mod podge rocks


ModPodge Comic your shoes tutorial

Made by, ShopFantasy
Mod podge ROCKS!
 You can apply any picture you’d like to make pretty much any theme. Some people even mod podge fabric on their shoes.


  • comics/printed photos/anything paper or fabric. 
  • xacto blade
  • scissors
  • brushes - make sure they aren't anything fancy if the mod podge dries on the brush they will be pretty hard to clean. I use .99 brushes.
  • Mod podge 
  • For this tutorial pick up an old pair of shoes.
     It’s easier to mod podge on hard surfaces.
    Some people prefer high heels, or flats.. rubber type material.
  1. Gather supplies, and Find a clean, and well ventilated area to work in. If the mod podge  spills on carpet, or clothes it is very difficult to remove.
  2. Get your  pictures. They can be comics, or printed. Treat printed pictures with fixative, or ink will bleed.  Cut  them with xacto blade, or scissors.
  3. Mod podge your shoe with a thin coat, and the paper your using, then apply to shoe. Work fast it dries pretty quickly, when done paint several coats over your shoes for a neat finish.

Tips- Mod Podge dries clear so don’t worry when you are painting.
Paint at least 2-4 coats for wear. wait for mod podge to dry between coats about 15-30 minutes, or however long it takes for each coat to dry. Let shoes sit about 1-2 days to dry completely before wearing.

Check out my shoes here!  

Completed pix here