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i could write a whole essay on how every single counterculture movement in england has been based on stealing black culture and the very rodents who copied it having the nerve decades later to say blackness had nothing to do with it. let it be known that the skinheads were originally poor white londoners who thought that all these new fangled jamaican immigrants dressed neat and listened to good music and wanted to copy that to “”“rebel”“” against the middle class. these are the same rats who became neo nazis lol

@internationalfeel​ I think what I was trying to say in the last post was badly worded, and I apologise. Lesbians/bi girls don’t do as much damage as straight girl when they’re writing smut of gay men.

It’s not oppressive for them to do write gay smut, but it still feels disrespectful for them to write about experiences that aren’t theirs for entertainment. If I were to write lesbian smut, wouldn’t it be gross for me to do so since I’m a guy? It doesn’t matter that I’m not attracted to women either, does it?

To be blunt, I’m really.. unsure why and how lesbians would connect to sex between two men. 

I don’t know how lesbians are unable to be fetishistic of gay men, but I’m curious to know why this is so. Feel free to correct me- I don’t think you have to be attracted to men to write smut about them for your own pleasure.

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Guys! Inktober is coming very soon so here’s my Who-themed Inktober prompt list. Everyone can join to my #inktober2017 list, whether you are a Wholigan or not, a Mod, Rocker or even a Hippie, or just an aspiring artist. You don’t need to listen to their songs, just feed your imagination with the given song titles as you draw them in every single day of October! ❤👌
Take note that I may not be joining, possibly because of my busy schedules. (Maybe I will if time and decisions will let me do it) But I will do definitely enjoy the outcome of your drawings… 👍 😉 Just use these hashtags #inktoberwho#inktoberwho2017 #lalalafries and I’ll be there to check…
I also do encourage you to repost this list on your account or other social medias if you like..
Happy Inking!

i was tagged by @mod-rocker-hippie-fangirl thank you!!!! (:

1. Nicknames: sum, excite-mint, pot leaf, sunburn, there’s a ton honestly

2. Gender: she/her

3. Star sign: dare i say it…. gemini

4. Height: 5’4” and shrinking

5. Time: 22:54//10:54

6. Birthday: june 13

7. Favorite bands: the stones and the byrds (plus more)

8. Favourite solo artist: john prine or tom petty

9. Song stuck in my head: time to move on by tom petty

10. Last movie you watched: umm i think american psycho

11. Last show you watched: house of cards K E V I N S P A C Y D U D E

12. When did you create this blog: uhh

13. When do you post: anything interesting/my opinions

14. Last thing I googled: unique plants

15. Do you have any other blogs: not at all

16. Do you get any asks: almost never and it makes me sad )’:

17. Why did you choose your URL: cause i like it

18. Following: 56

19. Followers: 377

20. Favorite color(s): pastels

21. Average hours of sleep: what is sleep ?????

22. Lucky number: 13

23. Instruments: piano, bass, harmonica, organ, guitar, harp, flute, clarinet and yeah

24. What am I wearing: colorado hoodie with dark blue pants

25. How many blankets I sleep with: i end up with like ten sometimes

26. Dream job: artist

27. Dream trip: california, pairs, or germany

28. Favorite food: i really like tofu

29. Nationality: american (and i’m a whole mess of dna)

30. Favorite song right now: time to move on, tom petty

i tag: @flossie-jones @thedeathtrap @mick-taylor @gn0mie and anyone else and of course there’s no pressure to do this


Of course Marius and Cosette are the mods ! And the Triumvirate are the rockers (or, as we say in french, Les Blousons Noirs B) ) ready to bring some trouble in town. Maybe after a ride through Paris they could finally get along ?
Ferre’s pompadour game is super strong and he’s known for his greasing skill all over the town but he still can’t help being jealous of Enj’s fabulous hair that always fall perfectly into place with a single brush up. Courf’s curly hair won’t let him have a proper one but he doesn’t care, he’s always the one who gets the all the girls and boys anyway.