mod meg & lumi

a friendly reminder

hello everyone, 

with all the hype around anti recently, this is just your friendly reminder to let people get excited. we know not all theories might not be realistic, we know some may seem like a stretch. but this blog’s purpose is for that excitement; that community discussion and sharing of observations. even if it’s not canon, or seems like an unrelated tie-in, that’s what makes this little branch of the community special & fun. 

if that’s something you don’t like, totally cool! you don’t have to, and we absolutely respect your opinion. feel free to block or blacklist our url, we totally get it and would do the same if we were in your boat. especially if it’s flooding your dash. 

however, if we could ask a favor of you? please don’t take it out on other people, or reply/reblog/etc with stuff like “oh my god you’re being ridiculous/exaggerating” and what not. it’s not cool, man. not being on board with it yourself is fine, but there’s absolutely no reason to rain on other people’s parades, or call other people/their interest in what’s going on stupid. that kind of behavior will absolutely not be tolerated on ASG. 

your friendly neighborhood mods,
— meg & lumi

anonymous asked:

Wait i thought there were only two mods (Meg and Lumi)? is there a new mod or am i just,,, super distracted?

Booper is a mod on the ASG’s discord! Only meg and I run the blog :D