena cabin groans in unison
    • She decides to ask Jason when he gets back (”We’re just bros, sis, honest”)
  • They go ice-skating once and Leo finds them. He doesn’t realize what’s happening cause he’s too busy building skates to join them, complaining the whole time he wasn’t invited 
    • Frank and Jason stare wide eyed because ?? they were holding hands? How did Leo not notice?
  • One day they talk and are like “wait, why are we not telling everyone we’re dating?” cause frankly they’re silly boys
    • They tell everyone after months of these shenanigans and they all breathe a collective sigh of relief

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The only reason Sonic wasn’t put in jail after Adventure 2 was because it would have been a PR disaster for GUN. They knew the people would be furious if they thanked him for saving the world by imprisoning him. This is the case whether he cleared his name or not because he committed crimes during the game, including but not necessarily limited to: destruction of government property (the GUN robots), resisting arrest, and vandalism (you know you destroyed cars in City Escape, don’t lie).

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The KillJoys meeting their real life counterparts, just like, Non binary Poison + Non binary Gerard, Trans girl Ghoul + Agender Frank, Trans boy Kobra + Trans boy Mikey, Trans boy Jet + Demigirl Ray, and I just~~~~~~~~!!

anon. you can’t just do this to me. my health. i’m gonna cry i love this. okay:

the Killjoys being blasted into 2015, and they appear with their real life counterparts so of course they’re all separated, and the reactions are all so different, like:

  • Poison finds hirself at home with Gerard, and Gerard looks up and just kinda nods like “okay sit down let’s talk. pronouns?” and Poison is confused as fuck but sits down and says “ze/hir. Party Poision. Where’s everyone else? I’m assuming there’s another version of Kobra and Ghoul and Jet around somewhere” and Gee’s like “they/them. Gerard. and yes, but we all kinda split, so…”
  • Ghoul finds herself on stage with Frank, and she’s flipping the hell out and so is the crowd, but Frank just shrugs and grabs her and pulls her closer to the mic, whispering, “play along, we’ll figure this out after the show” and xe manages to convince the crowd that this was a stunt and everyone’s impressed. 
  • when they finally finish the concert, Ghoul’s asking about the others and Frank’s like “we broke up, we were a band and now we’re not, stop asking” and Ghoul’s just like “you’re a little shit. and we should all meet up again, because the rest of the Killjoys are with your ‘ex-bandmembers,’ you fucker”
  • Kobra meets Mikey and he’s just like “wow, we both look almost exactly the same?? what the fuck?” and Mikey freaks out because why is there a clone sitting across the table from him in this coffee shop and how the fuck did he get here but then he’s like fuck it he looks like me and looks damn good let’s have some coffee together i guess
  • Jet shows up in Ray’s room at some ungodly hour (in Ray’s opinion, at least) and she just kind of hears the thud and screeches and Jet’s like “holy shit no don’t scream! I don’t know why I’m here either but I don’t want to be! please help me find Kobra!” and Ray’s like oh my god this looks like me pre-transition? who the fuck is this person and Jet is thinking the same in reverse

but then when they all chill out again, everyone’s getting along surprisingly well, Poison and Gerard are just discussing the struggle of “identifying as an umbrella term” which they both agree is ridiculous

Frank and Ghoul are discussing the differences in their genders (”really? so you don’t feel like any gender? at all?” “nope not really, but i change the way i present all the time” “dude tell me more– dude is okay, right?” “yes, dude’s fine”)

Kobra and Mikey are sharing trans boy issues (”how many ways can they say ‘do you have a dick’ before they stop?” “I’ve been wondering the same thing!”)

and Jet and Ray are just switching experiences (”what is it like, being a demigirl?” “what is it like being a trans guy?” “is there hormone therapy where you’re from?” “no, it doesn’t make your voice higher, it sucks!”)

and finally the Killjoys call each other up from their real life counterparts’ houses (”dude, their house is so nice!” “no, okay, you’ve never seen Frank’s, xir house is beautiful”) and they get their counterparts to drive out to meet each other so that they can all hang out

and at this point they’ve kinda of taken some of their counterparts’ clothes, so it’s a lot harder to tell the difference between them, but they still figure it out immediately and the Killjoys tackle each other while MCR (they aren’t really broken up shut up) watches, and everyone’s just happy

and they’re all like “dude no my counterpart is the coolest!” “no mine is!” “mine doesn’t even have a gender!” “but mine is a demigirl! is that not awesome?” and MCR’s a little embarrassed because the Killjoys are just bragging about them in this restaurant and finally Frank’s like “umm, you know we’re right here, right?”

and oh my god the Killjoys and their counterparts and all the shit they’d do, I need an entire AU series for this, I wanna write it, but then I’d probably never shut up, but oh my god yes yes yes, god I need so much more of this

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i realized this long ago, and sharing this: in the anime Slam Dunk, red-head and ill-tempered Sakuragi wears the jersey number 10. Kagami is also red-head and ill-tempered, wearing jersey number 10. In Slam Dunk, Rukawa, the quiet and the one who's sleeping in class, wears jersey number 11. Kuroko is quiet and was seen sleeping in class, wearing jersey number 11 too. COINCIDENCE?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I can’t prove that Fujimaki did or didn’t plan this, but it’s possible that it’s an intentional nod to Slam Dunk.  I’d keep in mind that 10 and 11 are pretty common jersey numbers though.  either way, it is an interesting thing to bring up!