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punk rock wlw playlist

I’m tired of seeing people make gay song recommendations where every single artist is a synthpop singer, so here’s a list of punk rock songs written by/about wlw for all your gay needs.

1. “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone”, Sleater-Kinney
2. “So-Called Str8 Grrrl”, Gina Young
3. “Rebel Girl”, Bikini Kill
4. “The Galaxy is Gay”, The Butchies
5. “Rebecca”, Against Me! (the lead singer of this band is a trans woman, as well, and writes a lot of songs about her experiences with gender. You guys should all go check her band out)
6. “My Best Friend’s Hot”, the Dollyrots
7. “Queer for You”, The Degenerettes
8. “She’s so Lovely”, Sleater-Kinney
9. “Truck Drivin Girlfriend”, The Degenerettes
10. “Rockerchick”, Lipstick Homicide
11. “Straight”, Veruca Salt
12. “Ellen D”, The Butchies
13. “November”, Kera & the Lesbians (more folk punk-y than anything else but still a severely underrated song)
14. “What’s Expected of You”, Lipstick Homicide
15. “Two Coffins”, Against Me!

I don’t really know how to end this playlist so uh. im a big ol useless lesbian and I lov girls lmao