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For mod: I have a confession actually .. Those questions about the pirate captain Mawile and the assasin were made all by me but since you need a break , I might as well make them occasional ... But for now I make sure I won't overdo it. P.S. : I really admire your art.

Awww, anon, that’s so sweet! I’m glad you enjoy those two so much! How about we go for weekly on them? I really enjoy drawing them, so I definitely don’t want you to stop sending them in. I’m pretty attached to them as well, actually. ^^;

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How would the DAI companions react if the Herald was Shepard from Mass Effect. Please include romances. Femshep preferred

Cassandra: She’s baffled as the soldiers bring in a soldier in unusual armor, with unusual weapons, and numerous injuries that should be fatal, as if they had survived an explosion they were in the center of. To add to her shock, they recover ridiculously fast, and she realizes they are not normal, aside from the mark. She’s even more cautious and suspicious of them at the start, but when she finds out exactly where they’re from and their circumstances, she has no idea how to handle them. She firmly believes they were brought here to be the Herald of Andraste, a belief that is solidified every time she hears a new story about what they did to stop the Reapers. The fact they were once dead and then revived shocks her, and despite the fact Cerberus is responsible, she believes their memories and soul’s return was also due to the grace of the Maker. If Romanced: His accomplishments are good, but she still demands what she would demand of anyone wanting to romance her. So he regales her with poetry and numerous lit candles, and as they lay under the stars, he promises to bring her there, one day. She snorts at him and smiles. “Perhaps. Provided you read poetry then, too.”

Blackwall: The man isn’t quite sure what to make of Shepard. He knows a soldier when he sees one, and he knows eyes that have seen too much. He’s definitely not sure what to make of anything, from technology to aliens, that Shepard describes, so he settles on just talking with them in the evening. They talk about their experiences in war and commiserate. When his identity is revealed, the look Shepard gives him isn’t one of shock or dismay– just disappointment, which hurts him worse than shock or dismay. To his surprise, they readily forgive him, and mention off-hand that what he’s done is hardly the worst thing one of their friends have done. If Romanced: He’s stunned that Shepard’s interested in him. She could have someone so much better, he thinks, and he’s cautious going into romance. He won’t deny that he’s attracted to her, but a space marine who saved a galaxy and is going to save Thedas? He’s floored. He feels unworthy, but Shepard loves him, and he’s more than happy to love her back. For once, he is happy.

Iron Bull: He could tell Shepard was dangerous from first glance, just watching them fight without an ounce of fear. He has his habit of looking over people to think about how to fight them, if he had to, and is a bit dismayed to come up with nothing on Shepard, at least, alone. At the same time… he finds it hot as fuck. Shepard quickly and easily earns his respect, and he loves hearing about all the shit they’ve pulled. He also tries to drink them under the table and finds himself incapable– a rare feat for a human, but Shepard wasn’t normal by any means. He subtly tries to learn more information about the Lazarus project, and what exactly it did to them. If Romanced: This is everything Bull has ever wanted and more, bonus points if Shepard is red-headed. He practically worships the ground they walk on when deep into romance. “I’m the luckiest man in the whole damn world– or galaxy.” he says proudly. “I’m with a complete and utter bad-ass.”

Sera: The Herald’s an odd one, that’s for certain. She wasn’t sure when exactly she was tipped off, made aware of this fact– but learning about where they’re from, and what they did, solidifies it. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t scared of Shepard at first, especially when she hears that they were dead at one point, among other things. She warms up easily to a Paragon Shepard, though, and realizes this is just a person who probably wants to get back to their own world. “At least Coryphytit’s a pushover compared to Shepard.” she remarks. If Romanced: Her first thought upon seeing Shepard is hot. She relaxes around Shepard, shamelessly flirting with her, and is delighted when Shepard seems to reciprocate those feelings. “See? This world isn’t so bad. You got me. And pranks.” she says cheerfully as they sit on the rooftop one evening. Shepard gives her a playful wink, and Sera tackles her with a kiss.

