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Er… not exactly your typical October Adoptables, huh?

I think closer to Halloween I’ll have some more spoopy adoptables available, but for now I hope you guys enjoy these! If you’re interested in buying Chance, Farrow, or Sprinkle, hit me up!

Also, note on Sprinkle–she is, indeed, a paraplegic.


It’s July’s adopt sale! Come get ‘em while they’re fresh!

Amezake Sumomo, Amai for short, is a part-time Rakugo performer and part-time reenactment performer from Neighpon.

Melon Drop is the owner of “Dropsy Pops”, a lollipop and soda store in Manehattan.

Robin’s Flight is the main singer/songwriter in an Andie Rock band who works in a yarn shop part-time.

Send me a note if you want to buy one of them! Love!

Решил обновить мода ( да, я покрасил волосы )

На большее у меня нет сил, сорян

Как-нибудь потом начну перерисовывать рефы других своих детишек

Почему я в жизни не такой милый ыыыы(((((

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It’s a new mod :з


You are making me Mod cry! *niff* I usually don’t think my art is special or fabulous like other, better artists’… But when I hear something like this, it just makes me smile for a long time.

Thank you for you, my followers. If I hadn’t started this blog over two years ago, I don’t think I would be this good at drawing as I am now. Tumblr and MLP fandom made me draw a lot and thanks to it, I became better with everything art related, not just ponies. Mod wants to give a big loving hug to every follower I have! Come here~ *hugs tightly*