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Headcanon that MC likes clinging to Hugo's back like a koala /everywhere/ they go, he'll just randomly do it and not give any shits who sees, bonus points if he convinces Ernest to do it too so Hugo has no choice but to walk around with a grown ass man on his back and his son on his front. There are a /lot/ of pictures on Dadbook.

my dadsona is actually p short so it works lmao ~Vic


okay but have you considered little old lady fanclub

(because if there’s one thing conversations with my grandma and her crew at the old folk’s home has made clear to me it is that polite young people with nice arses are a desirable commodity at all ages)


So yes, I play Starbound. And I made me in it :3 or a version of me, because I’m a fish :p

For those who want to make any sort of fanart for this character, go ahead! (I don’t actually get fanart ;w; )

Also, part of the Starbound squad led by @azure-quill :3 other members include @the-harmony-knights, @superbibice5551, The Hoarse Bard (forgot the name ;w; ), Gordon the Catburd and Moon Wolf


i realized that i was never gonna finish those other magical girl asks from the prompt 500 years ago SO imma just post what i got 😎

percico as magical bois !!! perce has some sickass waterbending power and prob some bitchin healing skillz or someth. Nico has ~void manipulation powers~ and fights with some sorta spear thing lmao. he is the Edge Lord Emo Supreme and i love him