Varric: He wants to know everything they’ve done. Every last detail and story, he wants to hear every last bit. Shepard has some of the greatest stories he’s ever heard, and he would be damned if he didn’t hear about all of it. Many evenings are spent in the tavern with Shepard (he marvels at how much they can drink without even getting remotely drunk) and they talk and laugh and Shepard smiles, a little less stressed. A friendship forms between them quickly. When he finds out about the Lazarus Project, he asks if they’re alright talking about it, and then remarks: “See, this is why you’re the perfect hero in this scenario! Corypheus apparently can’t die, and neither can you. Not permanently, anyways.”

Cole: He feels every ounce of pain in Shepard, old heartaches that will never stop aching. They may not announce it or discuss it, but he feels it. If they were in Akuze or a colonist, he starts talking, involving their memories, before they ask him to stop. “You hurt. You’ve hurt so much. You don’t need to worry, Joker. The hell I do, you’re basically half robot at this point. They died because of me, they’re almost falling apart, I have to help.” One night after a nightmare, he approaches them. “It’s not your fault the boy died.” he tries to reassure. “You tried to help. That is more than most.” Shepard cares for Cole, but finds being around him painful at times, because he tends to bring up hurt that can’t be easily healed.

Dorian: Shepard is absolutely fascinating to him. He wants to know all about their galaxy, and what they’ve done, and detailed descriptions of their galaxy’s advanced technology. He has never-ending questions borne of intense curiosity– especially about the Lazarus Project. If they are biotic, that also brings a volley of questions. “I suppose, with your level of technology, rebuilding a body isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, but drawing the soul back across the Veil… ah, but the Fade doesn’t exist where you’re from– I think? Now, do you have any residual memories? Can I perform a few tests? Please, bear with me, you are the first being to ever be brought back to life from total death…” He pauses and frowns. “I mean… if you’re comfortable. I imagine the subject matter is sensitive. I apologize if I have overstepped my bounds.” He offers them a drink and enjoys talking with them on quiet evenings. If Romanced: He’s thrilled when Shepard seems interested in him and flirts back with him. He’s had a bit of a crush on him, though he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised that Shepard wanted more than just fun. One evening, as they look out at a clear night sky, Dorian grins at him. “You’re going to bring me up there with you one day, I hope. I can’t wait. It will be nauseatingly romantic.”

Solas: He’s cautious around Shepard. He knows very well that they have a very, very good chance of successfully stopping him if they were to find out what he was up to. In the meanwhile, he asks them a bunch of questions like Dorian does and asks for many details of their world. He persuades them to let him join them in the Fade, where he can see their memories reveal the intricacies of all sorts of places they’ve been– the Normandy, the Citadel, the ruins of London during the last battle, and all sorts of alien planets. He is utterly enthralled by the memories, and almost every night pleads to see more. If Shepard is biotic, he can tell immediately that their biotics are not magic, as he can tell the Veil isn’t being tugged by its use. He’s very curious about it, and asks for demonstrations of its use. He takes detailed notes and tries to make sense of Element Zero– he wonders if it’s at all magical. If Romanced: He has never been interested in a human before, but Shepard is different. The romance proceeds more slowly, as he’s worried about letting his guard down, but she is… she’s something he never expected. Sharing the Fade with her strengthens the bond between them, and he can’t help but kiss her back when she kisses him. His heart palpitates with fear, however, knowing what may happen if he crosses her. He doesn’t know what it will mean for his plans, and it terrifies him.

Vivienne: She knows another strong person when she sees one. Shepard won’t be toyed with or manipulated. So she sets on figuring out their intentions, and ends up finding herself talking with them about their galaxy, and their victories and losses– and a desire to go home. She vows to help find a way for them, once they’re good enough friends, and grows to deeply respect Shepard. She helps them learn to play the Game as well, and they tell her about al-Jilani, the journalist who earned their ire. When Vivienne finds out about their death and the Lazarus Project, she’s initially worried that they’re possessed by a spirit. When it’s clear that they’re not, it only amplifies her curiosity, and like Dorian and Solas, she delves into theory and many, many questions. Her efforts to find a way back for Shepard hasten considerably when she hears about how advanced their medical technology is. When she learns about biotics, should Shepard be biotic, she’s just as curious about it as the Lazarus Project. 

