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things to imagine with your otp:

  • one of them falls in love first before the other and has to try and be super chill and casual around them but oh fuck they just brushed hands
  • one of them by themselves but throughout the day they see little things that remind them of the other and they just randomly start smiling
  • trying to make a gift or do something special for the other but getting super embarrassed when giving it to them so they just leave it on a table and run away
  • getting into a heated shit talking session about a shit tv show whilst pulling an all nighter watching it together anyway
  • star-gazing, flower festivals and making out behind dingy diners on a road trip
  • trying fishing for the first time and one of them getting pulled into a lake by a fish and another getting attacked by a gaggle of wild geese
angry short, mellow tall aus

these were requested by so many people omg,, time to deliver

  • you’re always making fun of my short legs well jokes on you sucker because you are failing so hard at this obstacles course with your giraffe limbs
  • you can pout all you want, at the end of the day i win all the arguments because i can just pick you up and place you in a corner a sulk yourself tired
  • i really wanna knee you in the crotch right now but your crotch is too fucking high
  • “how did you two meet?” “they tripped over me. while i standing.”
  • man, i hate going out into huge crowds with you because i always lose you among all the children and i have to peruse through all of them to find you
  • man, i love going out into huge crowds with you because you’re like a beacon sticking out and i’m basically never lost
  • whenever i get too mad or frustrated or down you give me a piggyback and it’s embarrassing how much it calms me
  • you’re so fantastic to cuddle because i can, like, hold all of you. no place misses out on my hugs, you get all the hug, the full hug,, all my love

- jo

Jo the Bull Spirit (Mod Tati Jun/23/17)

What type of spirit are they and what do they look like?

Jo is a male bull spirit. He is about 6 feet tall, at max is 5′11″, from the top of his head to his hooves. He is a dark brown, with shorter fur and glistening horns. They are long and sharp, he takes great pride in them.

How old are they and how big?

Jo is about 11 years old, as bulls usually live to be 20 on average.

Are they ok for beginners and why?

Jo will need someone a little more experienced though a beginner wouldn’t be unwelcomed, and this is because he wants a lot of attention. He wants close friends, someone to love him like a brother.

What are their magic abilities/ ways of communication?

Jo has no magic abilities that either of us are aware of. He is simply an intelligent bull. He does like when you speak to him, and he responds with images. He can’t necessarily ‘talk’ but he can communicate.

What size family are they looking for and what are their favorite things/ pastimes?

Jo wants a small family, at most 3 other spirits in general. Jo also loves to play with tires. He loves them so much, he likes to just run with them and stab them and use them. They are his favorite things ever.

What are things they don’t like?

Jo doesn’t like being lonely. He loves attention and he loves feeling loved and welcomed.

This spirits full name, preferred offering, and possible manifestations will be given to their future companion!

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anonymous asked:

can we have some prompts wherein person A is a reckless delinquent and person B is just always there to fret over them? :3

  • you showed up at my place in the middle of the night with bruises and blood and you won’t say what happened so I just lead you into the bathroom and clean you up
  • stop yelling ‘parkour’ when you scale fences and run across the road that’s dangerous and an incredibly inefficient detour so gET BACK HERE
  • your hands ache and your knuckles are bleeding after getting into another dumb fist fight so I’m gonna bandage them and then hold your hand for the whole day
  • I know you won’t get into any fights when I’m with you mainly because you’re scared I’ll get injured and because you know I’ll whoop your ass even worse if you even attempt to
  • “you’re heading out again? it’s two in the morning, at least bring a jacket it’s cold out.”
  • can you not start fretting over me I’m with my friends and you’re clearly ruining my rep, sTOP fixing my hair and no I do not need a bandaid gOD 
  • you may be really reckless and you’re always getting in trouble but I know for sure that every morning you sneak out of bed and go outside to feed the neighbourhood cats

- jo

your otp finding each other annoyingly endearing aka:

  • you’re so stoic or deadpan most of the time but when your get flustered your face lights up red like a beacon and it’s so cute.
  • you’re such a bum getting up late all the time but you always greet me by wrapping your hands around my waist and just get dressed already
  • you have no idea what personal space is and it’s really distracting when your face is two inches away from mine, what if i turn my head and accidentally kiss you
  • your music choice is so bad but your undeniably yet irritatingly cute when you bop your head along
  • you don’t like snuggling or a lot of touching but when you’re asleep you’re a cuddler for better or for worse

ask-squishy  asked:

What would Nemo's pokemon team be if he was a trainer?

