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C’moooon, pard! Put some more HUFFIN’ ‘nd PUFFIN’ into it!! Look at you- yer a literal twig! Yer supposed t’ be ME?! Look at me- I’m ROUGH, TOUGH and ULTRA BUFF, and yer just… puff… uhhh… fluff…. and yeah. That’s it. Ya let yerself go, son, ya gotta put more work into it if ya wanna be able to even COMPARE to a powerhouse like ME! Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk!!!

ok but we all know who would win in a sprite meets muse thing

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You can not convince me otherwise that Mondo was not pulled over by a hot cop and he flirted with them. Man, woman, other genders or anything I bet they were hot and said "I am going to have to cuff you" and Mondo is like "Oooh~, you kinky"


Hot Police Officer: Sir, you’re under arrest *pulls out handcuffs*

Monda: *leans on car seductively *Have your way with me.

Hot Police Officer:

Mondo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hot Police Officer: *leaves*

~ Mod Kuma

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I was the one who wished for a miracle in funds a couple days ago (post # 149219272377; I was logged out though) but I just wanted to let you know that the miracle in fact DID come and there is certainly a lesser burden on my shoulders now ^^ Thanks, Yato! You really are a god of fortune! :D

Th—that was you? Your wi—wish really did come true? I—I’m really a god of fortune now?

My apologies for not tagging this before aah the mobile app sucks something fierce rip i hope i tagged it properly this time  but anyways this is my oc and I would love to get a review on him, mainly about his species/powers because I wanted to make him unique, but I’m not sure if I made him a gary-stu lol (Dreamwalker Shepherds are my own species made specifically for this character)

Thank you for your time!


(A note from Mod Shadly, I cut the bio, we dont do bio critiques, only artwork. I always recommend @character-critique-central for bios/descriptions)

Right so, to start off with it’s bland, generic, done before. Like the winged dog with the muted blue coloring’s is so common. The trouble tending to be that dogs have been done to death. Not to say you can’t do them well but I think you might want to consider going for something more exotic to stand out.

Maybe a dog species few people ever consider as they aren’t “cool”

Other than that the art is alright, very similar to alot of other similar types of characters and artwork. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing but maybe try to differentiate yourself by using unique line texture, interesting coloring and shade. I don’t dislike the style I just think I’ve seen it done a million times, and if you want to stand out you need to shake up the formula.

He’s also got sort of a boring name, Ethan, I don’t know, there’s probably a way to give him something more related to the nature of this species, creating a species generally requires considering things like naming conventions, world building, and culture. If it’s just a different looking dog to be a different looking dog it’s not much of a species at all.

That’s just my two cents, honestly looking into style guides, and character design resources would help, as well as looking into the world building process. Original species are not something that can just be made on a whim to suit a single character or else it’s very shallow. A species should have a lot of unique characteristics that make them deep and vivid.

Would I post this as bad art? Nah probably not, there are a million neon wolves that have that honor.

-Mod Hawk

((I’m really sorry, everyone. :(

Due to unexpected circumstances, I had to cut the stream before it even started. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get it going without any disturbances!

Good night peeps and as always, thanks for popping in!))


So, it looks like all the mods who need to be in school are finally at hell >:3c
Anyways, I am bACK. I’ve gotten used to my school schedule (I’ve been there for 3 weeks uGH) so now I’m a lot more free! Btw, I’ve been thinking of doing streams like Choro, so look forward to that >:3c -Mod Hatabou

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Hey Sheila! I made a crown out of Eva foam and sealed it with mod podge and it looks great! But the inside of the crown has that patterned/texture side of the foam showing. How would you suggest smoothing that out? Tried sanding it and it just kinda ate up the foam :((( any tips?

I usually cover that entire part with a thin layer of craft foam or poster board if I need too!