Josephine: She wants to hear all about the exotic places Shepard has been, but restrains herself until a moment in which they are not busy, and she is more comfortable with them. She could listen to them tell her all about the Milky Way for hours, and travel among the stars. She hears about inventions like computers, phones, the extranet, and ballpoint pens and her heart aches with desire. At other times, she discusses etiquette and proper public behavior, and her reaction to Shepard varies in this regard. If Shepard punched al-Jilani one or more times, she worries about their temper and asks them to restrain themselves. If Shepard did not punch al-Jilani, she seems relieved that Shepard can act so calm and professional in such situations. If Romanced: She is all blushes and giggles as they gaze up at the stars together, and Shepard regales her with tales and compliments of her beauty. The thought of seeing other worlds with her lover makes her heart soar, and she feels so safe and so happy in Shepard’s arms. A life here and beyond, so long as they would stay by her side, and she by theirs.

Leliana: She knew Shepard was dangerous before even finding out about anything else. She knew by watching her that they could kill, and kill easily. This was an experienced soldier, none like she’d ever seen. She sets to compile any and all information that can be gathered about Shepard, and where they came from. The Lazarus Project sticks out to her, and she lingers by the mages and Dagna when they fuss over Shepard, looking them over, poking them, asking for details. She’s even more cautious around Shepard than a normal Inquisitor, though she feels pangs of pity for them when she hears some of the more gruesome, sadder details. Shepard seems to be equally aware of the Spymaster watching, but doesn’t do anything about it beyond winking at her when they know she’s paying attention. Slowly they warm up to each other and share tales of their adventures.

Cullen: He and Shepard get along well, and he feels more comfortable talking with them about the troops, and is pleased when they have good advice to offer– usually remarkably good strategic advice. He’s befuddled by the whole business of their world and their technologies, and isn’t sure how to go about it. If Shepard is a Sole Survivor, when he hears about the incident on Akuze, he feels so much sympathy– he knows that sort of emotional and physical hardship. Eventually, he may ask to know how they handle it, and after they find out about what happened in the Circle tower, they don’t press him for details, and they just nod in understanding. Some wounds never heal, and it’s refreshing for both of them to know someone who has been in a similarly bad situation. If Romanced: He found her attractive from the start, but didn’t want to overstep his bounds. He’s bewildered when she voices her feelings, but he’s elated, too. They can share their hardships, knowing the other will understand. If she can survive, so can he, and she will be a source of strength, and he a source of strength to her. 

Flood My Mornings: Helluva Beast

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

August, 1950

“Alright, ALRIGHT,” I said in mock exasperation to the blooms as I pulled out a particularly intransigent nest of weeds, “you’ll be growing free and easy soon enough.” 

I’d gotten home from work an hour or two early, today, and was taking advantage of the opportunity to tend the front flower beds. Decorative flowers always took a backseat to the herbs in the back garden, if I were being perfectly honest; however, summer had finally crisped and weed-choked the impatiens to the point at which even I could ignore them no longer. “Hold your bloody horses,” I lectured the flowers again as I nestled fresh soil around the area. 

Maaaa-ma,” came a rather scornful giggle to my right. 

“Ha, you’re one to talk, missy,” I said, sitting back on my haunches to put gloved hands on my hips in mock indignation. “You talk to inanimate objects all the time. Far more than Mama, I’ll wager.” 

She had been “helping” me with the gardening; that is to say, getting herself as filthy as possible. She covered her mouth to suppress her giggles, gurgled a string of happy syllables, and let herself topple heedlessly into my arms. I caught her, scooped her against my chest, and showered her with kisses, both of us smelling of sweat and soil. “My goodness, Bree, any more dirt on you and I’ll be able to plant you!” 

“Nothing wrong with a little dirt,” said Penelope brightly from the front stoop, where she sat reading a romance novel while she supervised Bree. “It’s good for kids to have some grit about them.”

“Git!” proclaimed Brianna enthusiastically. 

“No, no, lovey,” I laughed. “That’s not a very nice word. It’s g-rrrrr-it.” 

“GIT!” she agreed, extricating herself and plopping contentedly back down in the flower bed. 

“Oh, well,” Penelope said fondly, “I suppose there are worse insults to pick up.” 

“She’ll have no lack of them, with two languages and three nationalities to pull from,” I agreed.