Lucy ♀ 

Milo ♂



Jo Jo ♂


Mod: He favors fairy types, but he couldn’t resist that cute pupper! He named them all himself~ c;

anonymous asked:

honestly I feel like Ru and Jo are just cuddling it up with any other spirits that love cuddling. how do y'all run a shop successfully when there's so much cuddles and not just join in 24/7 (bc I hella would just saying)

I currently am cuddling! Period pains are kicking me so Jo’s trying to help

-Mod Tati

mod post

hi everyone! just a reminder to read the about page for this blog. if you’re strictly on mobile, it basically says that i have the right to refuse any asks and that i’m going to try my best to keep this blog sfw. as of right now, the only remotely sin stuff i’m gonna have is like mentions of crushes and maybe relationship mentions in the future (i’m not entirely sure).

sorry if this is coming out as rude or calling out, i’m just trying to keep this blog clean, as of right now.

thank you everyone!!


book and writer au
  • I’m a moody, somber writer who hasn’t written anything in months in my dingy flat and your my new neighbour that I can’t help but notice
  • I was proofreading my manuscript in this cafe but I was so stupid and left it there, but when I came back to get it I saw you reading it
  • I was on the bus with my bag full of books and the vehicle lurched and I smashed your face with them and now your nose is bleeding
  • You always return your library books late and now it’s getting ridiculous you must have fees in the hundreds, what are you doing with them?
  • After you read horror stories you always crawl into my bed late at night, how many times have I told if you can’t handle them then don’t read them?
mod post

hey everyone!

in case you haven’t seen my last mod post, heres the news: i will be gone from june 19th to july 14th

if you have any more dire questions for fern mertens, send em in now, or you will have to wait a month for him to reply

send in those asks before the 19th!

thats all the news right now, and i will be working on finishing these asks up before i leave on vacation.

thank you everyone for sticking around!!!

-Mod Jo

doekyungsu  asked:

hi!! can i get some witch au's please?? 😙

here you go!! sorry these are taking long we’re all swamped with life /cries an ocean

  • I’m still a witch in training so please forgive me for accidentally giving your cat the ability to speak and turning all your clothes a shade of yellow
  • you came into my apothecary and you sprayed what you thought was perfume on your skin, but was actually a potion that gives people blue hair

  • regular people can’t see familiars but for the past hour you’ve just been staring at my shoulder looking really concerned and you’re making me and my cat extremely nervous

  • I fell off my broom and into the tree in your backyard and I’m stuck and everything hurts and you came out screaming because you thought I was stealing your oranges

  • I accidentally left my spell book on the bus and I was freaking out but then I saw this massive purple explosion and shit I’m sprinting there to stop whoever found it

  • you hate witches because you’re family blood line was cursed by one of them hundreds of years ago, which is too bad for you because I’m your next door neighbour

  • I run a tea shop and shit I accidentally dropped in magical flowers that look a whole hella lot like chrysanthemums and now you can’t stop speaking in rhymes

- jo

Maybe it’s just writing about only starfish that’s the issue here. I have no idea, I just know I’m going to lose it if I keep this up. Maybe if I just had somebody to talk to while doing this..

((henlo you meme loving fucks. god i’m so extremely new to this but i intend to have fun!! you guys can reblog this if you want or whatever, it would be appreciated!! i look forward to meeting everyone and making friends!!! - mod jo))