Just before 6:00, the sound of an approaching vehicle made all three of us look up. I gave an overly-dramatic gasp for Brianna’s benefit. “I wonder who that could be!”

She froze mid-task (stuffing the pockets of her romper full-to-bursting with soil), made a comically round “O” with her mouth, eyebrows raised as high as they could go, and whispered,“S’iz-Da?”

At my grin and nod, she leapt to her feet and tore headlong toward Hank’s yellow pickup truck that was just pulling into the driveway.

“Ohhhh no you don’t, little smudge!” I laughed, catching her around the middle and sweeping her up off the ground. She cackled with the joy of the sudden movement, then squealed “Da!” at the driver’s side door that had just opened.

“No, that’s not Da, baby, that’s Mr. Hank!” But as I looked up, I saw that she was, in fact, correct. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser was stepping down—cool as you bloody well please—from the driver’s seat.

“Jamie!” I said, slowly and shrilly. “Did you—DRIVE?”

“Oh, aye,” he said with an attempt at casualness that made me snort with joy. I could see the corner of his mouth twitching with a proud smile as he plucked Brianna from my arms. “Hank’s been showing me the way of it. Just a few minutes each day at Fernacre, ken?”

“Took him a day or two to really get the hang of it,” said a grinning Hank, who had exited from the passenger’s side and come around, looking almost as proud as Jamie. “Those foreign models he learned on across the pond must be helluva different beast—Jamie here barely could tell the pedals from the wheel, at first!” 

I exchanged a furtive grin with Jamie. A different beast indeed: a horse, to be specific.

“But he picked it up fast,” Hank went on, tipping his cap to Penelope, who had come closer to join in the congratulations, “and today I threw him the keys and said, ‘take us home, bud!’ Didn’t crash or run a stop-sign even the once!”

“After the way you were green all the way to Cape Cod,” Penelope said. “I’d have thought you’d never set foot in a car again!”

“See, that’s the strange thing about it,” Jamie said, bouncing Bree in his arms as she tugged on his ears, “I dinna seem to get queasy when I’m the one doing the driving.”

“Well I’ll be damned,” I said, crossing my arms. “Think the same might apply to boats as well?” I teased. “Captain Fraser?” 

“It certainly might,” he said, leaning down to smile at me with one eyebrow raised, “but I’ll go to my death before I test the theory voluntarily.” He bent and kissed me.

“I am truly very impressed, Jamie,” I said.

“Been reading up on it—wanted to surprise ye. I’ll still have to study up to pass the written test, Hank says, but—” 

“I’m proud of you, sweetheart.” 

He smiled. “Thank you, Sassenach,” he said, in that soft way that indicated such depth of feeling I wanted to cry from happiness.   

A few minutes later as Hank got back in the truck (“See you tomorrow, bud!”) and pulled out of the driveway, Penelope went inside to get Brianna cleaned up, and Jamie followed me to the side yard ostensibly to assist with filling up the watering cans. Before I could bend to turn on the spigot, though, he had placed a firm hand on my hip and pressed me against the rough brick of the house, bending back my head and kissing me so intensely that I dropped the can. 

Pulling back, a long time later, panting rather heavily, he said huskily, “You are so very beautiful, mo nighean donn.”

“Dirt and all?”

He smiled and touched my cheek. “You forget…you were positively filthy the first time I laid eyes on ye, and it didna discourage me then. In fact, if we werena so close quartered wi’ neighbors,” he whispered, bending to nip the tender skin of my neck, “I should like to have you right here in the grass.”

Despite the heat of the day, I shivered. “You would, eh?” I said, running my hands along the broad expanse of his back. He smelled rather like he had at our first encounter—of sweat and horses—and it wasn’t dampening my arousal, either. 

“Aye…None so fragrant as heather, grass,” he said, softly, working his way down toward my breasts, “but God,” he breathed, “to see you naked in the sunlight all surrounded by the green…”

He straightened and kissed me thoroughly, one hand sliding down to squeeze my arse, making a sound deep in his throat that raised goosebumps up and down my body.

“Well, then,” I said raggedly, “Anytime you want to take me camping…” I grinned. “You can drive us to a lovely patch of grass….and I’ll be all yours.” 

to be continued

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Can u do the rfa + v, saeran, and maybe even vanderwood reacting to being with a rlly childish mc (if thats specific enough ^^;) lile an mc that loves watching cartoons and playing ds games and probably makes them play ispy everytime theyre in a car (i just thought it would h rlly cute to see all the serious members of the rfa reacting to someone rlly childish)

Boi. Why does this sound like me


  • utterly confused 
  • “MC it’s 5am why are you up?”
  • has to question why MC has to charge their DS every night 
  • ends up finding DS games all over the place
  • when he sees MC’s room he’s taken aback 
  • “Is this your childhood room MC or is this your actual room”
  • playing ispy results in sarcastic remarks 
  • he will take MC’s DS at the dinner table 
  • “we’re eating”


  • “MC playing that game all day will hurt your eyes”
  • “MC please this isn’t a time to be playing hide and seek” 
  • secretly enjoys the small childish games 
  • will end up tripping over the gaming consoles
  • so many stuffed animals everywhere 
  • he will result in buying MC a new stuffed animal as a toy 
  • they seem to like it 
  • did you say cartoons?
  • he wakes up to find MC sitting in front of the TV watching teen titans or Pokemon or something


  • cartoons??
  • at this AGE? why MC??
  • he enjoys watching them too 
  • he probably is the one that wakes MC up saturday mornings 
  • they eat pancakes while watching cartoons 
  • he will end up “accidentally” end up playing one of MC’s games 
  • “MC lemme borrow your charger” 
  • “why tho”
  • “mydsisgonnadIE”


  • MC loves games? childish games?
  • he will BUY MC the consoles and games they want as gifts when they come out 
  • as long as MC is healthy he will indulge MC’s interests
  • “MC have you gotten off that couch all night?”
  • “MC please come sleep now”
  • he is also a big baby for attention from MC
  • playing childish games he enjoys more 
  • he loves how cute MC looks when they’re concentrated on a game 
  • or when they’re watching cartoons Jumin will sit by them and work 


  • “MC why are you playing games, the coffee shop needs attention at the moment”
  • ifyouunderstandthatreferenceiwillloveyouforever
  • jaehee sighs 
  • probably takes the games away until MC does their work 
  • then on break they can play them 
  • she will most likely join in if bored enough
  • very patient with MC 
  • enjoys the childish games too 
  • it allows for very sweet moments 
  • thinks it’s endearing that MC watching such childish cartoons 


  • this boy will join MC in playing all the games they want 
  • competitive playing 
  • he usually looses 
  • will be playing LOLOL at midnight an MC is probably saving Hyrule 
  • “Is it Ganon again?”
  • childish games end up with them at a playground pretending to be knights 
  • this results in children joining in and playing along with them 
  • they trade games at times to try them out 
  • the amount of wires 


  • GAMEs!
  • they’re both up at 6am making pancakes or waffle s
  • they are prepared for every cartoon marathon 
  • they marathon cartoons constantly 
  • he lets MC borrow his laptops to kick butt on online games 
  • he ends up insisting MC sits with him if he’s hacking 
  • which ends up in him suggesting pairs for battles 
  • “you should use the boomerang”
  • the hog all the outlets 
  • they know the perfect gifts for each other 
  • they visit each other’s towns in Animal Crossing


  • the childish games are super cute 
  • however when MC plays too many video games he’ll subtly tell MC he’s going to cook
  • the promise of food is always a good distraction 
  • this results in them having food fights in the kitchen 
  • he’s nosy if MC is pairing characters in a game 
  • “MC but why not pair Camilla with someone other then the porcupine haired guy”
  • he loves the stories of the games however so he’ll watch MC play while braiding their hair or just holding them 
  • super shocked at how well the cutscenes are animated 
  • he is slightly disturbed by how realistic some games are 
  • “Wait so she was bitten by a zombie but she’s immune?”
  • “MC watch Joel’s back,I don’t need to suffer hearing his throat get ripped out again”

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the ubersaw always crits. except when you hit the classic heavy in the face with it xD

Actually, I thought that was a taunt kill!

And also, as someone just pointed out to me earlier, Cheavy survived because TFC classes had both HP and Armor points!